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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Duo R&B Electronic





MIKNNA’s new EP titled 50|50 Side A has just hit Soundcloud, Itunes, Spotify, and Tidal. Specializing in a unique brand of neo-soul, MIKNNA fuses electronic beats with a soothing R&B voice that tie it all together.
This six-track EP includes successful tracks “NESS” and “Trinity Ave” which both reached over one million plays on Spotify. 50|50 is the perfect playlist to turn on and just kick back with your friends and enjoy the vibes. My personal favorite track on this EP has to be the track “302” because of the smooth and incredibly catchy lyrics. Across the EP, their music features bass lines and high hats, but focuses specifically on the strong vocals in every song. This album features an abundance of Drake-esque vocals guaranteed to put you straight into your feels.
MIKNNA is a relatively new DJ duo but is already receiving a lot of attention through various music outlets. They have been described as some of the music scene’s most promising new artists with their sound often compared to “a galactic journey”.

“It’s no wonder that people see starlight when they listen to MIKNNA, because the mellifluous flow of their rhythms and melodies fully captivate.” - NanaLifestyle
MIKNNA has already produced songs with Terrace Martin, Big K.R.I.T., and Far East Movement in addition to their collaborations with Anderson .Paak and & The Free Nationals. This is only the first step to fame for this unique DJ duo. The chemistry between both members of the group, Mike B. and Ken Nana, is apparent through the smooth mix of Mike’s vocals with Ken’s production. I think that this is one of the main things that makes MIKNNA stand out so much, they can combine their two styles to create a new and unique genre. Their new EP redefines the electro-soul genre, making for a whole new listening experience. - EDM.COM

"TIDAL Rising Artist"

A program dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to broaden that base to a wider audience. TIDAL Rising was designed to help accelerate the exposure and give voice to tomorrow’s biggest names. - TIDAL


Why do we like this?
Love the production on this.

MIKNNA is a duo from the city of lost angels, otherwise known as L.A.

"TRINITY AVE" is straight neon, as in, you'll want to explore the vibrant district that is MIKNNA. Check out the full release at their SoundCloud and as always, enjoy! - indie shuffle


MIKNNA is an emerging Electro-Soul/Hip Hop producer/artist duo from Los Angeles. The talented duo consists of Mike B. and Ken Nana who have been working together for quite some time. Although they released their first song just three months ago, they aren’t exactly new to this. They aren’t quite a household name in the city of angels just yet, but they’ve put in work with some of the standout artists in the city that they call home. They’ve produced songs with Terrance Martin, Jay 305, and Kembe X as well as collaborated with Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals. MIKNNA is a much-needed breath of fresh air and it’s evident that they are at the forefront of a new movement that should have people excited.

MIKNNA is prepping for the release of their anticipated EP titled ” 50|50 (All Seasons)” that will be released under their collective, NANA LIFESTYLE. The first offering from the duo is “NESS.” Ken Nana finesses behind the boards with a spacey, synth-heavy track. Mike B. soothes us with alluring melodies and an intriguing vocal performing.

The duo once again delivers with their follow-up single “Trinity Ave.” Ken showcases his diverse production abilities by giving fans a landscape with afro-beat percussion, electro synths, trap and rock guitar riffs. There are slight beat changes throughout that are sure to keep you engaged. Mike impresses with his vocal performance again but also lets fans know that he too has a diverse skill set. You’ll find him delivering an impressive flow on Trinity Ave. Together, these two make magic. There seems to be a natural chemistry that translates into quality music. Their EP is on the way, but for now press play and let us know if you think they are a duo to watch. - A&R Report


When we premiered MIKNNA’S “302” track last month, we had our hopes high for their impending project to be just as enjoyable. Well, we were not disappointed in the slightest. The Cali duo (Ken Nana-producer; Mike B.-singer/rapper) reminds us of a lot of acts we’re fans of but combine a number of them at once for a pleasant surprise. One song that stands out is “Can’t Hold You” which has elements of Majid Jordan, Destiny’s Child, and the excitement you feel as you get into the Uber to the first destination for your Friday night. Ken Nana tends to have dense, repetitive rhythms but Mike B. switches between singing and rapping to make each bar feel fresh.

You can watch a trailer for the EP above. They each had the following to say about the EP via email:

Ken Nana:

“During the writing process, we were both going through some major shifts in our lives which fueled the content and allowed us to have an outlet. Starting MIKNNA meant that we set aside our personal goals as artists, and allowed the music to be the biggest ego. We understand the value of each other’s strengths so it was important to maintain a perfect balance.”

