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Mike Viola

Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Mike Viola Makes Pop Music Cool Again""


- LAist

""For The Love Of Mike""

- New York Daily News

""Mike Viola 'Lurches' Into Poppy, Boppy Notice""

http://www.palmbeachpost.com/tgif/content/entertainment/tgif/epaper/2009/03/27/tgi_pop_life_0327.html - Palm Beach Post

""The Candy Man Can""

http://www.boston.com/news/globe/living/articles/2004/03/11/the_candy_man_can/ - Boston Globe

""An Amazing Conversation With Mike Viola""

http://www.ink19.com/issues_F/99_12/ink_spots/240_mike_viola_amp_the.shtml - Ink 19


2009 - Mandy Moore "Amanda Leigh" - Producer/Writer/Performer
2009 - Marshall Crenshaw "Jaggedland" - Performer
2009 - John Wesley Harding "Who Was Changed And Who Was Dead" - Writer/Performer
2009 - "American Artifact" Soundtrack - Producer/Writer/Performer
2008 - The Major Labels "Aquavia" - Producer/Writer/Performer
2008 - The Brilliant Mistakes "Distant Drumming" - Performer
2007 - Mike Viola "Lurch" - Producer/Writer/Performer
2007 - Kelly Jones "SheBANG!" - Producer/Writer/Performer
2007 - Fountains Of Wayne "Traffic & Weather" - Performer
2007 - "Smother" Soundtrack - Producer/Writer/Performer
2007 - "The Man From Plains" Soundtrack - Producer
2006 - "Walk Hard" Soundtrack - Writer/Performer
2006 - "In The Land Of Women" Soundtrack - Producer/Writer/Performer
2006 - L.E.O. "Alpacas Orgling" - Writer/Performer
2006 - Candy Butchers "Making Up Time" - Producer/Writer/Performer
2005 - Mike Viola "Just Before Dark" - Producer/Writer/Performer
2004 - Candy Butchers "Hang On Mike" - Producer/Writer/Performer
2004 - The Figgs "Palais" - Producer
2003 - Rasputina "Lost & Found" - Producer
2002 - Rasputina "Cabin Fever" - Producer
2002 - Candy Butchers "Play With Your Head" - Producer/Writer/Performer
1999 - Candy Butchers "Falling Into Place" - Producer/Writer/Performer
1998 - Rasputina "Olde Headboard" - Performer
1996 - Mono Puff "Unsupervised" - Performer
1996 - "The Zero Effect" Soundtrack - Writer/Performer
1996 - Candy Butchers "Live At La Bonbonierre" - Writer/Performer



Mike Viola is best known as singer, songwriter and musical architect of the Candy Butchers, a highly regarded pop-rock band from New York that recorded three critically-acclaimed albums for Sony, including 2003's fan-favorite "Hang On Mike."

The success of the Candy Butchers led to multiple appearances on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" and "Last Call With Carson Daly." It also found the group touring alongside the likes of They Might Be Giants, Robyn Hitchcock, Semisonic, Sparklehorse, Barenaked Ladies, and Ivy.

Viola simultaneously began a career in film-work a decade ago as the co-producer and lead singer of the Oscar-nominated title track from "That Thing You Do!".

"Walk Hard," the recent Jake Kasdan/Judd Apatow film starring John C. Reilly, featured nearly a dozen songs written by Viola. A spoof on the Hollywood music biopic, "Walk Hard" proved to be the perfect playground for Viola's subversive, witty lyrics and catchy-pop expertise.

Viola joined the indie ranks in 2005 when he released an album of new songs on his own label, Good Morning Monkey Records. Recorded live at Largo in L.A., "Just Before Dark" showcases Mike's sharp abilities as a live performer. Once available on his website, mikeviola.com, the vinyl-only album sold out in three months.

His latest album, "Lurch," is alive with the classic-pop euphoria and vivid storybook imagery that Viola's fans have come to treasure. "Lurch" has captured audiences internationally, thanks to tracks like album-opener "Maybe, Maybe Not" and first single "So Much Better," which charted in Denmark.

As signed worldwide to EMI Music Publishing, Viola remains a prolific songwriter and/or producer on a multitude of projects. His work can be heard on "Amanda Leigh," the recent release by Mandy Moore -- for whom he is also Musical Director -- in addition to collaborations with Inara George, Tim Christensen, Dan Bern, Steve McEwan, Kelly Jones, Ryan Adams, Drake Bell, Bleu, Adam Schlesinger, John C. Reilly, Mary Wood, Sam Bisbee, The Gentlemen, John Wesley Harding, and Ben Romans.