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"Cool Junkie Interview"

Mikie Smithers Interview
October 18, 2004 12:03 PM
by [email]

Here is another DJ/Producer/Remixer in the scene working his way up. When out for the night to dance, I always enjoy hearing the sounds of a new DJ and that's what it was like when I saw Mikie Smithers.

And once again I enjoy sharing with my readers and doing interviews with someone who becomes a headliner and I got to interview him first. Let me introduce to you a future house legend.............

CJ: Name?
MS: Mikie Smithers

CJ: Age?
MS: 27

CJ: Profession?
MS: DJ/Producer/Remixer/Broker

CJ: Education?
MS: Some College

CJ: Current City?
MS: Huntington Beach, CA

CJ: How does music influence your work?
MS: It gets me through the day so I can get home and do what I love that’s produce hot dance tracks

CJ: What is the most common mistake made in the House Music industry?
MS: Well most people think that there going to be super star DJ’s and make tons of cash overnight and when it doesn’t happen most just quit and hang up there headphones.

CJ: Your affiliations to the House Music industry?
MS: I’m an entertainer I play my own music as well as other people’s music. I try and spread a positive feeling and that feeling is to have fun feel the music and let yourself go so we can together keep House music and what it’s all about alive.

CJ: What is your approach to remixing?
MS: My approach is to take a track that gives me a good feeling and remix it so that more people can feel that same feeling that maybe didn’t when it was the original mix because it wasn't there style or it might just have been the wrong genre of music for there particular taste.

CJ: House Music rookie year?
MS: That would have to be me.

CJ: First record you ever bought?
MS: It would have been when I was in the 7th grade my very first 12” was the 2 Live Crew “Hey We Want Some Pussy”

CJ: Last record you bought?
MS: Kaskade “Steppin Out” on Om records.

CJ: Top 5 clubs in your area?
MS: V2O, Focus, Deep, Deizel, and King King.

CJ: Top 5 record stores in your area?
MS: This is Music, Wax, DJ Culture, Dr. Free Clouds, and Exodus Dance Music.

CJ: Define House music for those that don’t know?
MS: House music is a certain underground culture and attitude it’s very positive, melodic and soulful. If you haven’t been exposed to it yet now’s the time its never to late, get yourself some House Music today

CJ: When were you first introduced to House Music?
MS: I was first introduced to house music back in 1993 when the rave scene was poppin.

I was at a party in the Trance room (the big huge area) when I heard this funky deep bass line coming through the wall I said to my friends what’s that funky rumble sound I hear, so we went outside and around to the other room (the smaller room) and there it was a DJ spinning to a much smaller crowd having just as much if not more fun playing these sexy fun and soulful sounds.

So I asked someone on the dance floor what kind of music is this they replied HOUSE Music, every since then I was hooked.

CJ: What clubs did you frequent when you first joined the scene?
MS: Well I went to all the biggest Raves, at that time I didn’t now many clubs in my area playing House except after hours at Coconut Teasers called “Does your Momma Know” that was the spot.

CJ: Crystallize your contribution to the House Music scene in one sentence?
MS: I love this music and I want everybody to feel the same, so my contribution is to keep the scene alive so some day hopefully it will be main stream all over the world especially in the U.S.A.

CJ: Describe your style?
MS: I would have to say it’s a cross between Deep, sexy, funs, and soulful, melodic, dance party music. What ever sounds good!

CJ: What nightclubs have a special place in your heart and why?
MS: Well I have to say club Maze in Miami. That place is so awesome in every since the setting the sound the people the music, not to mention I saw some of the sickest DJ’s in the world play there. Oh man some good times there.

CJ: What separates a good DJ from a great one?
MS: Well that’s hard to say there are lots of good ones and a couple of great ones. It’s all about the mixes and the music, but let’s not forget stage presence. Then again I don’t make those decisions the people that go to the shows make those decisions.

CJ: What advice would you give to someone coming up in the scene?
MS: Have fun doing what you love don’t give up and keep it real. Just remember the bigger you get the more people try and pick you apart.

CJ: How would you describe your own personality?
MS: Very fun and easygoing I love everybody; I’ll respect you as long as you do the same.

CJ: What are your future goals?
MS: My future goals are to have fans all around the world, to have as many records as I can out on as many labels as possible to be in all the DJ / Producer Magazines and someday have a Grammy on my fireplace mantle .

CJ: Hobbies?
MS: Surfing, Snowboarding, riding dirt bikes, DJ’ing, Dancing, Producing Music.