Mike B.:

“50|50 is a sonic journey with MIKNNA as its vessel. Before the creative process we pulled together influences from all mediums to try and curate a body of work that would last our generation. It’s definitely a special blend of music and we’re excited to finally share it with the rest of the world.” - MASS APPEAL

"MIKNNA graces us with '50|50 (Side A)' [Interview Pt. 2]"

As a music blogger, you build a lot of relationships with various artists around the world. Worst case scenario, you heavily fuck with one of their tracks but lay them down easy on the other submissions. Best case scenario, you're addicted and play every new track said artist sends you on repeat. MIKNNA was my best of cases. Last month the boys released their last sneak peak of the EP titled, "302". Today they have released 50 | 50 (Side A) EARMILK is here to deliver part 2 of the interview. Last summer we met at a bar in Santa Monica where we discussed MIKNNA's coming project and how it's truly a collaborative effort between all creatively stimulating members of their collective, NANA LIFESTYLE.
They initially opened up to me about 50 | 50 and the root of their project title.
Ken Nana: When you work with a new artist you don’t think about a lot of the business things as well. The reality is, when you’re working with different artist you have someone writing the song and the hook and producing the beat and how do you measure the worth? What percentage does that count for? So we really make it for the art and for the ego of the song. We said let's do it for the art and we’ll call it 50/50. We both put in the same amount of effort. In the room you feel it. If either of us feel a melody or a lyric we always talk about this back and forth. And with that you can’t calculate who put in what effort cause its so collaborative.
They further discuss the importance of feeling safe and comfortable inside your vulnerability. The whole crew involved in NANA Lifestyle really pushes creative limits with each other while also supporting each other's backbones. Sean Nana, Ken's brother, is responsible for the photography and a lot of the visual effects produced for MIKNNA.
Sean Nana: "We work collectively on shared goals and the main vehicle is the music. Everyone we fuck with believes in MIKNNA and the creativity behind it. I feel a lot of the creative behind it visualizes what they hear. Its inspiring."
Sure, the music is the main driving focus. But NANA Lifestyle is really a creative & collaborative community for all types of visions but it's also all for a greater good.
Ken Nana: People know we have the resources to make that vision come to life. We do everything from video to photography to visual to design. It’s cool to bring in all types of artists that aren’t doing just music but are really passionate and driven by their own craft.
Sean Nana: With the small amount of revenue we do make, we make sure it all goes into creating our project and supporting music programs in LA unified school district. How do we take what we do and make it align with everything we believe in? There is a bigger picture.
With all the creativity in the collective – it's important to keep the ying & yang and balance the business side. And that where Perry comes in.
Perry: I first moved to LA to become a musician. But I think it was just I watched how these two really connected and created something that was different. My head is very close to the ground when I hear new music. So I heard their first couple records and now I was like wow I really got something to sell. Managers really got to hustle to sell their artist shit. Them two together, I was like lets take this and let’s run with it.
And god damn have they ran. As Sean Nana has said, the crew really aims to hit all your senses, "We want to create experiences that aren’t just auditory, but visual as well."
As an pre-cursor to the album – Mike B whet our auditory appetite for the project.
Mike B: MIKNNA has the project 50/50 (All Seasons) with parenthesis and people don’t get it yet. It all comes from the creative team. Sean likes taking photos of the different elements and nature and what not. We came up with the project 50/50 in a bar and we said we are going to make some waves and it’s going to be split 50/50 but on top of that – it correlated with the music without us knowing. So a lot of these songs have seasonal elements, some are colder some are wavier. Every track serves a purpose within the cycle: so 50/50 embodies the seasonal elements you need in your eco system to keep it going but also represent balance. As generic as that may seem, you can’t have too much of anything. You need just the right amount of everything.

Ness, 302 and Trinity Ave were all previously released bangers that gave us tastes of the project but now MIKNNA has released the full project with flavor bursting feels. "Can't Hold You" is one of the colder tracks on the EP – when you listen you got that thizz face on, like when you hear a dirty track and look at your homies like "ayyeeee this filthy". But then the hook comes in and it's soothing as fuck. So basically the track starts off as a couple of ice cubes chillin (see what I did there?) until the chorus comes through and acts as a boiling water that creates a dry ice until everything melts into a warm water. Ken Nana lays down some analog spacey synths on "Abbot Kinney" to accompany Mike B vocals – which are more prevalent than rapping on this cut. "Euphoria" acts as a fierce finale for the project. Featuring vocals from Oakland based artist, Atosa – the track takes you on a dreamy angelic ride through space. And this is only Side A, can't even image what they are going to deliver with Side B.
Don't sleep on these dudes – you're going to regret it when all the homies singing along while you're taking a nap.

