Mike Zale

Mike Zale


Mike uses guitar and vocal looping technology to create a full band sound. He builds on his music education and background in stand up comedy to keep his audiences entertained. Touring full time this year, Mike will be criss-crossing the US entertaining college audiences at every stop.


Coming off of a successful showcase at the 2003 NACA Mid-America conference in Peoria IL, Mike Zale has spent the winter entertaining students on his college tour. Utilizing his mix of mellow acoustic rock with his background in stand up comedy, Mike interacts with the audience while entertaining them. Mike captures the audiences’ attention by using looping technology to create a full-band sound, layering guitar riffs and "drum beats" using just his guitar. Mike holds his audiences’ attention and builds a connection through comedy and music to keep the crowd involved. Mike credits John Lennon as inspiration for his songwriting ability and Coldplay, Radiohead and the Goo Goo Dolls for influencing his musical style. The fan feedback that he receives after every show also motivates Mike to entertain. Mike‘s full-length album called "Pen Paper Guitar" was released in the summer of 2003 to critical acclaim.
Songs from his album have been climbing the charts of College radio across the US. You can also hear them on local Rochester stations such as 90.5 WBER and 89.1 the Point. He has also been on Rochesters 96.5 morning show "Radio Free Wease.
To add. Mike just finished recording the sound track for the film "The Next Good One" by film maker Joe Lewis with Short Film Productions.



Written By: Mike Zale

It’s always hard to give love a try
When you’ve already come, lost and loved in life
He tries his best to talk about it
She says I can’t it’s complicated

*She still has old letters of love
She’s thought of burning
them all in hopes of letting go
He says the same things she’s heard before
Thinks of grabbing her things and running right out the door

*When hurt is all that you can see
Love is just the thing you need

Take a chance don’t hesitate
Love is changing everything
Tomorrows a choice we make today
Love is changing everything

And now there’s something in the way
Between life and love and lost and what he’d say
But he lifts her chin and grins, its ok
I’ll wait for the day that you can feel the same

*When hurt is all that you can see
Love is just the thing you need

Take a chance don’t hesitate
Love is changing everything
Tomorrows a choice we make today
Love is changing everything


Written By: Mike Zale

Two hearts, hand in each others hands
Four feet playing, dancing in the sand
Spinning round, Dance in the clouds
Speak sweet words, and playing with the stars tonight

Sun set falls, up on her face
Moon light crashed out from her eyes

My heart, belongs to you
Hold me close, as we dance around the moon
Here on the sand, the waves crash down
But you build me castles in the sky

Cheak rose red, the sky filled with stars
Brush stroke picture, painted tonight was ours to keep

Let you down

Written By: Mike Zale

I’ll stick up for you will you for me
I’ll stick around if a friend is what you need
I’ll stand here and guard the door
I’ve got your back now what you waiting for

You’re pointing out the figures in the stars
Hoping you could go and leave these scars
But all those lies still hold at you
Holding back as you’re running trough the moon

I won’t let you down
I won’t let you down
Don’t let me down

Stories they kill more then simple words
Translate these eyes for more then words
They can throw down on you
Understand the stories you run through


"All the words you wish you said" New Full Length Album 2005
New single - Hesitate
Full length CD out in fall 2003 - "Pen Paper Guitar"
3 songs from "Pen Paper Guitar" have been on local Rochester Stations WBER 90.5 and the Point 89.1 as well as College Radio stations across the East coast.

Set List

Mike usually does a few covers. The most famous covers he does is the Gummie Bears Theme song and a Notorious BIG rap. Sets run anywhere from 45 min up to two full hours. Depending on time, the number of songs range from 5-20 per show. A normal set is about an hour and a half and has about 16 songs. It is usually a mix of newer songs as well as songs from the full length album. Here are the names: Do you feel, Stuck up, Certainly, Tomorrows Gone, Serious Side, Castles, Love when you sing, Don't wake up, the Best Beat, They don't know, Mayflowers, Just listen, Hesitate, Someone Worth Waiting For, My best friend, Black and White