CJ: Favorite Books?
MS: The Closer

CJ: Favorite Entertainer?
MS: Ben Stiller

CJ: Favorite foods

CJ: When I retire I’d like to………?
MS: Move to Hawaii.

CJ: What does dance music mean to you?
MS: It means letting yourself go, expressing yourself, the ultimate release.

CJ: When people look back at your life, how do you want to be remembered? MS: I just want to be remembered as someone who was funny, successful, and good to others and did everything that I said I was going to do.

CJ: What does love and unity mean to you?
MS: They are feelings in side and everybody’s different but to me no word’s can describe these two feelings.

Thanks Mikie for taking the time while in San Francisco to do this interview.

- Michelle Torres

"About.com Record Review"

SearchDance Music / Electronica

Mikie Smithers - Dance with the Unknown
from- Dustin Michael

Guide Rating - 4 out of 5 Stars!

Unknownworld.com's own Mikie Smithers has made more than a name for himself over the last several years. Having released a bevy of singles, his tracks have been featured on major television networks such as Fox, WB, MTV, and more. For Mikie's newest floor-rocker "Dance with the Unknown," the Cali-based DJ/producer brings in heavy vox from OM's own Symphony. Part spiritual spoken-word, part chorus driven melody, Symphony and Mikie pair up to create another deep notch in the Broken Records belt.
Mikie's original is made more concrete with a solid "four on the floor" beat, Afro-percussion, a deep electric bassline, and a bit of hot synth/clav-work. Over the funk-heavy composition, the prophetic words of Symphony effortlessly carve a path for the listener. The Doc Linc remix follows up with an even more musical version of the original; Symphony continues her melodiously soaring assault, as Doc's version walks a deeper line. A refreshing note here: unlike the usual re-constructing found in most remixes, the music and vocals on both tracks are unique, giving each one a different feel.

- Dustin Michael

"Hear what Cool Junkie says about Mikie Smithers @ the AIX/Sirius party WMC 08'"

Can of Coffee [AlX/Sirius Music Lounge at the Raleigh Penthouse]

The Armani Exchange/Sirius Satellite Radio party ran Tuesday through Thursday, and mid-way through Conference hors d'oeuvres and caffeine make a day-event quite tempting. At the top of the Raleigh Mikie Smithers was spinning "Obsession," and I was greeted by the ever gracious Ivano Bellini. Neither of us could remember which morning we bumped into each other downtown, and we both promised not to comment on the state of our eyes. To that effect the display of Armani sunglasses was the final third of need fulfillment; through bleary eyes I loved the first pair I tried on and the chipper girls ran to the back to get a brand new pair in fancy new case. Junior Sanchez walked in and gave a big hug to my companion. Before heading out with my friend, the music writer/mayor of Miami, I took a look at the Shelborne pool party where a tan dude in a wife-beater was going to town on the 'dance floor' and felt relieved to be up on the roof. As we headed out to tag team interview DJs along Collins Avenue, we were handed our shoulder-breaking gift bags. Dang, it was heavy. But inside were awesome goodies including: a whole can of Bustelo espresso coffee, digital needles, headphones, a disco ball keychain, magazines, CDs and t-shirts, oh my! - cooljunkie.com

"System Recordings Review"

MIKIE SMITHERS and JAH MEX drop the righteous beats for I and I with this massive vocal progressive tune full of enlightened lyrics and huge hooks! It's time for a "CONSCIOUS REVOLUTION". Featuring 7 mixes - System Recordings


Movement of the People - EP - acropolisRPM Recordings - USA

1. Losing my Mind
2. Feels So Good
3. G Spot

Dance with the Unknown -Single - Broken Records - USA

The Savior - Single - Undermine Records - USA - RMX by: Jay Sustain

2 Jack and Cokes - Single - 5AM Music - USA

Endless Summer RMX - Sexy EP - Seqsoul Records - Netherlands

Obsession - Single - System Recordings - USA (Billboard Dance Charts)

Conscious Revolution -- Single - System Recordings - USA - RMX's by: Donald Glaude, Peas, & Justin Gourley

Like That - David Alexander, Mikie Smithers & Jaime Narvaez- Single - acropolisRPM Recordings - USA - RMX's by: Nacho Demaria, & Justin Gourley

Keep Me Rockin - RMX - Orbiter Music - Germany - Original track produced by: John Orbiter

Kingdom of Clouds - Single- Orbiter Music- Germany

I'm a Celebrity - RMX w/ Mark Lewis - Promark Recordings - USA , UK - Original track produced by: Right Said Fred

Friday - RMX w/ Jaime Narvaez - Bonzai Music -Belgium - Original track produced by: Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior

West Coat Sun - Single - Orbiter Music - Germany

Living Without Hope - Single - Kanpai Records - Japan/USA

Movies & TV Shows...........

