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"Give Myself - 7/10"

I have never really felt inspired enough about a local artist to feature them anywhere on this site, but ‘Give Myself’ is a record that I just could not go past. Since first hearing the EP I have honestly not been able to put it away. I keep craving the catchy alternative pop-rock rhythms that seem to be few and far between in the Australian music scene. The record opens with ‘Come So Far’, a Verve Pipe like soft rocker that is instantly catchy and memorable. A track that has already gained the attention of the surfing world, featuring on a compilation video of surfers from Gold Coast’s Superbank surf spot. ‘All I Do’ is easily the standout track and could well find its way onto many local and national underground music radio networks and publications. With atmospheric undertones peaking into familiar rhythmic vocals in the chorus.

The final track, as with most rock records, is a slower low-tempo emotional ballad. ‘Give Myself’ borders on the maximum limit for relationship clichés, but it is something that you almost don’t notice on the first listen. The track is so honest and heartfelt that it doesn’t matter how the message is portrayed, the end result is an artist showing songwriting ability well beyond his age. If there was any criticism to offer, it is that maybe he doesn’t quite realize his own vocal ability. There are moments during the record where he could easily compete with any of the major label artists… - Fractured Sounds

"Give Myself - 9/10"

The songs on 'Give Myself' are catchy and very radio friendly. All the music and lyrics have been written by Mik Morley. Each song seems to be written about something different that has happened in his life. 'Come So Far' details how he has changed whether it be for better or worse. The songs each have their own identy. 'Midnight Sky' is one of the more somber songs, but still enjoyable. The guitar features heavily on each song bringing to its unique-ness.

"I would give myself to you ; You’ll never see what I’m going through
And I would give myself to you ; Even with the pain you put me through" - Taken from the title track 'Give Myself', like previously mentioned each song has its own identy, those lyrics are just a sample of what you can expect.

I would have to say that if you like solo artist's who write songs that people can identify with then this is definately something that you would be interested in listening to. - Silver Wake 180 Magazine

"Give Myself - 4/5"

Mik Morley's debut solo EP "Give Myself" landed at Rockstar HQ and there hasn't been a day since that this disc isn't played. So infectious are the songs that Dirty Sanches has found himself humming the chorus to the obvious single "All I Do" at his day job and even converting Macca (a work colleague), to a Mik Morley fan after playing him the disc.
Now on a serious note, "Give Myself" is a collection of 5 songs full of emotion, passion, wisdom and understanding. It also sounds like a journey by a young man to reach for the stars. The journey begins with CD opener "Come So Far", an upbeat guitar driven pop rock number and ended with a shiver down your spine on the CD closer and title track "Give Myself", a haunting ballad with gorgeous backing vocals by Harmony Regamey.
I really like this CD and believe MIk Morley is a genuine rock singer/songwriter with a big future.
- Rockstar Magazine


"Give Myself" (2007) EP
"Feel" (2005) Demo
"Breathing For The First Time" - Lik-Wid (2005) EP
"The Last Time" - Lik-Wid (2003) EP
"Phalluscentric" - Lik-Wid (2001) EP
"Nasty Aftertaste" - Lik-Wid (2000) Demo



Since the 2007 debut EP release, Give Myself, Mik Morley has established himself as one of Australia's premier up and coming independent singer-songwriters. Following the success of the debut release, which has already drawn in masses of support from fans of all ages, Mik Morley launches a new chapter in his solo song writing career, with the release of his anticipated second studio release, Wanting More.

Wanting More is a change of direction, and a step forward for the young songwriter, containing a collection of powerful pop rock songs that are easy to relate to. Mimicking the popular themes of love, life, loss and regret, but delivering them in a positive and upbeat way. During the writing stages of Wanting More, Mik resisted the urge to maintain the moody and contemporary feel which he delivered with Give Myself, and went back to the basics of the song writing, delivering it in a powerful and energetic way for our generation.

"My first love of music was the classic rock from the 80's" explains Mik, who was formally the guitarist for the rock band Lik-Wid for 7 years, before leaving to pursue his solo song writing career. "I have always wanted to maintain two simple elements in all my songs, melody and groove, what I've always loved about 80's rock".

Mik Morley may have more of a hard-rock background, but this isn't that kind of music. It still reflects the parallels between energy and drive, to soul and mood, but this is music for everyone. His quickly building song writing success can be mainly attributed to his broad and ever-growing international fan based.

Throughout Mik's song writing career to date, he has written songs that have picked up by Major US Labels to be used by top platinum selling artists, featured in independent and major feature films, television, commercials and international compilations. As well as being fortunate enough to work names such as ARIA Award Winning Matt Lovell (Silverchair, INXS, Sarah McLeod), Phil Hill (Grammy Nominated & Platinum Selling Artists, Spoon, "And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, Yo-Yo Ma) and Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas, Small Mercies). "I don't think I do anything special, but I have learned a lot from some amazing people and I am thankful for that" Mik exclaims.

At the request from fans, Mik is due to release a stripped acoustic album that will be available for download through his official website later in 2008, to be followed with a national acoustic tour.

With the release of Wanting More, Mik hopes to expand on his growing successes and share the music with a wider and diverse audience. "Keeping it simple, fun, and musically something that flows is always important to me in writing a song". Wanting More is one of those albums that you can just enjoy!