Mike Vial

Mike Vial

 Howell, Michigan, USA

Mike Vial is a singer/songwriter whose folky-pop is driven by distinct, imaginative guitar riffs and sharp, well-crafted lyrics. As an AP English teacher, Mike sets the bar uncommonly high, to the delight of audiences - and parents - throughout Michigan.


Mike Vial is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, teacher, and Michigan-arts enthusiast. He's a high school English teacher beginning an eighth year of balancing his passions for fostering a love of the arts among his students and his own musical pursuits.

The progression of Mike Vial's music career includes more than thirteen years of performing and developing as a singer, songwriter and guitar player. He has just released his second EP, Burning the Boats in 2010, which is a reflection of his dedication to and love for music. Mike is really proud of this collection of songs about making big decisions, cutting off dead weight and making bold steps toward big dreams.

On Burning the Boats audiences will hear a little James Taylor, a bit of John Mayer and a distinct folky-pop-y sound that they may not have heard before. Mike Vial was fortunate enough to record Burning the Boats with Catherine North Studios (Feist, City and Colour, Josh Ritter) and the late producer Dan Achen. The album is dedicated to his memory, serving as a reminder of how lucky he was to work with him, and how vital it is to do what you love, set sights high and burn the boats behind you.

As if songwriting, performing, touring and teaching weren't enough, Mike is currently channeling his love for Michigan and the arts into the creation of a nonprofit called the Great Lake Effect. His goal with this project is to promote Michigan's local music scenes, stimulate local Michigan economies, and raise money for Michigan charities--one song at a time.


Burning the Boats - 2010

Change Your Tune
One Way Road
Only the Rain Knows Why
Run Beside Me

Produced by Michael Chambers and Dan Achen @ Catherine North Studios, Hamilton, Ontario in 2010

Three Men Make a Tiger - 2008

Intelligent Fool
Julie’s Monsters
My Lovely Enemy
Pieces of This World
White Wine
Faster Than Slow

Produced by Marshall Block @ RealiiReel Studios, Fenton, MI in 2008