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"Mikey Dangerous wins Juno Award for Best Reggae Recording"

April 10, 2008
Mikey Dangerous wins Juno Award for Best Reggae Recording
By: Janice Dayle

Former Trenchtown Comprehensive High School Manning Cup footballer, Mikey Dangerous walked away with the 2008 Juno Award on Sunday April, 6, for his outstanding hit reggae single, "Don't Go Pretending." Voted number one by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) in the category, Best Reggae Recording, Mikey Dangerous was elated.

He told YardFlex the whole experience has been tense, yet exhilarating. "Having been my first nomination, I didn't know what to expect. So I was very nervous, but when I heard my name called, I was relieved and very happy to know that my hard work paid off and that all of the work me and my manager have done meant something. I am very grateful," Mikey said.

And there was another proud Jamaican – Canadian that night, who was honored by a Juno win for her Best R&B/Soul Recording titled, "Revival." The multi-talented Jully Black, known as one of Canada's most respected singer/songwriters also tore up the stage at Calgary's, Pengrowth Saddledome on Juno night.

An eclectic Juno crowd viewed and performed at both the two day Juno-fest and the annual Juno Awards ceremony held in Calgary, Alberta, from April 4 to 6. This year as always, the 38 year old Canadian tradition of honoring high achievers in the recording arts closely reflected a mosaic that sees Canada boasting a population with only 32.2 percent, reporting the northern country as their only ethnic origin or in combination with other origins.

At the April 4th JunoFest, 17 venues across
Calgary hosted pre-Juno Awards musical celebrations that were flocked by Calgarians and out-of-towners of all ages. Golden agers were reportedly grooving into the late hours at the Shamrock Hotel, to Skavenjah, an eight piece ska band; while at The Stetson Village Inn, everyone was hopping, including more retirees who skanked along to the beat of Montreal based reggae rocking Mikey Dangerous and other musicians who played punk and alternative rock.

Juno winners came from all genres and ethnicities. Palestinian-born rapper Belly's The Revolution, won in the best rap recording category. Billy Newton-Davis vs. Dadmau 5 took dance recording of the year for "All U Ever Want," Daniel Belanger picked up Francophone album of the year for his release "L'echec du materie," Derek Miller nabbed aboriginal recording of the year for "The Dirty Looks" and World Music Album – "Agua Del Pozo" by Alex Cuba, got the Juno nod in that category. Feist, who hails from Calgary beat Celine Dion, taking home 5 awards; Dion won none from her six nominations.

Host, Russell Peters, hailed as Canada's ambassador of comedy and known widely for poking fun at his own Indian heritage, kept the Pengrowth Saddledome alive, while performers like: 2008 Juno winning Canadian soprano - Measha Brueggergosman, Jully Black, Avril lavigne and Feist gave riveting performances.

Mikey Dangerous, who is managed by MB Music & Artist Management has been rocking the global reggae scene for many years with his explosive deliveries and releases. His catalogue of tunes is impressive and he gained much recognition internationally after being featured on the popular Additiv hit entitled "The Game," that also features Kay Slay and Pitbull. The Juno winning single "Don't Go Pretending" was released in 2007 by MBOSS Records.

The phenomenal Jully Black who doubles as a correspondent for CTV's E-Talk Daily entertainment programme, is currently riding the waves of success with her recent number one hit "Seven Day Fool" from the Juno winning album, "Revival." The three time Juno winner has penned hit songs for numerous artists including Destiny's Child and Nas.

YardFlex sends hearty congratulations to all Juno winners and special love to our Jamaican rooted greats: Mikey Dangerous and Jully Black. Check them out at: myspace.com/therealmikeydangerous and myspace.com/jullyblackmusic.

- www.yardflex.com


Coming Soon To a Venue Near You!

Q: First off, I would like to congratulate you on winning the 2008
Reggae recording of the Year. Can you describe your feelings when you found out you won?

A: Bless up nuff respect everytime, well I was really surprised because it’s my first nomination so I didn’t know what to expect but I wasn’t going to miss the experience for the world but right now I just feel blessed.

Q: It must be very rewarding to be recognized on along side other talented Canadian artist. Was there ever a time you thought about putting the music on hold?

A. Definitely, it’s great to be recognized for the work you have done and I’m just grateful to a part of the movement and about putting music on hold never may give myself a break but music is life.

Q. Can you talk about when your love for music originated and who were some of your musical inspirations?

A: it’s from back in the Shabba era when Shabba was burning the air waves winning all the grammys the vibes was crazy and it so happens that my first show I did was a Shabba show and from then I never stopped so Shabba inspired me to kick it off also man like Bob the father bounty just to name a few.

