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The best kept secret in music


"KBOO 90.7 FM in Portland, Oregon"

On Exalt Jah, Crucially superb! - DJ Danny Fallon

"Creation Steppin'"

British-born Jamaican Michael Taylor, better known as Mikey General, cut his teeth in the early dancehall scene in England and scored some early hits there, but returned to his Jamaican roots in the nineties and began following Rastafari in 1994. This inspired several strong albums, particularly "Spiritual Revolution." On his fourth release, "Exalt Jah," he continues with the brand of singer's roots that he and Luciano have popularized. The backing musicians on this album are a veritable who's who of reggae- The Firehouse Crew, Steely and Clevie, Mafia and Fluxy, and Sly and Robbie, all of whom lay down some impeccable music for Mikey's voice to soar over. One of the better tracks- "Mind Over Matter"- was previously released as a single but fits well here. "Change of Attitude" is another excellent track, but the flat-out killer tune here is a duet with his bredrin Luciano- "Red Ina Rome." This is music that's easy to listen to, and it carries an above-average conscious message. Recommended. - DJ Bahilman

"WHPK, Chicago, Illinois"

Of Exalt Jah, Mikey General's cd is hot and I love to play 'Exalt Jah' -- 14 weeks in rotation - Mikey Beal

"The Beat Magazine"

Mikey General has been around a surprisingly long time as a couple of pre-dread lovers rock albums that have recently surfaced show but most of us became familiar with him as a part of the Xterminator posse during Luciano's reign. Exalt Jah... shows Mikey has finally emerged from Luciano's shadow through fans of the former will have every reason to enjoy the current work of the one-time protege. This disc gathers productions (some previously released on singles) from 321 Strong, Qabalah First, Young Blood and others with high points including "Change of Attitude," "Mind Over Matter" and the succinct "Babylon in A Mess." Guests include Adigun Minkah on the title track, Turbulence on "Thank You, Jah" and Luciano himself (for whom Mikey opened shows for years) on album highlight "Red Ina Rome." .... offers a positive, thoughtful and engaging message to the world .... Mikey comes across as very sincere about what he's saying and Exalt Jah is an excellent release from an excellent contemporary practitioner of roots reggae.. - Chuck Foster

"Reggae Vibes"

Ex-London resident Michael Taylor aka Mikey General, most well-known for his association with the "Messenjah" Luciano, first came to notice with a series of strong dancehall tunes for Fashion Records in the eighties. In 1992 Mikey General moved to Jamaica where he met Luciano during a recording session at Castro Brown's New Name studio in Kingston. Then he teamed up with Xterminator producer Phillip "Fatis" Burrell for whom he recorded some notable roots singles and the albums "Sinners aka Stronger Rastaman" and "I'm Just A Rastaman". In 1998, along with his friend Luciano, Mikey left the Xterminator camp to freelance before forming their own "Qabalah" label. Early 2000 Mikey General unleashed his third album entitled "Spiritual Revolution". His brand new album "Exalt Jah" contains 15 tracks of sheer quality produced at various different studio's in Jamaica including Black Scorpio, Music Works, Steven Stanley Studio, 321 Strong, Big Ship, Mixing Lab and Studio 2000. Expertly backed by some of the best musicians around such as The Firehouse Crew, Mafia & Fluxy, Steely & Clevie and Sly & Robbie, Mikey's assured vocal approach comes to full expression on every single track. Included here are former 7" singles like the excellent "As A Man Thinketh", the awesome "Mind Over Matter", the stepping "Love Chant", the dancehall flavored "Count Your Blessings" and "Conquer All My Foes", the latter delivered across the wicked "Addiction" riddim. Furthermore we're also treated to fresh tracks. Especially "Strive", "Change Of Attitude" and the combination tunes "Thank You Jah" (with Turbulence) and the killer roots "Red Ina Rome" (with Luciano) can be pointed out as the most notable efforts. "Exalt Jah" is a well varied set with fresh positive messages that show there is no limit to this man's musical talent. Satisfaction guarenteed for modern roots followers! - Teacher & Mr. T


First, proceeds from this album goes to the Mona Children`s Home in Kingston, Jamaica. Second, this is some seriously good conscious reggae. Mikey General originally born in the UK moved to Jamaica when he was two and has spent 20 years in the music industry. With a firm foot deeply rooted in Rastafari much like Bob Marley, Mikey General presents spiritual and conscious reggae rather than the more `slackness` of dancehall. That leads to a refreshing and more of an up feel than some of the mainstream reggae has offered the past decade or so, or at least since Bob Marley passed away. Of course Rastafarians have always divorced themselves from oppressive social life instead opting for positive religious values so it`s no wonder that most of the lyrical content is about Jah. The production throughout the album is impressive and offers many real album standouts like "Fly Away, Runaway" and "As a Man Thinketh". I think that anyone regardless of their likes or dislikes could find themselves grooving to this album. Go get it and hear some real reggae for a change. - J-Sin -- Editor's Pick


Exalt Jah - LP (Qabalah First Music)
Sinners - LP (Charm)
I'm Just A Rastaman - LP (Xterminator)
Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding - LP (J&D)

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Current album -- http://www.exaltjah.com

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One of Reggae's most exciting talents is singer Mikey General whose twenty years in the music business boast the stamina of a veteran soldier. This British-born Jamaican, whose family migrated to Jamaica when he was two, has spent two decades honing his craft with the best of producers and studios, both in the United Kingdom and on The Rock.

