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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Los Angeles, CA
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Miki Rose Shares Right There Video"

miki rose is back with right there, a sultry, funked out cut which sees the london/la artist furthering her credentials as one of the british nu soul revolution’s most interesting young artists.

“at the time i had just finished writing the over & over ep, and thought the xoxo ep was done but then giorgio oehlers sent over this lovely instrumental and i wrote the song automatically,” says rose.

“it was inspired by my journey as an independent artist. right there is my personal anthem. ‘stay steady hustlin’ til the opposite of struggling’s right there’.”

the track sees rose in lofty form, in which pensive instrumental and vocals come together in streetwise harmony. it’s a gorgeous slice of post r&b that feels completely of its time. the singer-songwriter is an artist to look out for.

check out the video for right there below, directed by henry dean. featuring no video footage, the project is made up entirely of 8000 still photos.

“the editing process was very long and arduous, it took me two weeks to simply sort and organise all the stills into a workable situation,“ says the british director.

“it was all one big experiment, inspired by the internet and progression of technology. you’ll notice the video is split into three sections – one that has a 16mm look, one with a vhs look and then one with a more modern, cinematic look. it was a wild art project but i think it paid off!” - Tmrw Magazine

"El. Train & Miki Rose - Over & Over"

This new “Over & Over” EP from El Train & Miki Rose is kinda special to me, because I have seen both grow over the past year as artists.
Miss Miki Rose (Los Angeles) was in search of producers to work with and when I linked her with Brighton-based El Train, a match in heaven was made. I remember Miki telling me she was hopping on the train to visit El Train and work on some music together. Never would I have imagined the two cranking out five songs together resulting in Over & Over in such a short period of time.
Their Futuristic R&B vibe is easy on the ears and we kindly suggest you take a listen to the first three songs of their Over & Over EP here. The remaining two tracks are so Good Good, it might F with U. The entire EP is available now on iTunes or Bandcamp for those that do not fux with Apple. - MOOVMNT

"Miki Rose - Right There (produced by Giorgio Oehlers)"

Recharge with the refreshing sounds of Miki Rose‘s soul and electronic-influenced new release, “Right There.” Serving as the first release from her forthcoming project via Singapore-based label Darker Than Wax, the Giorgio Oehlers-produced number features a number of different layers that combine to create an infectious listen.

Stream “Right There” below and download via iTunes. - Artistic Manifesto

"Miki Rose Interview"

Q&A With Miki Rose

Our third interview comes courtesy of LA Based Singer/Songwriter Miki Rose. Having just released her collaborative EP ‘Over & Over’ on the label, we thought it would be a great time to catch up with her and talk all things LA, how she first connected with El. Train and her favourite artists right now.

Hey Miki! First and foremost introduce yourself to the people and tell them what you do?

Hi!! My name is Miki Rose, I’m a singer-songwriter originally from Brighton, UK, currently residing in Los Angeles. I write and sing songs about what’s going on in my life on beats that I love.

What was it that made you take up singing? And why did you decide to pursue it as a career?

I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t want to be a singer-songwriter. I grew up in a lot of different countries as kid, including some countries where I didn’t really speak the language, but music was universal. I always loved that, I felt I could sing from my soul in english and someone who speaks a completely different language could relate. My parents had wide range of taste in music everything from soul to punk to triphop to blues. Music was always playing in my house.

You featured on El. Train’s track ‘Control’ off his ‘Somewhere Between’ EP. How did that collaboration come about?

I connected with Moovmnt after my flip of Singularis’ “Shadows” and Nilez from Moovmnt recommended that I work with El. Train (so glad he did). El. Train sent me ten beats right away and they were all sooo dope. I was in line at the bank when I first heard ‘Control’ and I literally started writing to it on the spot.

On your Soundcloud you have a lot of flips of different producers work, what is it that really attracts you to a beat?

When I first started doing flips, I had been working with different producers in LA that I just didn’t feel got my sound or who I was as an artist. There was a lot of chaos going on in my life at the time; I decided to flip seven songs from the Soulection x Stussy compilation, I wrote and recorded everything in 5 days, writing to those beats was therapy to me. Songwriting is therapy. With all of the beats that I’ve flipped, the first time I heard them I got very inspired to tell my story and how I was feeling at that moment in time. When I flipped Stwo ’s “Morphans” that helped me get over somebody.

Who are your three favourite artists right now?

