Mikole E. Kaar

Mikole E. Kaar


Mikole is one of the most versatile multi-woodwind players as well as one of the few jazz BASSOONISTS worldwide. While technically proficient, his heartfelt playing moves people. He has been compared to the likes of Herbie Mann, and Lockjaw Davis. For reviews: www.mikolekaar.com


Born in New York City, Mikole began studying the clarinet at the age of 9. He attended California State University, Northridge and the Dick Grove School of Music, while cramming in private lessons with Warren Marsh, Don Menza and Charlie Shoemake.

Mikole departed from his traditional jazz roots in the 70's to play with The Drifters, The Coasters, Ink Spots, Platters, Al Wilson, The Temptations and even did a date or two with Joe Cocker. He found himself working in the blues world with artists such as Cash McCall, Bo Diddley and Otis Rush.

Finally, in 1985, he was able to travel to Europe playing jazz and touring. In 1986, his album of jazz originals "Back To The Heart" was recorded on Heliocon Records, and released in Germany. He has never strayed since, playing with jazz notables Russell Freeman, Ti Lavitz, David Benoit and the late Johnny Hammond Smith. In 1996, while performing in the contemporary arena of jazz, he released his album "Victory In the Morning."

As the new century dawns, Mikole finds himself full circle, playing with a darker melodic sound on tenor, reminisent of Ben Webster, The Hawk, Zoot Sims and of course, The Prez- Lester Young. Although there is that thread of memory running through his sound, you will definitely hear Mikole's own voice in everything he blows. And, of course, you'll be surprised and delighted with his wide-open approach to a heretofore-classical instrument, The Bassoon. The release of his album, "A Fifth of Midnight" met with positive accolades. His current project "Six Horn Strut" was released in September 2003. "Six Horn Strut" offers the listener a soulful taste of his versatality. He plays six horns, tenor sax, bass clarinet, bassoon, flute, clarinet, and soprano sax on this new release.

His clarinet days have evolved to include an array of horns. He uses all his instruments to express his unique voice.



Mikole E. Kaar- Six Horn Strut (MC Music) 2003
Mikole E. Kaar- A Fifth of Midnight (MC Music) 2001
Mikole E. Kaar- Victory in the Morning ( Independent) 1996
Cash McCall- Cash Upfront (Blues Classics) 1995
2 Live Crew- Yakety Yak (MCA Records) 1987
Mikole E. Kaar- Back to the Heart( Heliocon Records) 1986
The Modcaps- She's A Social Climber(Independent) 1965


Yakety Yak- Twins; One Way or Another- Jackknife; Roll With The Punches, Feel So Good Today- Kickboxer

Set List

Mikole performs tunes from his two most recent recordings, "Six Horn Strut" and "A Fifth of Midnight",as well as traditional jazz standards.

His sets generally consist of eight tunes, lasting 45 minutes each.