Mikeyx & Xtreme Measures

Mikeyx & Xtreme Measures


Mikeyx is a strong traditional roots reggae band, exploring deep social topics with colorful melodies, and a hard pushing skanking reggae beat. Strong lead guitar with undertones of pop & blues, but keeping the vocals and melodies soulful, inspiring and in touch with the heart of the listener.


Our music is true music from a musician's perspective with a message of love, unity, and social fairness. We refuse to compromise for commercial sake. We believe music was meant as food for the soul. As the storyteller, I am influenced by rock, pop, jazz, and classical, but am most at home in reggae music. The other members bring varied influences, but once we strike a chord it must be one pulse and one voice. What sets us apart from other bands is that we all believe in the message and the stories the music tells.


"Democracy Now" is our first CD release. "Freedom" is our latest CD release. Tracks from both CDs currently have radio airplay.

Set List

1st set:
1) Not In My Name
2) Gangsta
4) Irie
5) New Infidels
6) Wish
7) Hotel California (cover song)
2nd set:
1) 400 years
2) Democracy Now
3) Due Season
4) Guilty
5) League of Nations
6) Sober Truth
7) The Original Sin
8) Jamming (cover song)
9) New Invasion
10) Butterfly Effect
11) Freedom.
Typically, two 35 to 40 min sets with a 2 song encore.