Q: We did an interview with up and coming artist Zulu Blak and he mentioned you as one of his musical influences. How does if feel to be a role model of sorts for young artists coming up?

A: it feel really good to be a positive influence to the young artists because as the saying goes encouragement sweetens labor so the more the young artist feel inspired there going to work harder and therefore make better music and become better entertainers themselves.

Q: Your hit single “Don’t go Pretending” encourages people to be themselves. How important do you think it is for people to stay true to themselves?

A: I think it’s important to have trust worthy people around you people who will look out for you no fake’s and now a days there’s a big thing about who is real from who is fake and the only true way not be fake is to be yourself do you, real recognize real so we have a understanding and a mutual respect for each other as people, so don’t try keep it real just be real and is just more blessings.

Q: If you could compare your musical style to any pro athlete, who would it be and why?

A: Floyd Mayweather and why, he’s quick with his hands and feet and I’m quick to come up with a hook or a melody even a verse. He’s a smart boxer I’m a smart entertainer, original, hard worker just to name a few qualities but it’s all for the love of the music.

Q: Do you plan on touring in the states or Jamaica in the near future?

A: definitely it’s all about finishing the album, the step that me and my management need to take are already in place we just need to keep on working hard and produce great music and the world will see me for sure.

Q: Now that Canada and the world have seen Mikey Dangerous, what’s next for you?

A: Release my album, tour the world and keep on making great music for my fans.

Q. We at Mrhookupz.com would like to thank Mikey Dangerous for chatting with us. The last word is yours, any last words for the massive?

A: I wanna say nuff respect to the whole mrhookupz.com family wish you more success , nuff respect to all my family, my fan, artists, promoters and all my friends, all fans of reggae music keep the supporting bless up.

- www.mrhookupz.com

"Mikey Dangerou; Respect due for dancehall MC"

Mikey Dangerous' unique and powerful voice is a real threat to the underground status of the Canadian reggae dance-hall scene. In 2008, his fan base has grown to include an international audience, and his song "Don’t Go Pretending" has been nominated for Reggae Recording of the Year at this years Juno awards. Listening to it will tell you why.

Born and raised in Jamaica, Dangerous is a man of many talents. His passions have always been soccer and music, but when he arrived in Canada, he decided to pursue music full time. Mikey's first Canadian show introduced him to a Montreal audience as the opening act for reggae superstar Shabba Ranks.

Since then, his music has taken him across North America, the Caribbean, and this summer Dangerous will perform at both the Montreal and Calgary Reggae Festival. Dangerous is also set to tour Europe for the first time, breaking Canadian reggae dance-hall into the international scene officially.

BeatRoute: Congratulations on all your 2008 nominations – big tings a gwan!! You were recently nominated for Reggae Recording of the Year at the 2008 Juno awards, how does it feel to be nominated?

Mikey Dangerous: Nuff respect, well I’m feeling very excited and yet very humbled knowing I’ve been recognized by my peers. It give you the feeling that what you do means something so right now its all good.

BR: How long have you been in the business?

MD: Over 10 years now.

BR: How do you feel about Reggae in the Music Industry?

MD: Well, reggae is a very unique musical art form. Whether it’s the beat, the language, the people, reggae has a very rich culture so I think we are relevant in the industry.

BR: Tell me a little bit about your first performance opening for Shabba Ranks?

MD: Nervous wrecking, butterflies – lots of butterflies. But mi buss di place. I got the crowd going in a frenzy, so it was a great show.

BR: Were the stage lights blinding? How did you feel?

MD: More like burning, especially a small stage with lights. But we love the stage and it come with the territory.

BR: At this point in your career you have built a thick catalog of tracks that begins with material recorded back when you were with the Kings of Kings Label. When's your dangerously over-due album aimed to drop?

MD: Well, my first release was in 1995, then I started working with Kings of Kings in '96, and I also recorded for various producers. So it’s my time now, so look out for the album this summer.

BR: And what artist would you choose to work with if you could work with anyone at all?

MD: There is many artist out there I would like to work with still, but I would love to work with Bounty Killa, di artist tuff (the artist tuff means the artist is good).

BR: Word on the street is that you are breaking new ground with your music and through live performances at events like Summer Sizzle; crossing the boundary that divides reggae dancehall and hip hop. How do you see it?

MD: Well, I see it as a good thing for reggae music, more exposure and reggae music just have a irresistible vibe to it, it mek yuh waan dance (it mek yuh waan dance means it makes you want to dance), soh every ting good (so everything is good).

BR: Coming from Jamaica, what are the biggest challenges facing reggae artists in Jamaica vs. Canada?