Ozona - Felicity - WB network

Losing my Mind - ESPN

Feels So Good - Put the Needle on the Record (Movie about Miami WMC)

G Spot - Put the Needle on the Record (Movie about Miami WMC)

Dance with the Unknown - Fox Sports 54321

Losing my Mind - Fuel Network & ESPN

Obsession - 4 in 24 - Jack9 TV & ESPN

Mix CD's...........

A Progressive Journey - acropolisRPM - 1998

Another Late Night - acropolisRPM - 2001

Wet Groovin' - Miami WMC- Wet Grooves Pool Party - The World Party - 2003

Hi Frequency - R-House Recordings - 2005

Electro-Fi - acropolisRPM - 2007

Summer Sessions - Nectar Recordings - 2008

Get up or Stay up! - www.Beezo.net - 2009

Hot Summer Nights - R-House Recordings - 2009

Audio Odyssey 2010 - R-House Recordings - 2010






At a young age, Mikie’s flair for entertaining and enthusiastic presence impacted many. A true musician, in every sense of the word, Mikie grew up playing the Piano and Saxophone. While discovering new programs and FX for his digital music studio, He came across a new music program that would change his outlook on music forever. He sat endlessly teaching himself how to recreate the music he loved most. From his own studio in his garage came funky house beats and deep, groovy baselines that would sound like no other. Growing up in the tale end of the Disco era, and in the birth of the 80’s pop revolution, Mikie was influenced from the likes of his past. Already a natural entertainer at heart, his desire to share his music with others, motivated him to learn how to DJ. Based in Los Angeles, He's toured many popular night club’s and Electronic Dance Music festival’s making him one of the most in demand, and popular DJ’s.

Mikie Smithers has accomplished in a few years what many DJ’s hope to accomplish in their whole careers. Already known for his phenomenal productions, his tracks have been featured on popular radio stations, television shows and TV commercials such as, WB’s Felicity, Fox Sports Net, and Blue Torch TV. , Fox 54321, ESPN, Fuel Network, Groove Radio/Sirrus Radio, XM, and Power Tools LA on Power 106 FM he's even produced a track for a Hot Tamales candy commercial. Mikie's music is also featured on the highly anticipated and award winning documentary movie about Miami WMC “Put the Needle on the Record” and Playboy's Bench Warmers DVD. Along with his strong production skills his DJ skills are equally as impressive and expressively energetic. His fun crazy interacting style behind the decks is sure to put smiles on faces and blisters on feet. Mikie has performed with artists such as Bad Boy Bill, Filo & Peri, Fedde La Grand, Judge Jules, Benny Benassi, Granite & Phunk, Starkillers, James Zabiela, Seb Fontaine, Paul Oakenfold, Donald Glaude, JJ Flores, Jaime Narvaez, Steve Angelo, Serge Devant and George Acosta just to name a few not to mention DJ’d at some of the biggest Music Festivals, Arena’s, and Night Clubs in 6 countries. Toured throughout North America, South America, Puerto Rico, and Europe. He’s well known for his residency's on MTV’s the Grind in Europe/Romania, www.DubRadioPR.com out of Puerto Rico and last but not least Wet Grooves the legendary Pool Party at WMC Miami. His sponsors include his own custom turntable slip mat from Sic Mats and clothing by Tank Farm.

The best way to experience Mikie Smithers is live in person, a fan of music as well as a solidified DJ/Producer; Mikie Smithers continues to provide one of the best evenings around. His release of his EP “Movement of the People” on acropolisRPM has definitely turned some heads in the industry, followed up strongly with his RMX of Endless Summer released on the Netherlands label Seqsoul for their Sexy EP; this was one of the hottest new Deep House tracks of the summer in the UK! Keep your eyes and ears open for his newest Electro House release on System Recordings out of NYC called “Obsession” that just made #4 breakout tracks on the Billboard Dance charts, featuring Miss Jean Curley on the vocals. System Recordings also just signed a strong follow up single called “Conscious Revolution” featuring Jah Mex on the vocals to retrace the footsteps of “Obsession.” At the rate he’s going, who knows how many he’ll have charmed by year’s end!