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Mike Thompson


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Mike Thompson - Stuck Inside My Room (2005) (unreleased, tracks available)
Mike Thompson - Here We Are (2006) (privately released, available at shows, soon on the web) "Single" from Here We Are: Take Me Down


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the fall of my first year of high school, I met up with two people who would forever change my future. Up until that point I played a clarinet in the school band with no actual interest in it, and tinkered around on keyboards and pianos. I owned a guitar but didn't know how to play it, so when i was approached by these two kids who wanted to start a band and needed a guitarist I just said "yeah, I'll do it", not knowing what I just did!
I quickly learned the basics and we became the 1,400,851st garage band in America (those numbers are probably somewhat true). We had no direction, no drive, other than the few Nirvana tunes we knew. I took a keen interest in the drums and quickly learned how to play them better than the drummer! It was a weird experience that didn't last long, but it put me in the right direction to learn how to properly play the guitar and start writing down some of my ideas on paper.
This was 13 years ago.
So now, I'm a working class man with a passion for music and writing. After learning how to play all the instruments myself with the right nuances, I quickly realized I could be that one man band that never fights or disagrees, and always has its way. My main instruments are guitar and piano, but I also play the drums very well and the bass. By knowing these instruments I'm able to create the illusion of a real band and record it to a CD. I'm not exactly sure how to classify my music in all honesty, but I know that I never seem to leave a negative mark with anyone, and I've been complimented on my vocals and catchy songs many times over. It's a great feeling when you know you are able to play music that a wide variety or people can enjoy. On stage I'm a one-man show; just me and my guitar (or piano - or both...)

My main influence to music was Nirvana; I have to credit them as being the group that got me interested in playing easy music at 14! From that point forward I began to become influenced by Todd Rundgren, and the fact that he self-produced most of his albums and became a success. These days when everyone is making music in their basement, I just want to be remembered as one who was actually good and had good songs. It's the one legacy I hope I leave behind.