MD: I would say organization from a business point like singers, producers and writers and so forth getting their just dues according to their rights and things like that, but it has definitely improved over the years. Canada is more organized in that way, but other than that Jamaica is reggae! Straight!

BR: Musically, what developments have been key to bring you to the point that you are at today?

MD: The first thing is yuh affi love it (yuh affi love it means you have to love it). Make music and work hard at your craft, never settle for less than the best of your ability; so hard work is really the key.

BR: Has Canada provided you with more opportunity than you would have had if you stayed in Jamaica?

MD: That question is kind a up for debate, cuz who knows if I would even be doing music right now if I was in Jamaica cuz I was more known for being a good soccer player in Jamaica. So I guess this is destiny, so I give thanks for where I’m at now.

BR: What kind of obstacles have you had to face in order to get to the point that you are at now?

MD: A whole heap a obstacles, just ask any artist trying make it in the business a lot of not getting paid going places you wouldn’t normally go for the love of music. But all of that mold me into what I am today, so it’s all bless.

BR: What are your most memorable accomplishments?

MD: My first show for sure, making my first single, hearing myself on the radio for the first time to name a couple, up to even reaching the level of my career.

BR: What do you hope to achieve in 2008, and what can we expect to see from you in the future?

MD: Well, the ultimate thing we want to achieve is just more success, have good health and strength so that we can continue to make good music for all the fans, so look out for my album this summer.

Who: Mikey Dangerous
Where: The Stetson
When: April 4th
- BeatRoute Magazine - CALGARY, Alberta, APRIL 2008

"FESTIVALS REGGAE - by Angelica LeMinh"

MIKEY DANGEROUS / Trailblazin’
] Montreal's Mikey Dangerous (by way of Jamaica) is quiet, almost shy in person. He listens carefully, slowly sips a Heineken, and leaves the flexing to his flow.

So, congrats on the Juno (for reggae single Don't Go Pretending). When's the album coming out? Thanks. I'm grateful for all the love, the voters, the people who pack the shows (bigup the West Coast!) and I would encourage folks to continue showing their support for the singles on iTunes. It's my first nomination and my first win, so I'm happy for the recognition. There's a lot of room for growth of the reggae industry in Canada, and it's nice to be part of it. I just put my band together and have a lot of shows this summer, but I'm focused now, and this was just the beginning. I wouldn't say much later than the end of summer for the debut album, but I do need to put some finishing touches on it.

Do you really believe in the Junos though?
I believe in what the Junos represent in terms of it being the highest award in Canadian music, but I don't think that's all I can achieve, that would be a short career (laughs). But it's definitely a tool to push the music internationally.

Have you considered doing your music in French to appeal to the Quebecois audience?
I have collaborated with French artists like Dubmatique and Sans Pression, and it's been great. It's nice to cross into hip-hop as well as the French market and see that people are open to music in genres and areas that are not so heavily saturated by reggae. I'm looking to expand my reach to Europe as well and, of course. Japan.

Let's talk about your influences. What performing Marley child is your favourite?
Damian because he's so versatile. Reggae is really about that, from the singing to the chanting, the whole vibe that he brings is what I can relate to, but Stephen is a creative genius, a mastermind. The way that Shabba Ranks (Mister Lover Man is heard in the background) hit the scene with albums and Grammys was really inspiring too.

Do you play with any of the reggae bands in town, like Inword?
I know a lot of them, and I've worked with some before. There are a lot of talented musicians in Montreal and it seems like they all overlap in reggae.

What would be your ideal way to spend three hours away from music?
I'd be in Jamaica with my mom and sister, just sitting and talking and reminiscing. We'd be eating homemade curried chicken and steamed fish, oxtail and soup, renewing that sense of purpose and affirming the perseverance that it takes to continue in the music industry.

What can we look forward to from Mikey Dangerous?
Some bigger name collaborations (mum's still the word, but past collabos include Malicious and Addictiv), a hot stage show and the sky isn't even the limit. [


July 14th at the Jacques-Cartier Pier as part of the Montreal Reggae Festival
Also featured at the festival's 5th edition (July 11th-13th): Steel Pulse, Morgan Heritage, Junior Kelly, Midnite, Iley Dread/Rochelle, Warrior King, Inword, Jah Cutta and many others
Info: 514.223.6233

- NIGHTLIFE Media 2008 - JULY 2008


The Underrated Style of Music
Mikey Dangerous keeps the music alive at Sala Rossa
Features Contributor

One of the beautiful things about living in Montreal is the vast array of different cultures that allow people to express themselves in their own unique way. Music is one of many facets of culture that allows this expression to be used positively and bring people together. Whether you're bobbin' your head to a song on the radio or taking in the tunes at the Jazz Festival, there's no denying that music is a powerful force that livens this city up.

