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Keep The Blues Alive

Written By: Mike Westcott

(1st verse)
Everybody , Gather Round
I gotta tell you , Where we get this sound
You’ve gotta Listen , To the greats
Like Willie Dixon , and Robert Cray
T-Bone Walker, and Etta James
Muddy Waters , and Bo Diddley

(2nd Verse)
You gotta trust me , I’m Tellin’ the truth
If you buy one CD , make it the Blues
Robert Johnson , John Lee Hooker
Junior Wells , Robert Lockwood JR
Keep goin’ to shows , Keep singin’ along
Thanks for Listening , to this Blues song

Keep the Blues Alive , Like Hound Dog’s Take Five
When Stevie Ray , and Jimi played ,
Their guitars came to life
What I want you to do , Is Listen to the Blues
Get Jimmy Reed , Freddie King , BB and Bobby Blue
Keep the Blues Alive , Buy CD’s , Tape’s , and 45's
Let’s all join together , To Keep the Blues Alive