Monday In London

Monday In London


Formed in late 2001, Winston-Salem's Monday in London sought out a path few in the region had chosen. Coming from the hardcore/metal scene that covers most of North Carolinas underground scene!


Monday In London sought out to give the music world a breath of fresh air by combining the intensity of their hardcore upbringings with melody and hooks. With a newly revamped live show and new songs that are far beyond anything that anyone has heard from them in the past, Monday In London is ready to take things to the next level. The spirit of their sonically enchanting self-titled EP is a testament to what sets Monday In London apart and during their extensive upcoming tours, they will prove it to their listeners within seconds. For more info, and to listen to songs, please visit


2003 - The Red Machine (LP)
2006 - Monday In London (self-titled EP)

Set List

Our Equinox
Tornado 65
Curtain Calls
Repeating Every Word
Alright Already
Leaving and Waving