Most people do not realize that Montreal hosts a plethora of great musicians who usually do not get the recognition that they deserve, due largely to an overshadowing by the mainstream media. "dancehall" music is one genre that has been plagued with this problem for quite some time. To get an idea of what dancehall is, listen to Sean Paul's songs such as "Get Busy" and "Just Gimme the Light".

On Friday, September 23, this genre was showcased at the Dancehall Night held at Sala Rossa hall on St. Laurent Blvd. Featuring artists Mikey Dangerous, Silvanus, C-Koo Slim, Skillman, Sampaloo and Khalila, the show boasted a packed house and proved to audiences the powerful force of this style of music.

The Bull & Bear had an opportunity to speak with the featured performer from the show, Mikey Dangerous, about music, Montreal and how independent artists and styles can gain recognition.

According to Mikey, the best way that the dancehall genre can gain more exposure is through television. "The radio is not enough. The kids nowadays want to see the videos to the song. It's another thing with the language barrier. We speak English but it's broken English. It's not really hard to understand, just something to get into. It's all about getting people into what you do so they can really understand you as an artist. You got to bring it to them so they can see what it's all about."

This would explain why people might not know much about dancehall but when they attend the shows they really get into the performance. As Dangerous pointed out, greater exposure is needed to showcase that dancehall is a unique style.

The artist answered zealously when asked about dancehall and how it resonated with him even before coming to Canada. "Dancehall music has always been a part of your life since you're Jamaican, you know what I mean? At first it started as something extra I was doing in Canada because when I came here I was a soccer player. But when I came here I had to find something to fill the time in this winter when it snows out and all. So basically the first show I did, somebody needed somebody for a show and I was like 'I'll do it.' They're like 'No you're a soccer player" I was like 'Nah nah nah I can sing too.' When I went on, the show was a total success and from that day I was hooked with performing."

Sean Paul, mentioned previously, is one of the few recognizable names performing in dancehall that readers might know. When asked whether the dancehall artists' style changes when they reach high media exposure Dangerous did not feel that their styles were being compromised to a great extent.

"I think on a large level in terms of the music, they're still the same, but sometimes when you want to reach a certain level you have to let certain things be so you can acquire that power and knowledge so people can accept you doing whatever you want to do. So I can't knock nobody for whatever they are doing. Success is success so respect to all those guys. Keep on doing what you're doing, just don't forget yourself in the end."

When asked about his future, Dangerous declared without hesitation, "As Mikey Dangerous, all I can see is great things. Music is my happiness. When I can sing it makes me happy. If I'm not singing, then I'm sad. This is my life. Music is life. All I can look forward to is good things. More happiness, singing more music, doing more interviews (laughs)".

This is the kind of energy that successful artists project when they perform. They reach out to the audience and let them know that they love every minute of it.

With this in mind, break away from the mainstream and support the artists that do not get the recognition they deserve. Keep your eyes peeled for different shows around the city, and definitely be sure to explore the dancehall scene.

- Bull and Bear


JUNE 1. 2008
Released on 45rpm7' Distributed by Blessed-Love Distibution (JAMAICA)
'YOUR LOVE' (Artibella Dub)
PRODUCED by TIMDUB of Royal Records

AUG. 2007
'Don't Go Pretending' (SIDE A)/
'You are so fine'(SIDE B)
45rpm 7'inch vinyl
AUG. 2007
Malicious ft. Mikey Dangerous
ODoubleF Records

SEPT. 2006
“Little Game”
Single + MUSIC VIDEO (Check it out at www.myspace.com/therealmikeydangerous
Urban Heat
“Laisse-moi te donner”
Nancy Martinez ft. Mikey Dangerous
Sizzle Records
“H.A.I.L Him”
Mikey Dangerous
HIgh mood Music
Mikey Dangerous Mixtape Ft.
23 Blazing Tracks.
“Au top”
K Maro
Warner Elektra Atlantic Corp.
Paul Carniello - Mikey Dangerous
Sans Pressions Ft. Mikey Dangerous
Thirteen Deep
Gyal want a man
45rpm 7
Kings of Kings
Ever since weve been Born
45rpm 7
Kings of Kings
Performing Arts
45rpm 7
Kings of Kings
“Hardears pickney”
Renegade ft. Mikey Dangerous
Performance Drive
45rpm 7
Kings of Kings
"high Inspiration"
Iley Dread Ft. Mikey Dangerous
45rpm 7
Kings of Kings
"Say what you wanna say" / "dire"
Force de comprendre, La
Gyal yuh a di wife
45rpm 7
Kings of Kings
Tape, CD
Young Lions
Lord is the light'
45rpm 7
Young Lions
"Rasta don't dwell"
feat. Melo G
45rpm 7
Young Lions




