Mike Strange

Mike Strange

BandHip Hop

Detroit/Flint style... Crazy lyrics and perfect energy. Grew up in Flint Michigan and rep that 810


I was born in Southfield Michigan, and then moved to Flint Michigan when i was 6... I grew up there and just moved to Glendive montana Last year... I am 16 years old... My dad is the assistant Engineer for a studio called 54 sound thats in Detroit, and Is in the Booklets for a lot of the Eminem, 50 Cent, and D12 cd's... But back to me, Went through a lot of shit growin up. I started battle rap when i was 10, and was killin people that were around 16 or 17. After a few years of battle rap and winnin battles and competitions facing people ranging from 16-35, i decided to get in the booth and make some Records... Now I am workin on my third CD, and am lookin into talkin to Shady records about a deal around next year...


2006- Unfinished Project
2007- Dyin To Live PT.1

Set List

Usually got about a 6 track Cd list, that comes from about 17 or 18 songs.

Unfinished Project-
1. Won't Stop
2. She's watchin
3. Tryin Me
4. She's Watchin Remix- FT. Cast
5. FAP

Dyin To Live PT.1
1. I Will Never Be Defeated
2. Fallin Tears
3. It's Tyme ft. Young Jay
4. Get Dat Money ft. Young Jay
5. Git It. Ft. Young Jay
6. Outro (I'ma RYDE)