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Mike tells is like it is, his music and words are his life story, the good and the bad. Mike's skill as a lyricist is impressive to even the most experienced ear. He makes the listener either want to get up and party or sit down and cry. Either way you will envision his words..


Mike White...the solo story...

Mike White has been living hip-hop music since he was a child growing up in Yonkers, N.Y. He started a group called NEMISIS with a long time friend. Together, they independently produced and promoted 2 albums which caused a buzz in New York City. Performing in over 30 shows, Mike was always the backbone of the group and he stood out in a crowd. With time, the friendship soured, Nemisis ended, and Mike went solo.

As a solo artist, Mike has performed countless shows, been featured on several mixed tapes, won local freestyle battles, and has recorded 3 albums worth of material. He was in the battle scene every year and earned his stripes doing his thing face to face with other emcees. Mike White is currently featured on 2 Time Grammy Winner Fatman Scoop's album "In The Club" on the track "Let's Get Rowdy". Mike White also wrote and performs 7'4'' WWE Superstar Mighty Biggs' Theme Song.

Mike is most proud of two live performances in his career. Mike performed in an event for World Aids Day for 3 thousand screaming kids ages 10-18 in Yonkers. Mike White also won a battle that gave him the opportunity to open for 50 CENT in front of over 14 thousand fans in Albany, N.Y.

Mike's production team, T&J Sidekicks, has produced tracks fro Nate Dogg, Fabolous, Petey Pablo, and others. Mike has watched people from his neighborhood get signed time, and time again. From The Lox to Mary J. Blige, Mike has been inspired and he continues to press on writing and performing.

Hailing from Yonkers, New York telling the world his Solo Story.

"Mike white is something you haven’t seen in a while. His presence is very strong with any track that is put before him. He is incredible with his flow. I know he is gonna be a problem to a lot of rappers out there. His versatility is amazing"……. Dj Capone Blockburners CEO.


The entire debut album MIKE WHITE the solo story... is streaming online and available for sale on the website at www.mikewhiteonline.com or at www.cdbaby.com

Set List

Mike's sets range from a quick appearance of 5 minutes, 2 -3 edited songs so the crowd gets to feel different sides of Mike White. or a full set 20- 30 minutes, as he does when opening for artists like 50 Cent, giving the crowd up beat energy tracks like "Hands in the sky" to a slower more meaningful song like "Promise to mom" where he explains how a single mother can and will overcome adversity in the urban city as did his mother. All in all mike is there to let the public envision his music and make sure they remember his name as he exits the stage with the catchy "mike white" anthem.

15 minute set

1. Lets get Rowdy Feat. Fatman Scoop
2. Hands in the sky
3. F_ck you sh_t
4. Alcoholics
5. Thats Rite