Miki González

Miki González


In 2004 after years of researching in the music culture, Miki Gonzalez edited the electronic project Café Inkaterra. The critics and the press called it one of the best works done in Peru for years. Was the biggest selling album in the country earning platinum disc Years later he edited “Etnotronics”, “Inka Beats” and “Inka Iskay”

The actual show is leaded by Miki playing guitars, drums and singing. The repertoire is made up of tracks of Cafe Inkaterra album, Beats Inka, Inka Iskay beats, an




Miki Gonzalez was born in Spain and has lived in Peru since 1961. Is a guitarist, arranger and composer. Between 1979 and 1982 studied "jazz composition and arranging" in Berkley College of Music, returning to Peru to finish their studies.

He began fusing jazz and Afro-Peruvian music but became known as a pop artist in the mid-eighties. He has led the Spanish Rock movement in Peru during the eighties and nineties recorded numerous albums of "world music" (fusion of Afro-Peruvian music and pop). He has recorded 14 albums with many number one singles on the charts Peruvians. He played with his band in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico and several cities in the United States and Europe.

In early 2000 began to produce electronic music fused with Peruvian folklore, having produced three albums in this format Inka Beats / Cafe Inkaterra (platinum in Peru), Etnotronics (Gold in Peru) and Inka Beats Iskay. The first of these has been the best selling album in Peru during the years 2004 - 2005 and has also been published in Colombia.

This proposal has led to scenes of Peru, United States, Colombia and England and is presented with a DJ show with live music. Miki is known in Peru and much loved at the grassroots level by being an artist who rescues the culture and traditions of the Peruvians.

In 2008, gathered his rock band to perform at a successful tour throughout Peru.

His latest album "Landó por bulerías", recorded in Spain between March and November 2009, was published in Lima in December of that year. On this album blends the traditional Peruvian music genre with flamenco. With the participation of great musicians from Peru and Spain.



1. Puedes Ser Tu (1986)
2. Tantas Veces (1987)
3. Nunca Les Creí (1989)
4. Colección de Éxitos (1990)
5. Akundun (1992)
6. Hatun Exitokuna (1994)
7. Miki González (1995)
8. González Blues (1996)
9. Hatun Exitokuna Vol. II (1997)
10. Mikongo y su Kachanga (1998)
11. Café Inkaterra (2004) - Inka Beats (2006)
12. Etno tronics (2005)
13. Cronicas 85-05 (2005)
14. Inka Beats-Iskay (2006)
15. Hi-Fi Sterero (2007)
16. Landó por Bulerías (2009)
17. Inkaterra Fiesta (2011)