Mike Wise

Mike Wise

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Mike Wise is a walking Juxtaposition.

He raps about his life experience while adding in obscure concepts and imagery, giving the listener something to relate to as well as fantasize about.

Mike Wise exists to preach Individuality.


Drawing influence from both Rap Music and Black Metal, Mike Wise has made his staple as the first Rapper to cross both genres. Teaming up with production group Common Wealth, to create a new wave of Rap Music.

Growing up Mike Wise has played in Hardcore and Metal bands since the age of fourteen. He discovered his talent for Rapping in his early twenties and decided to turn it into a professional Music Career. With the D.I.Y. ethics he learned from the hardcore and metal scene, he was able to carry them over into his Rap Career. His stage presence is youthful and very entertaining. Mike Wise is an individual like no other.

He aims to unite both audiences from the Rap and Metal genres, while maintaining a polished aesthetic.


1) Mike Wise & Cw - Bermvda Mixtape (released 04/28/2012)
2) Mike Wise & Cw - Verbed E.p. (released 01/01/2013)

Set List

1) Pyr Intro
2) 2060
3) C.A.M.S.
4) Waves
5) Lawless
6) Sheep's Blood
7) X-Hale
8) Godspeed
9) Amid Outro