Mike West

Mike West


Human jukebox!!! 350+ song reptoire featuring todays hits and yesterdays favorites all performed with one guitar and one voice!!! Tucked away in there you can also find a gifted songwriter with a much smaller but effective repitoire. Ha! I still have 30 letters left!!!



Mike West first sparked his relationship with music when he was a baby watching his uncles play guitar and sing in the back yard. He would watch with wild wonder and curiosity. A strong attraction to the instrument and music in general was apparent to his family. He was given his first guitar by his parents when he was 8 years old. He had already had 8 years of singing experience before hand. Little did his parents know that the guitar they bought him would be a small investment for his future. Years later Mike learned his trade and played with the likes of Kenny Loggins, David Crosby, Melvin Eddy, Dick Van Dyke, and more. He also amassed a following for himself as a solo acoustic/vocal artist with a 350+ song repitoire consisting of todays hits and yesterdays favorites and a few originals on the side. He was also 1 of 30 some odd guitar players accepted to the Musicians Institute Bachelors Degree program. He has studied with Pat Martino, Scott Henderson, Johnny Hiland, Paul Gilbert, and many more. All this before reaching the age of 24. He’s always looking for work so don’t hesitate to contact if you have any. But that’s enough text for us all; let’s let the music do the talking, that’s what it’s really all about. For booking email: mikeguitar21@yahoo.com or call (805) 304-4072.