Mike Weyrauch

Mike Weyrauch

 Dover, Delaware, USA

Mike Weyrauch is an acoustic act that you will rarely see live. As an independent, self-promoted musician, Mike has been gaining regional notoriety in NYC, Philly, DE, the Poconos and beyond, as someone who will rock the house with just his intense vocals and acoustic styled rock and roll....


Mike is a solo, acoustic performer with influences that range from Ben Burnley to Dave Matthews to Claudio Sanchez to Johnny Cash and Jerry Cantrel. When you listen to his live performances, you can no doubt tell that Mike plays music for the music, the feeling it can bring to anyone who has a passion for it.

He's been playing live in various settings since 2006, adding more gear, music (originals & covers), and destinations as time passes. Mike was recently selected to showcases in NYC with Underground Artists Live and the Dewey Beach Music Conference.
Mike's originals are written from personal experiences and only what he knows best and his covers show interpretation and originality in his style.

Mike released his first cd accompanied by his long friend Steve Todorich in July 2010. It's a 7 song compilation written over the last 6 years. Mike is finding inspiration for new music in just about everything he does.

If you're interested, you can check his music out on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mike-Weyrauch/271223475085, youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/rockuc10

God bless and happy jammin'


Tell Me (Track 2)

Written By: Copyright Michael R. Weyrauch 2010

Brick by brick, stacked up high.
Closed me in, stacked to the sky.
No more opening my brain up.
Key tossed away, who will pick the lock?
Piece by piece, stone by stone, lock and key, look at me!
And if you want nothing to do with me then tell me now don't try to toy with me
My mind can't take all of this running around
Don't display your empathy 'cause I'll be fine and keep moving on
I've built these walls to keep you out of my head.
Are you up to the challenge of making me see,
That all the other ones weren't worth all the tea?
If so you have got to prove to me, 'cause I'm about as jaded as a jewelry

What Is It You Want Me to Try?

Written By: Copyright Michael R. Weyrauch 2010

This is wrong, this is angry, this is not what I thought I'd become.
We should try to fix this situation.
It consumes me, the touch you left me feel from this.
All the stolen moments will never leave your face.
Focus on what it is you try, love cannot matter anymore
Could you ever try my eyes?
If you ever needed.
Would you hold me in your arms?
This is not my evidence.
Could you never leave me here?
I am running to you!
This is what I'm thinking, this is what you've done to me.
Now, here, lying helpless, what is it you want me to try?
You broke me.
I lie awake holding to my mind, the way you made me used to feel.
This could only end your innocence.
I hate that I cared for you, I'm trapped in your lies.

Maybe you, maybe me, I'm lying here, rescue me.
I've been trying to be the way you need me.

Still Frame

Written By: Copyright Michael R. Weyrauch 2010

Your beauty don't suprise me, them lips they hypnotise me
I'm dizzy like a drunken man
Buzzin' like a table saw, your look should be against the law
Still, if it is I'll take a glance
Still frame of beauty, still frame seduced me
Still frame of beauty, your still frame it seduced me
Soon you'll be a foreigner, one look they'll meet the coroner
Drop dead when they see that face
Still frame stopped my beating heart, I need MDs to fix my parts
Beauty's never smacked my face
You left me here with elmer's glue, no more nasty attitude
You make Tyra look only good
I'll see you in a magazine shooting ads for your Pantene
Maybe someday, on the screen

With Friends, With Love

Written By: Copyright Michael R. Weyrauch 2010

Slip on my flops, getting ready for the sunlight
Got you next to me with a feeling things will be alright
As we're prepping for the living, we can hear the autos passing
Take a look outside see what the Son of Light provides
Beautiful day we need nothing more from the world
Look at that smile, an angel I've now heard
Sing at a level that will make you happy
With friends, with love, we aren't ready to die
So cmon and move close to me our comfort ain't too much
To be intoxicated enough to fly
We can leave this world with only our hearts
Let us leave here together, finish back where we started
Well I've now heard the message that we're all supposed to hear
Love each other fully, make it blatantly clear
Keep it real, keep it fresh, keep it with pure intent
Keep it long, keep it pure, becoming uncommon and unreal

My College Life

Written By: Copyright Michael R. Weyrauch 2010

Procrastination takes a hold of me, locks me in tight
Sitting in this lazy boy, fuck it I've got all night
A college kid's dream is to do nothing and still get on by
I know this cuz I have been there,
Let's go out and party through the night
And I've got a bottle with our names tattooed on it
We can live it, drink it down, dance til we hit the ground
I wanna party with you
Weekends are the best time to be a warrior
Especially when you've got friends like these
I know we all learn a few things,
Like how to sign for the ladies, ohhh
Even though we try too hard,
We still get on by
Praying to that toilet god, sometimes
Everybody gets to try
It's a random night, so why not kick back a few?
Usually it's nights like this that you can't find much to do
But I've learned no matter the day,
And I have learn no matter the time
We can all get together, we can drink and we can fly


The Musical Stylings of Mike & Todo: Still Frame/Tell Me/Promisland/With Friends, With Love/Thief/My College Life/What Is It You Want Me To Try?

The entire album is on my EPK and my facebook page. Click "Info" and scroll to the bottom to listen to the music.

Set List

Originals: Still Frame/Tell Me/Promiseland/With Friends, With Love/Thief/My College Life/What Is It You Want Me to Try?/My Mind/Just Believe, I Do

Covers: Breaking Benjamin, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, Ben E. King, The Outfield, Jack Johnson, Kings Of Leon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, RHCP, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Panic! at the Disco, Seether, Counting Crows, Poison, 90s alternative/pop, and many many more.

I have plenty of material to fill 4hour sets and that time frame is normal to my sets.