If you ever wanted to hear music that evolves while maintaining a consistent heartbeat, listen to the Zoo. A jam band that you can move to, with hook laden songs and outstanding musicianship, the Zoo loves you the most.


Formed in early 2007, these seekers of "the Groove" base a strict rule of "No Rules" first and let the music speak for itself. The formula is easy, the song are simple and the Jams are fresh. The vast array of influences can be heard from Space-jams to Hip Hop grooves and Funk & Hard Bop explorations, all wrapped up with superior craftsmanship and prolific styling's ala Frank Zappa meets The Roots, Queens of the Stone Age meets James Brown and Phish smoke out with the Cure.


"In Los Angeles, Vol. 1", in a series of many more "Live" albums to come.

Set List

45 minutes to 2 hours. Depends on what is required.
Minimal Covers, but have some in store from Prince to Warren Zevon.