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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"Spike Hill Show review & video from Blaqbook"

Miles live @ Spike Hill
Posted on September 12, 2011 by Justin Little

Everyone went out for fashions night out but me and Marco(blaqbook photographer) had other plans. Find a free show with good music. Williamsburg is amazing in that sense. Any given day you can go out and find a really cool show to check out. We ended up going to Spike Hill where we could be certain of two things: good lighting and top notch sound.

Miles is a trio I have been following for a bit. After all the hype I had to see for myself… I was NOT disappointed. The drummers had explained it all… “DOPE”. They made me a believer. See for yourself. - Blaqbook

"Miles on British Radio again!"

Playing "Expose" and talking - The Bugcast

""Expose" feature on Before the Bigs"

Today, we bring you a change of pace from our usual stuff, the Expose EP by Miles, a three-piece indie band out of Brooklyn, NY. We posted the single “Rust Belt” a few weeks ago, and Miles backs it up with 4 more songs that are all super tight, polished, and catchy. Typically, when I think of indie rock, I think of simple songs with some constant guitar strumming patterns and someone talk-singing. Miles’ music is the direct opposite.

Throughout the album, Miles’ singer Marc Plotkin shows tremendous vocal range along with crazy dexterity on the guitar, while drummer Jonathan Smith bangs out nuanced rhythms and bassist Ben Jacobs supplies tight, smooth counterpoint on the bass. All of the songs on the album are totally catchy, and although the music is pretty chilled out throughout the EP, you’ll find the songs stuck in your head. The soaring hooks will definitely have you singing along before your first listen is even over.

Miles’ music is full of excellent songwriting and tight instrumentation, very similar to bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Vampire Weekend. I think you’ll definitely be hearing a lot from these guys in the near future. - Before the Bigs

"Full EP review from Fruit Loop Music"

You guys may remember Miles’ first single “Rust Belt” a month or so ago. It was dope and my kind of indie music. Well today, BeforeTheBigs, RealChillMusic, and FruitLoopMusic are proud to present the band’s newest EP, Expose. This is the first sponsored tape I’ve done in this blog’s short life span, and I can’t really think of another group I’d rather work with. Not only are these guys great artists, they’re also great guys, and through “Tweeter” and e-mail conversations I’ve learned quite a bit about them.

The trio is based out of Brooklyn, New York (was it even necessary to say New York) and their name is homage to some trumpeter and music icon named Miles. I wouldn’t say that the group reminds me of any particular group but if you were to somehow blend the Silversun Pickups and Wilco, with a splash of Death Cab for Cutie and Manchester Orchestra you’d get the musical goodness that is known as Miles. Fluid music with nice melodies, and vocals, I have to admit most of the choruses are pretty catchy; don’t be surprised if you’re humming it by the end of each song. The lyrics are heartfelt, honest, and easy to relate to. This is the kind of project that is good for those chill nights when you just want to vibe out to something besides Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka Flame. Definitely a nice project from an up-and-coming band; don’t be surprised if they start infiltrating radio sets soon with their musical nectar. - Fruit Loop Music

"Full EP review from Real Chill Music"

Here at Real Chill Music, we're proud to present to you Miles' latest project, Expose EP. We're cosponsoring the release alongside Before the Bigs and Fruit Loop Music. This is actually our first sponsored project, so we're really excited about it. You may remember Miles from their single, "Rust Belt", showcasing their unique sound with Marc Plotkin on guitar/vocals, Ben Jacobs on bass, and Jon Smith on drums. Expose is a 5-set EP, the perfect length in my opinion. You get a great feel for Miles' sound right from the get-go in "Rust Belt". The instrumental combined with the vocals takes you away into an almost dreamlike state. "Catastrophe" brings you back down with heartfelt lyrics and an honest harmonic feel. "Almost Me" slows it down a bit instrumentally, but steps it up with deep lyrics and an old-school tone. "Just In Case" and the title track "Expose" bring the entire project together, delivering smooth production and consistently heartfelt, penetrating lyrics. It's only a matter of time before Miles gets more recognition for their incredible talent. For that reason, we're happy to present to you, Expose. Enjoy.
- Real Chill Music

