Mik Stegger

Mik Stegger


My songwriting reflects my deep love for the songs and styles of Elvis Costello, Aimee Mann, Her husband Michael Penn, and Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding of XTC. Still, they're influences, not templates. Have a taste of Stegger here at the site!


It's been in the back of my mind ever since hearing Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in headphones at the age of three: Wouldn't it be great to be able to create magic like they did?

My first dream of becoming the drummer of the fab four was quicly shattered (THEY SPLIT? WHADDAYA MEAN, THEY SPLIT?), and lower goals were set. Dad had an old acoustic lying around which became a focal point. Ten years old my fingers had grown long enough, and I was sent to take guitar lessons. Countless blisters and a love of the A6-chord followed.

Being in a band, playing live, becoming someone was cool as a teen (still is). Getting to play everything from sixties classics to pop to punk gave fresh kicks in the ass. A record collection reflecting my opened mind had my friends worrying about wheteher schizophrenia was in the works. Can't blame 'em. I WAS a little nerdish (still is).

From early on, I had the feeling that playing the songs was cool, but the ability to write them would be needed as well. I was lucky to receive the encouragement from everyone close to me to pursue the creative side of music. I did - and mostly wrote forgettable trash, but every now and then, I got the scent of the magic.

Starting out by recording my feeble attempts on a transportable cassette recorder, trash built into recycleable shapes, experience was extended by blundering about, ambitions grew with experience, and at some point, someone said that one of my songs had stuck in his mind for a whole day. It seemed that something somewhere had actually worked out.

Many years later the hunt for magic still goes on. Sometimes I see fresh traces and footprints in front of me...


Transportation Lullaby

Written By: Mik Stegger

It glows like stars and cigarettes
When darkness gets as dark
as darkness gets
Time to rest my high
Highway lullaby

Angels of the etherwaves
Transmit may all-time radio faves
Scanning through the dark
Find a path to mark

Slowly sweep
through my sleep
Gonna lead me home

If Only The Lights

Written By: Mik Stegger

Standing on an island
in the motorstream
Traffic awash on the shore
Like a desperado
in an ancient film
more lonely than ever before

And the sun's ablaze
and there's a million ways
you could go if only the lights would turn green
And a million people who would like to be seen
by you

Cars and lorries
jumbojets and motorbikes
are thundering pointlessly by
You are getting older
and you're out of time
'cause there are still
so many things
That you'd like to try

And the sun's ablaze
and there's a million ways
you could go if only the lights would turn green
And a million people who would like to be seen
by you