Read more at http://earmilk.com/2016/11/15/miknna-graces-us-with-5050-side-a-interview-pt-2/#jo9viumrSXBWEzF4.99 - Earmilk

"BEWARE’s Block: Captured By The Moment"

MIKNNA – “302”

The line that separates Rap from R&B has never been more blurred, but that open door policy has allowed artists like MIKNNA to really find their lane. Listen to “302” and you’ll hear a luxurious audible trip that allows the self-proclaimed electro-soul duo from LA to sing-rap with ease, truly reeling listeners in with their exotic production prowess and overall cool. When can we go back? - UPROXX


With a resume that consists of work with Terrace Martin, Kembe X, and Anderson .Paak and & The Free Nationals, MIKNNA’s own work is nothing short of impressive. So far their music sounds like what dreams are made of. The duo from L.A. has an EP, 50|50 (All Seasons) on the way and the latest single is the best love letter you never wrote to the crush you’ve been thinking of. The song has plenty of references to other popular rap and r&b songs as the beat progresses from a tropical, synth beat to a more contemplative one, and back–just in time for you to work up the courage and talk to that girl.

Ken Nana and Mike B. of MIKNNA told us the following about the track via email:

“We want to take you on a sonic vacation.” -Ken Nana

“302 is the fictional place in your mind that has the perfect blend of elements. It’s the point at which your pursuit of happiness is nearing an end.” -Mike B.

Follow them on Instagram and Twitter for more updates on their music. - MASS APPEAL


Mike B. and Ken Nana have joined forces for an extremely addictive debut as MIKNNA. Having produced alongside the likes of Terrace Martin, Jay 305 and Kembe X, the L.A. natives have what it takes to contribute towards a rapidly growing soundscape of electro-soul meets hip-hop. Their debut single “NESS” is just that, progressively driven by Mike B.’s melodic flow, surging staccato synths and a slow burning bass line.

MIKNNA are gearing up to release their debut collaborative project 50/50 (all seasons) fairly soon. In the meantime, listen to “NESS” below. - AllThingsGo.com


There is a new sound-wave roaring on the west coast, its seductive with sophisticated bass and a hint of inquisitive sexuality that mixes impeccably with thirsty slow raps. Like a PartyNextDoor and Drake but with a better understanding of electronic sounds. As soon as you click Play in the featured track you will know just what I am talking about.

Miknna is a new LA based duo, part of the NanaLife collective, with an intensive background in the LA music scene. From collaborations with Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals to producing for Terrace Martin and Jay 305, the two producer/artists never underestimate the value of production. Their sound is polished, retro with some hard hitting 808 bass line and their new track ‘Nes’ talks about a toxic relationship that is driven only by carnal desires. Either you start following the duo now, or come back later for more because we are sure this is not the last time we will hear from them. - NAKIDMAGAZINE.com

"MIKNNA Drops Their First Single "NESS""

Two artists from the City of Angels gave us a lil taste of heaven this month. Mike B. and Ken Nana came together to form a creative collective, NANA Lifestyle. Together, the duo call themselves MIKNNA. Last week they dropped "NESS", the first single off their upcoming EP 50/50 (All Seasons) due out late summer sixteen.

These men are ripe on the new wave of sound coming out of LA, the duo even have an impressive list of eclectic collaborations under their belt, from Terrance Martin to OG Anderson .Paak (aka Breezy Love Joy). MIKNNA starts our summer off with retro synths, spaceship sounds, effortlessly precise R&B vocals and an extremely catchy hook.
Ken Nana takes us through space solely by passing through heaven first. By the time the pulsing synths wave through your brain then the 808's set in, you realize you're being taken on a galactic journey. The passage through heaven starts with Mike B.'s soothing sound on the vocals. These boys have clearly studied the science of sound; seamlessly blending an electronic beat with vocal loops inside the production while Mike B. perfectly harmonizes his voice to Ken Nana's beat of the rhythm. The lyrics address the fact that the way others feel is out of your control, even the way you feel is often out of your hands.

