After creating a storm in North Yorkshire, MileHigh now bring their unique music and style to the rest of the UK. The sky is certainly the limit for this band, and beyond.


Formed in 2002, originally under the moniker of IV Play, MileHigh made their local town of Harrogate their own with their inimitable music and performances, packing out venues and collecting fans along the way. In 2003, they were selected as finalists in Yorkshire TV's "Northern Star" competition, achieving an accredited second place. Voted by BBC Leeds as Best Newcomers of 2003 and Hottest Prospect for 2004, and hailed as the band that may well bring back music to the music industry. MileHigh are now in the throes of setting up their first national tour. An acclaimed partnership between lead singer Liam Gray performing material written by lead guitarist, Nader Mabadi comes to life when joined by bass player Matt Ramsden and drummer, Jonathan Dawson. These truly are a band to watch, if even to be in the position to say that you were there at the beginning.

Set List

Zombie (Cover)
Pick A Letter
Promised Lies
Felt Tip Pen
I Am Not Me
Pete's Palindrome
Leaves Of Grass
Mr William
By My Side
My Mind's My Own
Call On Girl
Growing Up
Vodka Friday