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Mila Drumke

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“A voice full of wisdom and power rarely found among art-rock or singer-songwriter types, with a warmth and timelessness one associates more with the classic interpretive singers." --Hearsay magazine


Mila's first album, Gathering My Name (1994) featured “Someone,” which Mila wrote and recorded as the theme for the Samuel Goldwyn cult film, Go Fish. “Someone” is also featured on the Independent Film Channel compilation, In Your Ear (1999), which includes songs by Tom Waits and The Pogues.

Illinois (1997) attracted the attention of New York Magazine (“Deserves national recognition”), CMJ (“an artist who stretches beyond the boundaries...highly recommended”), the BBC and Time Out London among others. The album, which includes performances by Karen and Don Peris of The Innocence Mission, was featured in listening booths at Tower Records, Hear Music and HMV. With the release of Illinois, Mila was invited to participate in Rita Houston's prominent Required Listening Series at the Bottom Line in New York.

Hip to Hip: A Collection of Standards (2000) received praise from publications including The New York Times (“Drumke tackles standards with reverence, but also finds ways to inflect the music with her own pop-sophisticate style”) and Hearsay magazine (“...inspired/vaporizes generation gaps and fills the heart with its generosity”). Hip to Hip was also featured in listening booths at Tower Records and Hear Music, and received avid support from Vin Scelsa at WFMU.

Radiate (2006 Little Pro) was written and recorded over two and a half years in houses and studios along the East Coast. The album is an examination of the way in which the world comes into sharp focus as we begin the process of leaving it. “In taking unimaginable sadness and turning it into something both grounded and visionary, Mila has created a deeply humane song cycle; one which leaves us convinced that the “the late day sunlight will win out again.” And “...while these songs inevitably have heartbreak at the core, they are buffeted by a natural kindness and grace which transcends specifics, letting Radiate bury itself in the hearts of anyone with an understanding of loss, no matter what the circumstances.” —Hearsay magazine. WFUV's Vin Scelsa voted Radiate one of the top 10 finds of 2006.

Mila performs with her band throughout the U.S. and appears regularly in New York City at Joe's Pub, the Bowery Ballroom and the Living Room.

Mila Drumke titles are available at,,, iTunes and at select stores nationwide.


Cliff House

Written By: Mila Drumke


Walking with you through a penny arcade,
circus animals in papier mâché,
all the miniature lives on display.
Drop a nickel in the box, and they spin.

And I love the way you run
straight for the photo machine.
You and me behind a curtain of green
until the color turns black and white
as all the flashbulbs alight.

And I watch the cargo ships
headed out to sea today,
slipping off the edge of the world.

How could our luck run out this way?
Things the doctors, things the nurses say.
But here in the doorway, let the Wurlitzer play,
and we’re dancing on a cliff by the sea.

And I watch all the ships
headed out to sea today,
slipping off the edge of the world.
But we’re dancing on a cliff by the sea.
We’re dancing on a cliff by the sea.
My little sister and me.


Radiate (2006, Little Pro)
Hip to Hip: A Collection of Standards (2000, Little Pro)
Hearsay Compilation I (1999 Hearsay-UK import)
In Your Ear: Volume I (1998, IMI Trax/Hybrid)
Illinois (1997, Little Pro)
Gathering My Name (1994, Little Pro)

Set List

45 minute to 1 hour set

Typical set:
1. Someone
2. Constance
3. Cliff House
4. California
5. My Big Holiday
6. Nothing's Gonna Bring the Sun Down
7. Days Go By
8. Maybe Next Christmas
9. A Little Peace
10. I Think the Spring