"NESS" is a riveting 2:27 minutes long. However if you feel as blue balled as I do right now, make sure you keep an eye out for MIKNNA's first joint EP 50/50 (All Seasons). - Earmilk

"LA Duo MIKNNA Create Waves With “Trinity Ave”"

With their first appearance on the GoodMusicAllDay pages, MIKNNA takeover our ears with the ever so entertaining, “Trinity Ave”. A couple weeks back I was tuning in to Pigeons & Planes live music review when this song started playing. I’d never heard of these guys and 30 seconds in, I was hooked.

The duo, comprised of Mike B. and Ken Nana, had some early success with their recent release, “Ness”, but this new single really put them on my radar. Throw in some synths, a dancehall style rhythm, some Daft Punk like bass lines, and the tempo of today’s hottest hip-hop tracks and you get these guys. “Trinity Ave” tells the story of feeling lost and stuck in between your feelings and a relationship that’s on its last leg. I’m really diggin this one and will be on a close watch for anything new from the LA based outfit, as should you! - GoodMusicAllDay.com

"MIKNNA delivers with "Trinity Ave" [Premiere]"

Last month MIKNNA's debuted their first single NESS – receiving 30K plays within the first couple weeks. With more than 10 years in the industry – writing, producing and collaborating with notable artists – these two are no strangers to the new wave of sound. After giving us their first taste of heaven – the LA duo is back at it again with the white vans to wet our appetite with yet another absolute banger, "Trinity Ave".
The MIKNNA men understand the importance of the all mighty trifecta – the melody, rhythm & harmonic/lyrical stimulation. Ken Nana builds a soundscape starting with mellow electro keys and what sounds like a female cry that has gone through a synthesizer, but then sped it up like clockwork until a black screen hits – and everything is silent for a millisecond. The dance-hall reggae rhythm drops and you realize this is your very own underground "One Dance". The track bleeds a little R&B, lil hip-hop, lots of dance-hall, tiny bit of rock and a touch of funk with a whole lot of love. Mike B soothes us with his weaving his vocals seamlessly through the production – just as the bass gets heavier and synths become more full bodied – Mike B hits hard with his hypnotizing rhyme. The track finishes on an alternative note with the perfect amount of funky fresh notes to satisfy our soul.
Keep tuned for more releases from their EP titled 50/50 (All Seasons), this is only the second track! - EARMILK.com

"MIKNNA – Ness"

Finally it’s Friday and it’s time to put aside the daily concerns. So, in order to get into the mood, you must listen to the debut track from the Los Angeles duo Miknna. In anticipation of their upcoming Ep 50/50 (All Seasons), the band dropped last week the first single Ness that is hugely catchy and sounds really confident. The track is an energizing drink made of R&B vocals and retro synths sprinkled with thick beat and soulful hip hop vibrations. A song about the inability to control other people’s feelings and sometimes even yours. “I can’t make you want to love me, love me the way I do. You can’t make want to love you, love you the way I do.” You can check out more below! - Wearegoingsolo.com

"LA based electronic duo MIKNNA add to the sounds of the summer with “Trinity Ave”"

MIKNNA – “Trinity Ave” [@miknnaofficial]
Brandon Caldwell July 23, 2016 MP3s, Music

LA based electronic duo MIKNNA add to the sounds of the summer with “Trinity Ave”.

MIKNNA, the electronic duo composed of Mike B & Ken Nanna have already sowed their oats in the music industry. A decade long stretch of writing, composing and crafting hits for others have put them in this position, making music for themselves. Last month, MIKNNA released their debut single “Ness” and after racking up over 30,000 plays on Soundcloud, they return with the pulsating “Trinity Ave”.

Premiered by Earmilk, “Trinity Ave” allows Ken Nanna to build upon a board of electronic keys and synths. There’s a tinge of dancehall & reggae packed into “Trinity Ave,” and once it peaks, another earworm is born. Mike B chips in with rhymes befitting of what Ken Nanna has laid down, ultimately creating a hypnotizing groove. - DayAndADream.com

"MIKNNA proves third time's a charm on "302" [Interview Part1]"

