Mike V

Mike V

 Torrance, California, USA

Mike V plays "Rock N' Blues With A Twist" performing Original Songs with Cool Rock & Blues Covers thrown in the mix!


With his blues inflected vocals and percussive guitar Mike V has performed in venues throughout Southern California.

Mike V is a dynamic performer playing original music with cool classic rock covers thrown in the mix. Click on "Set List" to see the list of songs. His original songs tell stories that reflect real life and real emotions with healthy injection of humor from family man's view of the world.

Mike V has been performing for over 20 years is available as a solo guitarist or with a full band.

In addition to the restaurants, clubs, and coffeehouses Mike is available to perform at Art Galleries, Churches, Conventions, Corporate Events and Private Parties. He can provide a full 8 channel sound system for your event.


Sunday School Blues

Written By: Michael R Vascellaro

Woke up Sunday morning, got out of bed,
Put on the TV watched some Nickelodeon
My mama called me, said “you better get dressed”
You gotta go to church and it made so depressed

If you got the blues (you got the blues, the Sunday school blues)
If you got the blues (you got the blues, the Sunday school blues)
Just sing some praise to Jesus, and he’ll take away the blues.

I met some kids there; they were kind of cool,
We did some arts and carts and we learned the golden rule.
We learned about Jesus and how he saved us from our sin,
Then we sang some songs of praise and glory to Him. (To Chorus)

When church was over I felt pretty good,
Looking forward to next and those tasty sack foods (goldfish)
But more important than that, I knew deep down in my heart,
The Jesus really loves me; He gave me a brand new start. (To Chorus)

New Day

Written By: Mike Vascellaro

Your friends let you down again, you were counting on to pull you through,
So, your depressed again so alone again, the blues have got you,
It’s a sad situation every time a relation causes us pain,
You seek retaliation for the humiliation you can not restrain,
But it still is not too late for you yet.

It’s a new day so what do you say, let’s pick-up our heads & be on our way,
It’s a new day, forget yesterday, let’s turn things around & thank the Lord for the day.

Life seems to pass you by even though you try to conquer you fall,
Overcome by circumstance, there is no second chance for you at all,
You need some motivation to provide the stimulation just to get through the day,
Seeking adulation you instead get accusation, you’ve been betrayed,
But it still’s not too late for you yet. (to Chorus)

Don’t you know there’s someone whose been through what you’ve been through
He alone knows the path there, it’s been hidden from you,
So let Him guide you and He’ll show you the way, to peace in you heart.

Time Enough

Written By: Mike Vascellaro

Woke up this morning with a stretch and a yawn,
Got up made coffee and I drank in the dawn
Headed down the freeway, such a long way to work
When I finally got there my head started to hurt
My work was piled in a great huge stack
I stared at that stack, it just stared back, I felt like going...

How are you doin’ little one, how’s your day?
Daddy can we play it’s not that late?
I just got home son, buddy can you wait?
Never having time enough seems to be my fate.
(last time only)
Never having time enough can’t the world just wait
Never having time enough I hope it’s not too late

Weekends finally here but there’s no time to relax
Kids got soccer; it’s our turn to bring snacks
Better fix that door or should I put up those shelves?
There’s never time to be just by ourselves.
Always bills to pay and floors to wax,
Garage to clean, got an aching back, I felt like taking... (to Chorus)

Is there a tranquil place? One without a trace
Of striving and trying to fit in.
I need a second chance, to stop this crazy dance and be re-born again (Riff then to Chorus then finish)


Currently recording my first CD.

Set List

Sets can range from 30 min to 3+ hrs.

Crazy Town
In the Gray
He Understands
Little Bitty Baby
My Jesus
New Day
One Foot in Front of the Other (A.D.D. blues)
Street To Nowhere
Sunday School Blues
Sunlight in the Room
Time Enough

Angie - The Rolling Stones
Aqualung - Jethro Tull
Badge - Cream
Baker Street - Gerry Raferty
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley
Bungle in the Jungle - Jethro Tull
Can't Explain - The Who
Cats in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
Celluloid Heroes - The Kinks
City of New Orleans - Arlo Gutherie
Desparado - The Eagles
Eight Days a Week - The Beatles
Going to California - Led Zepplin
Hey Jude - The Beatles
Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles
Hotel California - The Eagles
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
I'm A Believer - The Monkees
In My Life - The Beatles
Jail House Rock - Elvis Presley
Knocking on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
Lawyers, Guns & Money - Warren Zevo