Mikki James

Mikki James


An eclectic fusion of Americana, Power Pop. and Punk that is both high energy and infectiously melodic.


No moss gathers on the East Village's favorite Pied Piper, Mikki James.

His upcoming release, "The Fall" will be James’ fifth outing with a band and the second release on Xemu Records. His first record, Mike G Sugar Daddy was released on David Sardi’s See Thru Broadcasting label in 2000. Mikki James (Self- Titled) was produced by Sky High Entertainment Records in 2002, and was supported by Lenny Kravitz. Players included Black Crowes keyboardist Craig Ross, Tonic guitarist Jeff Russon, and Eric H, drummer from Uncle Cracker. His last album was recorded at Kid Rock’s White Room Studios in Detroit, and finished at TMF studios where The Strokes last album was recorded.

Mikki has forged a solid creative partnership with Xemu Records. Xemu released both the "Guess What" and "Lone Ranger albums to rave reviews. His latest effort, "The Fall", will be released in August 2007. This outing was created with the help of his friend Buz, longtime producer and collaborator MIchael "Mama" Tudor, a couple of guitars, and whatever else was laying around his apartment at the time. Friends Chris Feinstien, Brian "Coz" Dicosmo, and Tiffany Randall, also stopped by and made it on the album. The current "live show" line-up includes: Ivan Evangalista (guitarist for the "Double-0-Zero" and "Guess What" albums), and Dave Berk (drummer for Thin Lizard Dawn).

Here’s what the critics say about Mikki James:

“Refreshingly uncontrived, consistently comic and ironic, and eminently hummable. Everything from delirious pop hooks to New Wave inspired keyboards, hip-hop beats, funky, neo-white-boy-soul a la Beck, and bratty guitar riffs reminiscent of 1960s garage rock.” EPITONIC

“Contains a whirlwind of influences, and the tunes possess that strangely peculiar trait of an artist working in his own studio creating music out of the pure love of making it and enjoying the hell out of himself.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

The band members bring experience and musicianship to their work. Guitarist Ivan exemplifies loose and raw soulful playing, Drummer Dave Berk is a monster who really takes command of the song he’s playing Together, they are taut and expressive. The band’s sound is hard and edgy, but melodic and easy to follow. The lyrics are direct and come across perfectly against the kinetic, maniacal beats and guitar work.


Mike G Sugar Daddy (2000) See Thru Broadcasting
Mikki James Double O Zero (2002) Sky High Entertainment
Mikki James Lone Ranger (2005) Xemu Records
Mikki James Guess What? (2005) Xemu Records
Mikki James The Fall (2007) Xemu Records

Set List

40 minutes to an hour long sets, play mostly originals
with a few choice nuggets from rock's past tossed in.