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Sacramento, California, United States | INDIE

Sacramento, California, United States | INDIE
Band Latin Adult Contemporary


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"Mikol focuses on creating a mature sound for music fans 30 and older"

Tracy singer Mikol opens his new album with a young boy's dreams for the future.

"Man, when I grow up, I want to sing like Tower of Power or Earth, Wind and Fire. Like the Commodores or even Santana. Yeah, that'd be cool," the young voice says on the opening track of "Love Latin Soul."

While few can match the careers of those superstars, Mikol, 31, is beginning to attract attention in the music industry with "Love Latin Soul." The album has a national distribution deal, giving music fans across the country a chance to buy it at their local Tower Records and other stores.

Mikol, born Mike Rodrigues III, said he's focused on creating a mature sound for music fans 30 and older.

"I'm not the 'N Sync type of guy," he said. "I was never trying to hit the teenage thing."

Instead, Mikol blends Latin and hip-hop influences with R&B and soul for a sound directed at the older music fan. The CD's introduction is followed by "Baby Love," a classic horn-filled party track that could be from the Earth, Wind and Fire song book. Mikol's voice flows smoothly with the rhythm as he pledges his allegiance to a lover.

Later, on "Situation Critical," Mikol expresses desperation by widening his range, singing low, deep notes on some lyrics and higher notes on others. Listeners are given the image of a singer with his face twisted in frustration, pumping his fist in the air when he hits the chorus:

"Situation is critical / entrapped by the physical / it's wearing on our mental / oh, girl if you play this right you'll be with me tonight," Mikol sings. He also drops some-old-school rap on the song by putting his own spin on lyrics from the LL Cool J classic "Goin' Back to Cali."

"Her skirt / small / legs / long / yeah / look at her motion," Mikol raps. The LL Cool J lyrics are "her bikini / small / heels / tall / she said / she liked / the ocean."

But "Live Latin Soul" isn't just about urban music. As the title implies, the album also features Latin tracks such as "Crazy," which sounds like a Santana hit that would play often on VH1.

"Crazy" also highlights the skill of Mikol's backing band, which breaks out for horn solos and a speedy conga rhythm during the track. The singer noted that the band features talented Bay Area musicians who he met through his producer, Randy Emata.

Mikol was introduced to Emata, an accomplished Bay Area producer, through friends in the music industry four years ago. They finished "Live Latin Soul," last year, but Mikol delayed promoting the album after his wife, Pam, gave birth to triplets Alicia, Diego and Runner Styles, now 15 months old.
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I've waited along time to finally afford the opportunity to create my own musical project. I met the producer Randy Emata and we just hit it off. We didn't quite know which direction we would go with the project so we just said "lets just start a song". Thats when the song "Stolen Heart" came out. But before we knew it we had several styles going. I talked to a few industry people and they where telling me just to stick to one style but I felt that since I was independant then why not have some fun. Thats how the whole Love Latin Soul sound came about. I'm really pleased with the final project and if you take the time to listen to the CD you will find top knotch production along with some amazing musical icons!!!