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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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(Get Freaky) Feat, Ryda Ryda and Jynx
(Money) feat, City and Banga
(Shine Hard) Feat, Jynx and Ryda Ryda
(Shawty wanna Thug)
Feat, Mistah Mistah



i grew up in a town in Texas called Waco. My mother wasn't much of a mom during my child hood..i sort of grew up on my own..my mom was a big druggy. when i was about ten i saw the FBI put a gun to my mothers head it changed my life im being honest and my father i dont know him but the person i claim as my father is locked up..hes been locked up..so hes not really much of a dad..when i was about eleven my mother tried to move away from all the non sense..and change up for me to do better in life..but what she didn't know is i already grew up..finally we moved to missouri we lived with this nazi guy. He didnt like me i didnt like him either only because i hung out with black people but i have no problem with black peope my mom started hanging around druggys again so her new boyfriend shaun moved her away from missouri and she finally wanted to be a mom..we moved to olathe,kansas aka Johnson County.. my mom married shaun it’s the best thing that ever happened to her. i've never been in so much trouble until i came to johnson county I’ve been on probation sense about twelve I got my first charge at about that time. Fighting, I really started to get anger problems when I moved to Kansas it really messed me up I was so use to being with my family..at about thirteen I started picking up more charges theft, Battery, assault you name it.. I despise myself at times but I’ve always had a dream sense about nine Is to be a Rapper..i started out really rapping with Marsalis “Ryda Ryda” Berry. Homeboy I knew from the block. Hes about three years older than me…haha I remember we use to record on the little one minute recorder on my computer. We would run back and forth from the microphone to the computer and we would have the music up loud so we could hear the instrumentals lol.. I started up foreal with Ryda Ryda our the main man Danell “Jynx” Logan..we made a hit around the neighborhood itt was called “Get Freaky” everybody digged it. We would perform at parties all around..all we ever really did was record and smoke weed. Get this, all of us were on probation lol youngin status haha after a while I got locked up couldn’t seem to stay out..i finally got out then Jynx got locked up that boy still aint out we ran these streets we had a homeboy Chris “FATBOY” Esparza that was my boy but we messed his life up we got him smoking weed which made him all messed up he started poppin pillz and screwin up in school now he on probation too.. we started selling weed and that just didn’t turn out right no profit we ended up smoking it all away..believe me I seen bad but now I wanna make a chage and my music is how I wanna do it. I been rappin solo for about two years now. Im tryin my luck to see if I get anywhere...