That’s really hard to limit it to just three, I have sooo many favorite producers right now (its a long list) and legends ( like D’ Angelo, Aaliyah, Erykah Badu, Portishead, Janet Jackson) that I’m constantly listening to. However my favourite artists right now are;

1. Sinead Harnett (I love her voice and tone)

2. Alina Baraz & Galimatias (I thought their Urban Flora EP was brilliant!)

3. JAJA Kisses ( I randomly found her song PIMMS on soundcloud a couple months back and instantly became obsessed! I met her last time I was in London, not only is she the sweetest but she is SO talented!! She writes her own stuff and I’m allllll about that )

You’re originally from Brighton but you now reside in LA. Musically what do you think are the biggest difference between the UK and America?

I would say the biggest difference between the UK and the US is in the UK I don’t get a weird confused look when I order a Pimms cup ;)

The US is a very diverse place. I’ve lived in a couple different places, I went to middle school and high school in Dallas, TX (insert gun emoji), I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, and then I’ve been in LA for three years. My older sister has lived in NYC for almost ten years, my little sister is in New Orleans, and my little brother is just outside of Austin, TX. All of those cities are very different places. I would say the good thing about spending my teens in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex was it taught me rejection. I never made any talent show I auditioned for, I was singing Aretha Franklin not country(smh), my town was not very accepting of someone being different and especially from another country. I would go back to visit my grandparents in Surrey almost every summer and I would wish I could be growing up in the UK where I could walk around, take a bus or train and be an independent teen.. instead of in Texas where you would need your parents to drive you to everything and it was all very spread out. But if I spent my teens in New Orleans or New York it would have been very different.

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you’ve got coming up?

I’m very excited about my collaborative EP with El. Train “Over & Over” I’m so proud of every song, I love the vibe to it and I feel like it really flows as a whole. I have quite a few songs with some talented producers on Soundcloud, hopefully dropping soon :) I have an EP coming out Dec/Jan on Darker Than Wax with several dope producers from their label. I’m also working with quite a lot of producers in LA, I’m constantly writing so you never know whats coming out next!

And finally if you were stuck on a desert island what three things would you take with you?

A solar panel battery charger (they have those right?) my microphone and my computer :)

Be sure to go and pick up a copy of Miki’s new EP on iTunes and Bandcamp right now…



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facebook.com/mikirosemusic - Shimmy Records

"El. Train & Miki Rose - Over & Over"

LA based singer/songwriter Miki Rose & Brighton based producer El. Train come together to deliver their five track EP 'Over & Over.' They first collaborated on the track 'Control' back in January for El. Train's "Somewhere Between" EP. While Miki was in the UK in May the two decided to get in the studio to record some music and they managed to flesh out 4 or 5 demos in a day. A couple of months sending files back and forth over the Internet and they finally managed to settle on five tracks that would form the basis of the EP. Check it out!!! Now Available On I-TUNES - red soul vibrations

"When You Know it flip"

L.A. songwriter Miki Rose pens a breezy early 00’s R&B-inspired set of top-lines over production from IAMNOBODI on “When You Know” excerpted here for new compilation on Soulection. - blah blah blah science

"Miki Rose & ToolBox - U & I"

Miki Rose is slotted for a debut solo EP later this year with Darker Than Wax, and while we wait it out, she decided to team up with ToolBox for a sensuous number titled “U&I.” This Valentine’s treat hits all the right spots with the sultry vocals of Miki and the tightened down but soulful production of ToolBox. It may be a few days past Valentine’s, but this is a late night jam that’s sure to find its place on your chill/sexy playlists. If there ever was a time for slow jams to flourish, it’s now, and the combination of Miki and ToolBox is one that needs to occur again and soon. Big thanks to MOOVMNT on the premiere and be sure to grab the free download. - The Music Ninja

"Miki Rose Right There Produced by Giorgio Oehlers"

If you weren’t planning on feeling sexy today, you might want to do some rescheduling because that’s about to change with this first cut off of Miki Rose‘s forthcoming EP. We’ve been lucky enough to catch and cover some of her previous work with El. Train and Toolbox, so it goes without saying that we’re extremely delighted to give you the first look into her solo project with Darker Than Wax.

