The music formed by our band Mildred isnt something that you've heard before. We may have some characteristics of your favorite bands, but we also could become one of your favorite bands. Check out our songs and prove us wrong.


We would love to be a part of your music festival. Mildred was originally formed during the summer of 2005 out of the remains of 2 previous bands. One band had toured all of the U.S., opened for dozens of headliners and had their music featured on numerous ESPN extreme sports shows. In Mildred, we hope to continue where our previous bands had left off. Here is a bio made by someone that had reviewed our music:

"MILDRED is a four piece band laced with fits of noise, feedback and squelching guitars. Their music has an originality that nowadays is rarely found in the music scene. The group's ability to seamlessly bring moody grunge-style guitar and bass riffs up to a punk tempo, adding vocals that literally drip with old school grunge angst. They create a musical style drawn from numerous musical genres which results a sound in every way their own. If they had to be classified they could best be described as an alternative grunge band with heavy old school punk influences. Their music attracts everyone from young ages through to the late rockers who remember what a good solid rock band is supposed to be - art, originality and plain old passion filled music. "

It would be an honor for MILDRED (us) to be a part of your festival. We look forward to hopefully personally meeting all of you and enjoying the show.

~Justin, Hazel, Anthony, Miguel


Dead To Me

Written By: Mildred

I'll Be To you What You are to Me when I'm Dead.

Cut The Loving Hand

Written By: Mildred

I'll be past dawn, It didn't take me this I'll wait
Black buttons picked up from the ground
Neck tie held high
One hand cold on the one warm
Wind sounds put into the background

Someone told me
It's all what is believed
Friendly faces follow
Until the smiles fade
Everything could change now
Or everything could stay the same

TV personality speaks
Refresh the ears...I'll get a drink
Comatose, I'll rip your fingers from the silverware
Less distractions more committed straight jackets

The Truth Hurts

Written By: Mildred

All the children hung around until you got it right

Cause its always been you,
I'm just telling the truth

All the petals fell apart
And they'd never glue
Aurora told you you'd soon die
And thats something to live through

And it's always been you,
Im just telling the truth.
(The truth hurts)

And all the children want you to die
To die like this would be their bliss
To die like this would be such bliss

You just wanted to sing your songs
Now you lay their dead
They took apart your whole damn life
And they got in your head

Cause it's always been you,
Im just telling the truth
(The truth hurts)


Mildred's song "Cut The Loving Hand" was featured on Operation Phoenix Record's radio show called "CDRs Are For Communists". . We are in the process of releasing our first studio album, but have handed out around 400-500 3-song demos thus far.

Set List

Most clubs we play have a 30 minute set time. We usually play 7-8 songs. We do all originals. The most recent songs that we include in our set are:
Liars & Thieves,
Dead To Me,
The Truth Hurts,
Cut The Loving Hand,
Teachers are the Preachers,
Off Balance,
Mister Mr. Kill,
and others.