Milan is a 3 piece reggae/ rock group from New Jersey...


Sublime and Jimi Hendrix had an orgy with hot licks and cool grooves....


10,000 People

Written By: Milan Lazistan

Tommy got his gun and they sent him out to war. You got 10,000 people, but you need 1,000 more, You got 10,000 people and theres bullets all around, you've got 10,000 people as their bodies hit the ground.

His parents said they love him, and they love him like they do, but they didn't have no money to conitnue with his school. So, there he is standing with a 16 in his hand, goin 'cross the ocean to defend his uncle Sam, so...


He don't recall nothin cuz he didn't feel no pain. The numbness swelled his body once the bullet hit his brain. And there he lay dying as the battle slowly turned. With darkness 'round the corner, this is all he heard.

He heard bang, bang, bang as his mommy got the door. "Well, were sorry that your sonny didn't return from war. We're sorry that his body was unable to retain, and at his local memorial they mispronounced his name." He had a girlfriend Jamie and she said it wasnt cool. So she dropped out of college and enlisted like a fool. And there she is standing with that M4 in her hand, goin' 'cross the ocean to defend her Uncle Sam.



The New E.P. includes original songs like:
"Lie To Me", "10,000 People" , "Killin' Floor" featuring rapper O.N.E., "Dreams" and more

Set List

Originals... PC Screen, 10,000 People, Slave Trade, Mama Got Soul, plus many more

Covers... Jimi Hendrix- VooDoo Child, Muddy Waters Rolling Stone, Sublime- Don't Push, Peter Tosh Legalize It