MIKE B & Ken Nana first met working on a homies music video. They both acknowledged the fact they were musicians but didn't take the time to actually execute anything creatively together. After seeing each other coincidently by being in the same place at the same time – they decided to create. However, Ken Nana's father passed away around the time they decided to collaborate. So naturally this had the two artist rescheduling a time to commit to their craft together. He inherited his father's instruments allowing him to be in one of the most devastating but inspiring periods of his life. In the wake of his father's passing, Ken picked up a guitar and decided to channel his father's energy to create in his honor.
"He was a musician; I grew up influenced by him playing music – that’s where I picked up the “soul” part of the sound. He never read music, he didn’t play like that, and it was all by how he felt. Everything is about feeling. There isn’t a single thing I do that’s “calculated”, I literally jam with myself. I play one thing, record it, play something else, record it, and layer it with some other sound. Then I go through and dissect what goes well together. "
So they knew they had to collaborate, they knew they had a sound to share, but where?
"Our first song was “Can’t Hold You”. Which sounded really different and really similar at the same time. We really sat down and figured out each other's musical taste and our longevity. We discussed different genres and we brainstormed a lot. So we were like let’s just do another project. We were confused because like, should we do a one off project like Mike B + Ken Nana or what?" – Mike B
"We really had a distinct sound and it was really unique sound but how will it fit with our direct fan base and our sound as solo artist? So we decided to create something brand new together and use the platforms we have, learning from what we’ve built in the past and rebrand to shape something as a whole new artist and a whole new entity. That’s where MIKNNA is a lot more fun cause we are really building from the ground up oppose to trying to deliver to our individual artist." – Ken Nana
Regardless of their feels on following their intuition and not making calculated moves, both Mike B & Ken Nana studied at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA. But a big thing for both artists in their collaborative space is allowing themselves to let go and let "the song be the biggest ego in the room." The duo speak on their love for each other with that quality yin and yang vibe.
"We like to treat Mike B's voice as another instrument. He has a great tone and great ear and his melodies are always on point. He wasn’t really singing before so we really started expanding on that and really opened up as an artist as he started singing because he was already an ill ass rapper – he’s got the cadence and he’s got the flow and now he has the melodic tone too and that’s what makes timeless music." – Ken Nana
And Mike B has a little hypothesis on how we interpret sound as listeners, specifically, Ken Nana's keys.
"I have this theory that the body is made up of 75% water so with music it travels with frequencies. The way the low end hits when Ken lays it down, it’s really a fluid vibration. He’s really good at feelin the sound of things – he doesn’t put things in place where it doesn’t need to be. He’s not trying to outshine the other artist or outshine himself and gives me plenty of space to experience as an artist. It’s a lot easier for me to be open and vulnerable with him and that’s where the best music is made."
For "302" in particular, fluidity is an understatement. The upbeat track is easily adaptable in the clouds or under the sea. Mike B possesses some of the most sexy wordplay over Ken Nana's beat. Ken Nana uses sounds that are reminiscent of some of M83's early productions, yet also sounds like the notorious sounds from Major Lazer's "Lean On" but slowed way the fuck down. The production has expanding synths and analog beeps while Mike B effortless flows over the beat. Sampling some of my favorite Missy lyrics of all time – Mike B pays ode to the OG saying, "Ain't nobody ever going to love you like me. Put your thing down, flip it and reverse it for me". This duo really get to value of blending hip-hop, rock, soul, pop and jazz. They really have a taste for everybody like satisfying a universal appetite with their sound.
As Mike B put it best, "50/50 is everything we are about. Relationships or jobs: You always think you deserve more or less, so it’s always about finding a balance."
This is the third release off their well received and very anticipated debut EP 50/50 (All Seasons). We cannot wait to hear more, simply because they drop banger….after banger….after banger. - Earmilk.com


Still working on that hot first release.



MIKNNA is a emerging electro-soul duo based in LA. The singles they’ve released (“NESS,” “Trinity Ave”) have already earned them over 3M streams on Spotify, a TIDAL Rising feature, and spins on KCRW and Fritz Radio in Berlin. With the recent release of their heavily anticipated EP titled “50|50 (A Side)”, they are some of the music scene’s most promising new artists. They’ve produced songs with Terrace Martin, Big K.R.I.T., and Far East Movement in addition to their collaborations with Anderson .Paak and & The Free Nationals.

With intrigue and praise born from their spacey, galactic sound waves, precise vocal work, and alluring melodies, MIKNNA specializes in a unique nostalgic approach to their electronic music. Together, Ken Nana's mellifluous yet complex production along with Mike B's smooth yet diverse vocal performances especially shimmer from the duo’s immense chemistry. As such, hype is reaching a boiling point for “50|50” to be released soon powered by creative collective, NANA LIFESTYLE. 

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