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-1998 started music/hobby/career on acid loops mixing software and Fruityloops, and started putting music on the website of mp3.com. Until one day he landed on a small radio station on mp3.com; thats when it all started; Things ran steady, but slowly until 2003 until mikhalt got himself and MBOX, reason, pro-tools and an m-audio oxygen 8. After studying at Vancouver Film School, and at the Arts Institute of Vancouver. His music took a new evolution into reason and pro-tools, which changed his life. In 2003 he signed a web distrubution deal with a once then Wraptor.com, got into garageband.com, soundclick, purevolume.com, directsoundradio.net, his own websites, etc. In 2004 He signed with Buzzden.com for web-distribution a state of the art company that uses wraptorLAB software to .wrap its artists developed by mediaforge. Then he got his first change to be in a movie soundtrack with the indie Liverpool skyline DVD documentary, which project was used on the BBC. His 2nd movie was the international catamaran f-10 2005 live telecast; as well as the DVD, new developments with david jr indie movie etc., philidelphia indie comedy soundtrack, Nalts indie director with features in youtube, in 2007 he was a runner up in being on david jr soundtrack for the NYC 07 fashion week.. In 2006 he ended up on s young student in texas film school project. He has also been used in alot of podcasts, has been on multitude of indie radio stations. in 2005 mikhalt sent his music to a music consulting firm called Foley Enterntainment in New Jersey and the boss of that company was impressed and gave it a thumbs up for motion picture soundtracks, that same hear a gentlemen by the name of Mitch Santell whom heads the company Movie capital inc based out of New Zealand, loved his music for soundtrack.in March of 2007 he was a featured artist on UBL.com and made it to 5 on the misc chart. In 2007 he took an advanced audio engineering course at douglas college music department. Up until now in 2006 he has won 24+ indie garageband.com awards, his song rollercoaster when it was out was played 32 thousand times, then on 2006-07 his song iiInfuseii was played 36 thousand times etc., profile views on myspace over 120 thousand plus times, has over 27 thousand myspace friends and is growing at a steady rate daily. On Oct. 15 07 this mikhalt myspace was deleted for some strange reason. On Oct. 16 07 mikhalt started a new myspace, it is doing well. Lots of new developments around mikhalt's music all the time, and mikhalt continues to work hard on his motion picture soundtrack music with an experimental electronica, hip-hop, gothic, soundtrack, everything, etc. twist to things.


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Midnight Car Chase

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