Westminster, Maryland, USA
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Music that matters. Original modern rock with well integrated hints of U2, Porcupine Tree, Coldplay, Evanescence, the Who, and more. Positive, clean lyrical content ideal for civic events. Passionate live performance that connects with a broad audience. Delivered by professional, polished veterans.


Newly launched milenine is a team of veteran rockers, who have played together for years as the core of a well-loved regional concert band. As members’ songwriting converged on their characteristic sound, honed through extensive live performances and studio sessions, they knew it was time to transcend their legacy, and re-launch with an exciting new package in Fall 2007.

Milenine delivers accessible, original modern rock featuring well crafted vocals, textured instrumentation, and polished songwriting. The music starts from a solid melodic-rock foundation and integrates hints of pop, prog, synth, classic, indie, alternative, and emo. This esoteric blend has elicited fan comparisons to U2, Staind, Porcupine Tree, Coldplay, the Who, Joe Jackson, Jars of Clay, Evanescence, X, Supertones and more.

While their music appeals to a broad audience – and has earned the band chart-topping and Top 10 listener requested songs on DC area radio and internet broadcasts in 2005 and 2006 - the hallmark of the band has always been their soul-stirring, passionate live performance. Their day jobs range from teacher to tradesman to high tech CEO - but you’ll find them most alive when singing and playing their hearts out at festivals, carnivals, concert series, and community events in the greater mid-Atlantic. Since lyrical content is always positive and family-friendly, the band is also a favorite with youth groups, retreats, and similar events.



Written By: Dan Hopple and Mile 9

Recently, we’ve been opening our concerts with this energetic rocker originally written by drummer Dan. He brought it into practice sounding something like a disco-era ballad; we turned it into this soaring U2-style anthem (close your eyes and picture the camera sweeping over the rugged Irish coastline in the video …).

(copyright 2007 Mile 9 Band)

Memories are all I have to think of you tonight,
Never really realized, or thought enough to fight,
All I have and all I see, it seems so real,
Doesn't really matter to you, just how I feel.

The vision in your eyes,
Could tell the story of your inhibitions,
Now that we are just friends,
And that's the way it will be.

I can see the sunlight,
It's shining down through your hair,
I'm shouting my emotions,
To a world where no one cares

I know what's right,
I can explain it to you,
But you must make your mind up,
And choose what to do,
I can give you all my love,
And even hold your hand,
But I can't get you into heaven,
Only Jesus can.

(repeat chorus)

Wake Me Up

Written By: Dan Hopple and Mile 9

Recently, we've been closing with this song. Think Porcupine Tree covers the Who. Kind of. Or just think Mile 9, this song captures a lot of our current songwriting style and the synthesis of our very broad musical backgrounds. This is the first single - a sneak preview of our forthcoming Reality Changes Things CD really - to emerge from our current studio sessions.

Wake Me Up
(copyright 2007 Mile 9 Band)

Wake me up when it's over,
I don't want to be here anymore,
I've been this way so many times,
And still can't find the door.

So many people, will take it for granted,
They always had it their way,
Still running round in circles,
Then stumbling as they fall.

Simple man with a simple way of thinking,
nobody hears him, they can't see him at all.

Take me back to the very beginning,
So I can see where I went wrong.
With all the things going down in my life,
Help me purify my song.

I've been waiting such a long long time,
Don't know when it will end,
I just can't seem to find the answer,
before it starts all over again.

(repeat chorus)


Reality Changes Things EP
(forthcoming, first two tracks are posted)

Prior to relaunch, members produced 2 CDs, garnering occasional AM and FM airplay throughout the mid-Atlantic. "Higher Love" held #1 spot on listener request charts for several months on DC area radio and streaming internet broadcasts.

Set List

Primary Concert Set
(subject to change, all milenine originals, tailored from 45-70 minutes):
- Inhibitions
- Home
- Man In the Mirror
- Step Inside
- Remembering You
- Virtual Pain
- Don't Understand
- Senses
- Land of Why
- Carry Me With You
- Too Late Too Soon
- Higher Love
- Hourglass
- Wake Me Up

Secondary Set
(milenine can custom configure a secondary set of praise songs for youth group/retreat venues; special requests possible with prior coordination)