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"Mike Streezy in Fresh Faces"

Despite his colourful past, Mike Strong is no gangster. Representing Little Rock, Arkansas, the man affectionately known as Mike Streezy to his fans hardly fits the stereotypical image of a rapper. Perhaps this is because he is far more concerned with returning to the actual music than concentrating on his image. Claiming to be ‘done with’ the gimmicks and clichés that often seem to go hand in hand with Hip Hop, Mike considers himself an author.
Conveying true human emotions and addressing real issues, the forthcoming album ‘Pleasure and Pain’ is almost as much a cinematic experience as a musical one, depicting a range of timeless characters and stories that people can really relate to. By focusing on the lyrical elements of his music, Mike is able to discuss a number of topics from dealing with loss or illness to the simple joys of falling in love. The album, which features a diverse range of tracks including the haunting ‘Writing You a Letter’ and the light-hearted ‘She’s So fresh,’ marks the return of lyrical Hip Hop.
Good music can evoke a number of emotions and listening to Mike Streezy certainly conjures up a range of feelings from pain and despair to hope and inspiration. A true lyricist, Mike's music appeals to the contrary sides of our personalities and provides a cathartic insight into all aspects of our lives. Stating ‘I’m not here to be 2pac, Kud Cudi or Kanye,’ Mike Streezy is going to do things his way and if it has any sense the industry is going to take note.
‘Pleasure and Pain’ will be available for download on I-Tunes and cdbaby.com soon!
- Street Cred Magazine


Pleasure and Pain (LP)

She's So Fresh --Single
An Angel Has Gone Home--Single



Date of Scheduled Release: May 5th, 2009
"Good music can evoke a number of emotions and listening to Mike Streezy certainly conjures up a range of feelings from pain to hope and inspiration. A true lyricist, Mike's music appealed to the contrary sides of my personality and provided a cathartic insight into my own life." - Info. (Street Cred Magazine)
Armed with a brand new album with 11 tracks from super producer Inertia, Mike Streezy is ready to hit the ground running! Recorded at Key Ingredient Music and mixed entirely by Arkansas’ own Godfather of Rap,Big Keys, Pleasure and Pain brings a few of the A-States biggest names back to the forefront. With features from Big Keys, Mr. Big Shae, Tee Cox, Denver Ezell, Laura Beth Abait, and Devi from the Hoodlum Bunch coming all the way from Cleveland, this is an album event that you will not want to miss!!!
Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Mike Streezy summons all of the influences of his past such as Johnny Cash, Ice Cube, Ludacris, Sublime, 311, Nas and Willie Nelson to create a new form of hip hop aptly named Emotiamentalism. This is a cd packed full of stories made to appeal to the humans emotions of pain and heartbreak, joy and accomplishment, fear, confusion and angst. Already well received by local producers such as Big Keys, “The cd is dynamic. Its definitely a universally appealing album. Anybody can get into it. Its some Grammy type music!” to hip hop journalists such as Info from Street Cred Magazine!
With a focus on cinema-like storytelling and even more emphasis on displaying the human character in sometimes adverse and extreme situations, this is an album that can bang out in the car or be meditated to in a time of harsh realities. Its music you can listen to at the barbecue or while your cleaning the house on Saturday morning to songs you can scream out at the club or in the shower. Delightfully melodic, entrancing, and captivating this is an album that will change the way hip hop is written and viewed by artists worldwide. This is more than music--- it’s a movement, made up by all of Mike Streezy’s Pleasures and Pain. Mike Streezy is set to begin his Pleasure and Pain tour in May with dates to be announced in the near future. Most of the shows will be in Central and Northwest Arkansas as well as the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Look for the single She’s So Fresh to hit Power 92 and Hot 96 in Little Rock late April, K104 in Dallas in May, and other local stations around the same time. Reviews and interviews are expected to be made by Street Cred Magazines May or June Issue and Sync Weekly!
For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Michael Strong via email at mike.strong@live.com or by telephone at 501-838-9673. You can also reach Mike Streezy by way of website at www.myspace.com/mikestreezy .