Physically, the "General" has the robust build of a warrior – his school boy football mates bestowed the appropriate title. Vocally, an unexpected crystal falsetto, akin to the sweet voice of an angel, flows forth from this stocky crooner as he glorifies the Creator with his Afrocentric robed ensembles completing the image.

Michael Taylor began his career at home imitating songs from the radio and television as a child. He left his first public impressions of his unique vocal quality in church choirs and when his high school did not offer a choir, he sought out neighbourhood sound systems in his community of Ackee Walk. His talent developed in his teens as he could be found at any dance in the Kingston 19 area asking for his turn on the microphone. Opportunities came for him to sing on the infamous Virgo and Killamanjaro Sounds and his first single "Roots Mi Roots," recorded at 16 years of age for sound system owner Ruddy Silence, soon followed. Much more was yet to come for this rising star.

Returning to Britain in search of employment opportunities, Mikey's celebrity continued to develop. He became a favorite of Peckham, Brixton, and South London dancehall fans singing on top sounds like Coxsone International and Saxon. The latter gave him a taste of the road, touring Europe in 1984 along with Smiley Culture, Papa Levi, and Maxi Priest. In 1985, the Earl Minnot produced "Do You Want to be Starting Something" (a Michael Jackson cover) and the Levi Roots produced single "Babymother" earned Mikey his first chart positions in the prominent Echoes music chart. The year continued with great success as the DubVendor produced "Dancehall Vibes" hit Number One on the trend-setting New Musical Express chart and Number Two on the Echoes chart. Accolades continued as Echoes' readers awarded Mikey "Newcomer of the Year." More reggae chart hits followed with "Kuff' n Dem," "Parring P," and the "Sound Boy Burial" LP.

He continued the Eighties touring in Germany, Italy, and Holland and recording with Jamaican producer Fatis Burrell, beginning the new decade playing himself in a film whose theme was his recording "We The Raggamuffins." After ten years in London, Mikey felt the Spirit of Jah calling him back to Jamaica where a more intense musical journey was yet to commence.

Simultaneously, another young lion, Luciano, was following his own musical destiny and as two singers on the studio circuit, it was inevitable that they would meet. Mikey comments on that meeting at Castro Brown's New Name Studio, "I noticed the Godliness in his movements." In 1993, the two friends became mainstays in Fatis Burrell's Exterminator Crew which toured America and Europe "exterminating slackness in reggae music."

In November 1994, Mikey began to grow his dreadlocks, adopting a true and natural lifestyle. His first exposure to Rastafari had come in his school days when he would buy vegetarian patties at the Rasta camp beside his school. He found that the people there were loving and "identified with Christ in a Black context" which mirrored Mikey's own sentiments, "I n I recognize His Imperial Majesty as Christ in his Kingly Character, manifest in this time, from that time to this time."

The "Sinners" single was released in 1995 and was quickly followed by an album of the same name released by JetStar Phonographics in England before the project was re-titled and released as "Rastaman Stronger" and supported by a pared down, touring Exterminator Crew with Mikey opening for Sizzla and Luciano. In 1997, JetStar than released a second Exterminator album by Mikey entitled "I Am Just A Rastaman" featuring the hit "Miss Taylor Boy."

In September 1998, Luciano and Mikey spread their wings and left Exterminator to form Jah Messenjah Productions and Qabalah First Music with the aim "to provide people with spiritual uplifting music in these times of degradation."

"Spiritual Revolution" was released in 2000 by Redbridge in the UK and featured production by the Firehouse Crew, Soljie Hamilton, Dean Fraser, and Qabalah First Music. "Knowledge, Wisdom & Overstanding" featuring Mikey and Luciano was also released in 2000 by J&D USA. Both albums received rave reviews with "Spiritual Revolution" toasted as the album of the year by John Mansur of Echoes UK. In 2001, Mikey toured the U.S. with Luciano on the "New Day Tour" and was also instrumental in the production of Luciano's 2001 "Great Controversy" release.

Mikey is poised to release his next gem, "Exalt Jah," on Qabalah First Music to be distributed by S