Mikey Dangerous

Juno Award Winning artist Mikey Dangerous, is a Jamaican/Canadian Reggae Artist who is exploding on to the international music scene! With a unique and powerful voice Mikey Dangerous has been known to captivate his audiences with his unforgettable enchanting voice, flow, lyrical finesse and an arsenal of deadly material. His performances and recordings are versatile, ranging from Roots and Culture to club hits. His voice has been featured on a variety of recordings and hit singles that have made their way around the world, including his hit single “Don’t go pretending” that won the 2008 JUNO AWARD for Reggae Recording of the Year. So far in 2009 Mikey Dangerous earned himself a nomination for Revation of the year at Gala SOBA (Sounds of Blackness Awards) which will be held Sunday March 1, 2009 in Montreal Canada, as well a nomination for Top Dancehall style DeeJay at the Candian Reggae Music Awards.

Having dedicated endless amount of time to developing his style and lyrical skills, Mikey Dangerous is recognized as a solid, talented, multifaceted performing and recording artist. Mikey Dangerous has had a busy and successful 2008, featured as the 2008 Juno Award Winner blazing up the stage with great performances at JUNOFEST, Hamilton’s Biggest Canada Day Celebration “It’s Your Festival”, The Montreal International Reggae Festival, Calgary International Reggae Festival, and also featured on shows with Daville, Tinga Stewart, Maxi Priest, Taurus Riley, Beres Hammond and more!! Most recently, Mikey Dangerous was the feature performance at The International FreeSki Film Festival at the official afterparty for Tanner Hall's World Premiere for his film "THE MASSIVE" In Previous year's Mikey has toured with artists such as The Beatnuts, and has been featured at many special events like Summer Sizzle 05 where he crossed boundaries having been the only dancehall reggae artist to be featured along side artists like Ciara, Lil JON, Ying Yang twins and more. He has also appeared on festivals in the Caribbean such as Barbados reggae splash (www.barbadosreggaesplash) and has been featured at the Montreal Tropical Festival, a featured Headliner at The Montreal International Reggae Festival in 2005, 06, 07 .

Along with an impressive performance history, Mikey Dangerous also has an impressive catalogue of recordings. His first single to be released was on The Young Lions label entitled: 'Rasta don't dwell', released on 45rpm 7".The song was later released on a compilation which was titled after the single (Rasta don't dwell). After his first release, Mikey continued working on a variety of recordings including his first single on the King of Kings Label. The King of Kings Label later released another six singles on 45 rpm 7" starting with a song entitled 'Gal yuh a di wife'. Subsequently, Mikey Dangerous was requested for collaborations with numerous artists such as platinum selling hip hop group Dubmatique. *His next single: "Performance Drive, on the King of Kings label appeared on "the Millennium Dancehall Style Vol. 1 compilation" This compilation was released in 1998 by VP Records and distributed by Walboomers Music. *****For full details about past releases, please read until bottom of this page!

In 06/07 Mikey Dangerous was a special feature artist for up and coming RnB Sensation Addictiv on the hit single 'Little Game', produced by Urban Heat featuring artists KAY SLAY, PITBULL, and MIKEY DANGEROUS. The song was also backed by a Music Video that is getting steady rotation on both Musiqueplus and Muchmusic across Canada. Just search for MIKEY DANGEROUS on www.youtube.com!! Another hot combination to hit the AIRWAVES recently; the latest single from MALICIOUS of Odoublef Records 'HARDER' ft. Mikey Dangerous. The song is featured on MALICIOUS Debut Album "Music Starts with M' , which was released December 2007.

Since 2007 Mikey Dangerous has made some serious waves with his hit singles ‘Don’t Go Pretending’ and ‘You are so fine’. released by MBOSS RECORDS(www.myspace.com/mbossrecords). His most recent releases for 2008 include ‘Your Love’ on the Artibella Riddim released by Wild Geese Productions and ‘The only one’ released by Rootdown Records in Germany (www.rootdown-records.com ) and Distributed by Blessed Love in Jamaica (www.blessedlove.de ) The next thing to look out for in 2008 is a hit single entitled "Touch Me" with LEILA & MIKEY DANGEROUS produced by Seven30 Productions. LOOK OUT FOR THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED debut album SUMMER 2009.