New York City, New York, USA

The music of Miles is fluid. A diverse cross section of influence and eccentricity. Bringing together distinctly different tastes to create music that is sonically unified but eclectic in form and delivery. Ideally you will enjoy it so much that you don't realize how much thought went into it.


Miles’ music is all about forward motion. This winningly restless quartet is led by guitarist/vocalist Marc Plotkin, and also includes Ben Jacobs at the bass, and Jon Smith on drums. Although Miles is still a fairly new creative outfit, their members already have a lot of music experience under their belts. Individually, they’ve opened for A-list musicians, studied at esteemed music colleges, and participated in Grammy-nominated recording projects. And while their current sound is best described as melodic alternative music, the bands’ very name stands as an obvious and undeniable reminder of a treasured jazz past. However, there is more meaning to this moniker than just its obvious connection with an iconic trumpeter. “When we were in college, Ben and I played with other musicians at different colleges,” recalls Plotkin. “We were traveling a lot, so people said the name had more to do with distance.”

While the group may create magically delicious pop music, they’re by no means relying upon any sort of ‘magic’ to promote their latest studio recording. Instead, this is one act with an overflowing storehouse of initiative. Plotkin, who once interned at Epic Records, knows well how the music business machine works, and came away from this experience a far wiser man. “What I took from working with the label was that I was seeing what the label actually provides for artists,” Plotkin recalls. “And I thought, ‘What if we just spend all our energy on trying to check off those things one at a time?’

This act is self-sufficient, equipped with a strong DIY ethic. And in this day and age, where almost anybody with a home computer and a few pieces of studio equipment can call him or herself a recording artist, only those with the will and the skills to succeed rise to the top. Miles has ability and drive to spare, and shows this on their new, completely self-created, EP "Expose".

Artistic restlessness, is addressed incisively with “Rust Belt”, whereas interpersonal support is referenced during the final track and EP's namesake, "Expose".

With an evocative sound and earnest emotional content, here stands one band that easily measures growth in miles, rather than inches. With a good head on their shoulders, they are destined to breakthrough to the mainstream – and soon.


- Expose (2011)
- As Fast As You Can (2010)
- Wow & Flutter (2006)

Set List

1 - Rust Belt
2 - Where You Were
3 - Just in Case
4 - Catch Me
5 - Face to Face
6 - All Along
7 - Still Here
8 - Nothing Wrong at All
9 - Catastrophe
10 - Almost Me
11 - Expose

Can play as long as 1.5hrs, usually play about 45min. We try to keep it to originals but have thrown in a souped-up cover now and then.