"Miles in Insomnia Radio"

Although Brooklyn quartet MILES’ current sound is best described as melodic alternative music, the bands’ very name stands as an obvious and undeniable reminder of a treasured jazz past. However, there is more meaning to this moniker than just its obvious connection with an iconic trumpeter. “When we were in college, Ben and I played with other musicians at different colleges,” recalls guitarist/vocalist Marc Plotkin. “We were traveling a lot, so people said the name had more to do with distance.”
Artistic restlessness, is addressed incisively with “Rust Belt”, today’s featured single from their Expose EP. - Insomnia Radio

"Three Miles songs in Starbucks Videos"

Lots of dialogue...go watch the videos at the link. -

"Sonicbids Indie Pick of the Week"

Indie Pick of the Week: Miles
by Marya McLaughlin in Quick Chats & Interviews, Sonicbids BlogComments Off
Miles is an indie rock quartet whose name has equal amounts to do with the iconic trumpeter as it does with the distance they’ve all traveled in the name of playing music. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, the band is a relatively new outfit made up of longtime and extremely accomplished musicians. With a lot of DIY work ethic and a bit of industry insight (gained while interning at a prominent record label), Miles is on the fast track to success. We had the chance to get some insight into the band and how it’s evolved from singer/guitarist/sax player extraordinaire Marc Plotkin.
When/How did you first start playing music?
The four of us were all playing individually for a long time, both in bands and as personal study/art. We came together in sections. Ben Jacobs (Bass) and I grew up in the same town and played together in the high school jazz band. We started hanging out playing some songs and I was starting to write. To start, we just splayed with other musicians we knew in our suburban Jersey town. We kept it up all through college and when we moved to NYC Ben met Jon Smith (Drums) when they were both working as engineers at Avatar Studios. I was looking for sax gigs and came across a Craigslist ad posted by Adam Ahuja (Keys) and we played jazz/hip hop together in another band before I invited him to play with Miles. Then, we all came together and rock occurred.
What’s the best gig you ever played?
Back in 2008, in a slightly different incarnation of Miles, we opened for Afroman (yes…”cause I got high”) at Williams College. It was also a toga party. It was also in a giant tent. It was ridiculous. We thought we wouldn’t fit in but it turned out to be our best show with 500+ people loving our music and creating a huge dance party. We played for about an hour and a half and then when Afroman came on, the cops shut him down after twenty minutes…for various reasons.
How has social media effected the way you market/promote your music?
It hasn’t just affected it; it’s completely taken it over. When Ben and I started out in bands in the ‘burbs, we were still printing flyers out to put up at the deli. That was the best way since there weren’t “Facebook Events” yet. Now EVERYTHING is thankfully digital. All our press has come from music blogs and internet radio stations. We get the word out about every show via Twitter/Facebook, and most people have heard our album from the streaming version on Bandcamp. The CDs being printed are almost more for us to be able to hold all our work at the end of the day. In some ways, the technology has made it harder since there are more people in the room that you have to stand out from, but other than that it’s given us a million more chances than we would’ve otherwise had for people to hear us.
What’s your prediction for the next big advancement in how we find/listen to/share music?
I think the obvious next big shift is the end of people feeling the need to own their music collection. It scares me a bit to say it but it’s true. With mobile streaming services working even without wifi/cell service (Spotify, Rdio, etc.) I really don’t feel the need to take up hard drive space with mp3’s anymore. I still like being a collector, but I think the average listener will just think of something, do a search and stream it without ever getting to the point of wanting to buy the actual file.
What’s your next big gig coming up? When/Where?
The next show we’re excited for is on Saturday, Sept. 25th at McCarthy’s (which turns into “Live 104? at night) in Hoboken, NJ. It’s going to be really cool because we’re playing a set (chock full of new songs!) while a good friend of ours, Eric Neuman is putting on an art exhibition of his new work in the same room. Blending indie rock with vector graphic art should be a great time! I’ll also mention we booked it via this thing called Sonicbids, you guys should check it out.
Check out more on Miles here. - Sonicbids

"Mostly Junk Food feature"

Miles has actually been around for a few years in various forms and incarnations, but they recently settled on moving forward as a trio and are currently in the process of releasing their latest project, an EP titled Expose. Miles released the first single off the EP, Rust Belt, for free download off their Bandcamp. They are using a new model of fan/audience engagement: they will drop the next track after 50 downloads of Rust Belt. I kinda dig this method. You can also download the track off soundcloud.

