Mike Wood

Mike Wood


a collection of soft folk / indie melodies that float out of a young writer who thrives on a past painted with fantasy, remorse, warmth, and change... His music is calm and soothing but can be upbeat and rhythmic . Intimate connection between fans and Mike are established quickly live by sincerity.


Mike grew up in East Texas and learned of loss and hardship early on. His family was poor and music was the only gift he ever held onto, but his writing is what held him into a connection with nature and acceptance. Mike spent some time in jail and lost everything he had ever had... all love, money, possessions, and family. When he got out of jail he was broken and only had his guitar and his grandmother that he cared for. It was then he began to write songs to help him deal with life's struggles and tell his story.
After he was in a car wreck a few months later, He recieved enough money to buy recording equipment to start unloading his notebooks of songs and ideas into. He started releasing small eps of home recordings and playing at wine tasting bars and small intimate venues and feilds. He listened to Iron and Wine's "Creek Drank the Cradle" and took a strong influence from it as well as Elliot Smith and Akron/Family.
After a year of writing and performing he moved to Austin, Texas where he discovered a new depth of his own guitar styles and writing. Mike had played drums for about 14 years at that point and his strongly rhythmic bluegrass influenced guitar writing came together with his heartache towards his family, friends, and lovers to create his more current sound.
Tony Rice has also played a major role in his music as well as Doc Watson who he actually plays a couple covers from by The Doc Watson Family. He finds that a strong influence and respect for those of the traditional past can only help you write better songs.
Mike began working on his first E.P. "She Waits at Home" and also played rhythm Guitar for the late bluegrass trio "Blue Mornin' Dew" where Mike discovered his wide vocal range and love for preforming traditional gospel and a variety of bluegrass. When Blue Mornin Dew broke up Mike began playing shows around austin , promoting his ep and writing his first full length album due May 09'...
Mike takes calming, mournful guitar parts and mixes them with beautiful vocal harmonies. His live performances show raw emotion in a calm relaxing way hence his theme of "Lay down and go to sleep". you truly see the passion and thought through his music and there is no doubt that he is one of artists that can truly feel music and put viewers in a state of fantasy and intrigue.
Mike also connects with his fans at every show and gets to know them on a personal level. He believes strongly that the only way to grow as an artist is to give the listeners a chance to meet the people who make the music that moves them in some way.
Currently, mike is recording and producing a Free cd (or free.p.) with an interview and three tracks called " Live at Home" which is now out and be given away for people to hear his newer songs...

Mike has played these venues:
Sunset Valley Farmer's Market
Thunderbird coffee
Rockin' A Ranch
The Tomato Shed
Pipe's Plus
Kick Butt Coffee
38th Back alley
Quack's Maplewood
Clementine Coffee
The Tiniest Bar in Texas
San Antonio Talent Fest
The Amsterdam Cafe
BB Rovers
The Oaks Ice House
Lamar Street Pedestrian Bridge
various house shows all over Austin



Written By: Mike Wood

set at a creek bed all covered in wondering jew
no one to listen to the chorus of you
but the old man is back ore the ocean

the lines they cross over no one
why should they as they see
yourself turn grey as rain soaked leaves
Memories are old receipts stuffed in our pockets without care
dying to be read
but thrown away with inconvenience

no one to practice remembrance
and you run away from
the past that you try to thumb through
trying to find a reason to button your shirt
but the one you left is gone from the earth
and the nighttime will once again deliver

as the day you smoked away a stutter
as the day you tried to conceive
as the sunrise you braced up to leave

fell, back down

ooooooo the lie,
that you told him twice,
didn't go over nice
ooooooo that memory
like the creek's purple leaves
grew in the light

Last Time

Written By: Mike Wood

for i set my past
with a shook cast
set in my grass
so long that it passed...away

sitting and standing
returning and commanding

crucial matter
loved ones gathered
four times this week
and i called her but she could not reply...
and then i remembered why...

front line again
too scared to turn around
just saying what i meant....to
to this distance that i've now found

passing by old days
and words of old praise

and things of a growing memory
found her growing outside of me
torso lay open, inside felt so free
so i pulled out all of her weeds
just to plant more...


E.P- "She Waits At Home"(08')
E.P-"Live At Home"(09)

Set List

mike's songs:
An Annual Event
Dog Scraps
Wrong Path
A fallen Tree
Before and an End
Hands Fall
Sit Still
Last Time

Angeles (Elliot Smith)
St. Ides Heaven(Elliot Smith)
Twilight is Stealing(Doc Watson Family)
Shady Grove(Doc Watson)
Shining Path(Traditional)
Church St. Blues(Norman Blake)
Lion's Mane(Iron and Wine)
Upward Over the Mountain(Iron and Wine)