“Right There” reflects a miraculous blend of R&B, soul, and electronic influences that exude an unashamed and warranted sense of pride that Miki has in her work. The groove is contagious. It shakes you up just right and gets under your skin in the best of ways. The slick and sensual delivery of every line isn’t the only treat in this tune, as the prowess of Giorgio Oehlers is equally put on display with his magnificent instrumentation. You can instantly and easily lose yourself between the keys and Miki’s voice alone, but the entire song stands as a triumph for her incipient XOXO EP. Good luck not breaking a little sweat listening to this one. - The Music Ninja

"El. Train & Miki Rose - Control"

Today brotha El. Train from London drops the track “Control” featuring the enchanting Miki Rose out of Los Angeles.
The past few months we’ve been closely involved with Miki, because we’re really feeling her style. When El. Train hit her up to lace some vocals for his upcoming “Somewhere Between” EP, we didn’t expect this to happen though. This song has quickly become my personal favorite song from Miki Rose in a short amount of time and I’m very sure it will become an all time favorite of yours too!
British/Jamaican singer Danderson is the other vocalist on this project and Brasstracks collaborates too. On the remix duty we find two Dutch producers, who are no strangers to us. Jengibeats turns Control into something totally different, but in a good way. And I trust that Rotterdam funksta Trian Kayhatu brings his funkiest stuff to the table as well. Unfortunately we haven’t heard all the tracks, but we will soon. Lastly JNTHN STEIN delivers the 3rd and final remix for this project bringing this release full circle.
It is our pleasure to premiere the first track and be able to provide a free download as well! The EP comes out January 11th and will be the first release on Shimmy Records. It was created as a way to spotlight some of El. Train’s favorite artists as he looks to incorporate original vocals into his productions. Dropping soon.. - Moovmnt

"El. Train & Miki Rose - Over & Over"

Gifted Brighton-based producer El. Train has had one bumper 2015, churning out a consistent string of painfully infectious dance tracks like “goodforme.”, “brokenhearted.”, “wantyouback.” and “ohbaby.” If that wasn’t enough, he’s also just announced the full details of his new collaborative five-track EP ‘Over & Over’ with LA singer-songwriter Miki Rose (due September 18 via Shimmy Records) AND premiered the title track. “Over & Over” is a fresh future-RnB summer hit, accented with Rose’s alluring, carefully-delivered vocal, energetic clapping beats and classic synth hooks. We’re expecting this to be a match made in musical heaven…

Hear “Over & Over” below… - Best Before


Originally from Brighton, she grew up in the UK, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Dallas, Boston, and Los Angeles. After attending Berklee College of Music on scholarship, she began to discover her own unique style. A prolific songwriter, whose sound is very hard to categorize; she has worked with a variety of producers and genres. Primarily based in LA, she spends a significant amount of time outside the country traveling, writing, colaberating and performing.
Via Moovmnt, Miki was introduced to Brighton based producer El. Train, ... - PECKHAM RYE FESTIVAL

"El. Train releases Control ft. Miki Rose"

El. Train is a master of all things laidback. Moving away from his impressive remix collection and beats, the Brighton native kicks off his original EP release slotted for this Sunday with a sensual joint featuring the sultry vocals of Miki Rose. Taking a minimal and wavy approach, El. Train really lets Miki take over the track, which is evident even in her lyrics, and finds an optimal balance between his soulful production and her voice. Clocking in at under 3 minutes, “Control” is more of a tease than anything for the upcoming “Something Between” EP, but it’s certainly a delicious slice to hold us over until the Shimmy Records‘ Sunday release. Don’t miss this free download and be sure to keep an eye out for El. Train’s new project on the way soon! - The Music Ninja

"Miki Rose - Dive (Produced by silo)"

LA-based, Brighton-raised songstress Miki Rose‘s EP XOXO is here and her latest single Dive features production from Leuven-based producer Silo. Check out Dive below & give the full EP a spin here. -

"Miki Rose - Right There (produced by Giorgio Oehlers) Rich and Sweet"

If you want to hear something rich and soulful, with some gorgeous R&B elements and a bit of electronica thrown in, go no further than this new track from London/LA-based singer Miki Rose.

Called ‘Right There (Prod. by Giorgio Oehlers)‘, it’s so sexy and sensual, all kinds of thoughts will soon by flitting through your mind.

Miki Rose’s ‘Right There (Prod. by Giorgio Oehlers)‘ is the first single from her upcoming new four-track EP, XOXO, and it is just a lovely surprise. Right from when her voice starts singing what you think might be a typical ever so slow soul/R&B track, which then soon morphs into something even aerier and sweeter — just gorgeous. - Leo Sigh


Still working on that hot first release.