Mila Franc

Mila Franc

 New York City, New York, USA

"A breath of fresh air" noteworthy comment left by one of Mila listeners of her music!


She's brought up in Bronx, New York, born in the early 1980s. Now some say that means Generation X, others say Millennial, and thus a member of Generation Y but most important was her influences. Music of the time, mila listen to everything from Pop RB, hip-hop, Neosoul, Alternative and that classical stuff like, Johnny Mathis help shape her unique style.

Mila Franc expresses who she is, pure, loving and strong-minded. These characteristics conveyed through her music, with HNA Music (BMI). 

Mila was given a notepad in 2012 by a member of her family who encouraged her to write and compose songs which she mostly enjoys. Currently working on an album  along styles of RB, reggaeton, and pop; Mila has released an EDM EP titled  ‘DJ’ was released in 2018 under group name ‘PDS.’


For The Troops

Written By: Paul Spencer, Paityn Donaldson, SplashD

With valor, with strength
They protect us all
With respect with courage
While giving it their all
They do a Job only few will do
Yet never tired ready to battle for me and you
For the troops

For the troops one shot; one kill
Ready to die but never will
50 cal and an armored tank
Honor among every rank
Combat boots with Army tags
LBE loaded down with frags
No check point and no respawn
Keep still keep steady, keep calm
And no ones left behind
Code of arms for the troops
For the troops (X3)

Now their on front lines
Just to keep us safe
Not for selfish reasons
But for freedoms sake
And they don’t think twice
Before they act cause
When challenges come; they got your back this is
For the troops (x3)



For Soldiers, Sailors Air Force Marines
Who remain steadfast and strong
Til the last enemy is gone
We just stand and say thanks
Because of you, our freedoms go on
For the Troops

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Single Releases:
"Sympathetic Lies"
"For The Troops"
" I See You Mom" De
“DFW” First Single Pop Techno
The collaboration and production was done by highly talented individuals and studios in from prime talent region: Atlanta, in Nashville, and NYC.

Set List

Preferences regarding performance of "DFW":

1. Head Worn Microphone and or Wireless Microphones
2. Bottled water w/ lemon