Mike Wilde

Mike Wilde

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS
SoloPopAdult Contemporary

Mike Wilde is back from tours of Europe and Scandinavia to play in Australia. Evolving from modern funk into earthy solo singer songwriter, his current works reflect the individual and shared experience of returning to country, highlighted by songs including Bondi and Burnt, Bitter and Twisted.


Mike Wilde performed regularly in the Sydney LIVE circuit in Australia In the 1990's , releasing two EPs as Singer/Bass player with Sydney Band PLUS.
The band appeared performing ' Come and Get it ' on
Wonderworld (CH 9) and a number of tracks from the 'Fastrak' EP on Home and Away (CH 7)
The PLUS video for "Fastrak' aired on Rage (ABC)

Moving to Scandinavia he quickly established himself as a working Actor on a number of Swedish Television Productions, including the acclaimed Familjen.
(The Family, 2002). - 9 Ep. as David
Over 150 performances on Vocals and Bass followed with 'The Man Band,' a sought after Live Act in Scandinavia.
In 2005 Wilde began performing as a Solo Artist, leading to
a role written especially for him in the short Film 'Coming Home', which debuted successfully at the Gothenburg Film Festival in 2006.The film was later selected and aired throughout Scandinavia in 2007/2008.
In 'Coming Home' Mike's character Jack sings 'Shaking', an original MW composition, which was included as a Bonus Track on his Solo Debut Album, 'Special Stories' in 2008.
AfterThe release of 'Special Stories' songs like 'Big Fat Angel' saw Wilde gaining international acclaim both for his unique writing style and impressive vocal performances.
"End of the Line' was released as a Single on iTunes in 2009.The track features Wilde performing Solo on Piano/Vocals and signalled a return to solid ground. Recorded in one take, "End of the Line' shows a Live Singer/Songwriter at his peak.
Mike Wilde's latest Single is Bondi. Another one take performance. But this time on Vocals and Acoustic guitar.
Returning to Australia with new material and a heightened sense of performance, Mike Wilde is just warming up.


Bondi - Single (2011)

End of The Line - Single (2009)

Special Stories LP (2008)

Shaking - Live Performance/ 'Coming Home' Soundtrack (Film/Sweden)

Brothertown-Single (2002)

with PLUS - Fastrak EP (1996) Vox, Bass
Come and Get it EP (1994)

Set List

Deep Blue Sea
You Are
A Matter of Time
Big Fat Angel
Is That What Love Is ?
You Got Me Going
Please Believe Me