Rust Belt will give you a great feel for their sound. Miles’ music is indie rock with soaring vocal harmonies, nuanced melodies, and tight, catchy songwriting. You’ll definitely find yourself singing along before you even finish your first listen. To learn more about the band, you can check out their bio at Sonicbids EPK. Miles was actually featured on the SonicBids homepage a few weeks ago. They’ve been in the studio working and practicing hard. This summer holds some big things for the band.

To hear Rust Belt or for their older music, check out their website or follow Miles on Facebook or Twitter.

Keep in mind: I’m not a critic, I just review shit.

"Fruit Loop Music feature"

Normally, the stuff I find in my inbox is okay, but not necessarily something that I would enjoy listening to. Today, a group called Miles changed that.

An Indie group from Brooklyn, these guys can really bring it. They have an EP slated for release called Expose and “Rust Belt” is the first track off said EP. The beat of this song is pretty damn tight, and the lyrics are rather catchy, especially the infectious chorus. The group will be dropping a new track after 50 downloads, which according to their Twitter, means it’s coming out tomorrow. Definitely feeling a lot of Silversun Pickups in these guys. And SSPU is the shit, so yeah, take a look. -

"Miles - Rust Belt Single"

To continue with other genres, I present to you Brooklyn Indie band, Miles. I said a while back that I was looking to expand genres here on RCM, to occasionally break away from simply Hip-Hop and Rap. That being said, please continue to submit this kind of music. It's always nice to experience different genres of music. Miles is a three-man group currently working on their latest project, Expose. After having listened to Rust Belt a number of times, I now can't get it out of my head. As soon as they get 50 downloads of Rust Belt, they're dropping another single, so download away.

"Miles releases new single “Rust Belt”"

Miles just released the first single “Rust Belt” off their up-coming EP Expose. They are using a new form of fan engagement as they will only release the next song after 50 downloads of “Rust Belt.” You can get the track below. - D.O.S. Entertainment

"Miles - Rust Belt"

I know I typically post a lot of hip-hop stuff, but MILES is a chill indie band out of Brooklyn, NY that caught my attention. Right now, they’re working on the release of their second album, but their single “Rust Belt” will be enough to hold you over until then. It’s chilled out with some awesome vocals and nuanced instrumentals parts. Every time you listen, another little piece you never noticed before will jump out at you. Each verse is tight, but then the song explodes with a soaring chorus. Even though MILES is just a trio, they have a real big sound. -

"Miles on "What's on the Hi-Fi""

Miles are a Brooklyn-based band that creates delicious pop soaked treats. Their new album As Fast As You Can is a testament to that notion filling the ethos with lighter than air melodic dreams.

On the track “Just In Case”, singer/songwriter Marc Plotkin shows off his high-range vocals and feather soft arrangements. It’s a hip spark that will grow on you listen after listen. -

"Miles on Such Cool Stuff!"

How do you describe your music to people, Marc?
The latest incarnation of our music really feels like indie rock with noticeable influences from soul and folk music.

Tell me about how you originally got into your craft.
We prefer to call it our "thang". So I'm just gonna say "thang" anywhere craft would go. Got into our thang separately. I mainly play guitar and sing in the band now, but I came from a background of playing jazz and classical saxophone. At some point, pop music just hit me harder and I tried applying all the theory I learned to a guitar so I could sing the lyrics I was starting to write (it was hard to sing them while playing saxophone...). Ben, our bassist did the acoustic guitar for-the-chicks thing for awhile, but when he got the jazz bug he switched to bass to have a better shot of getting into the competitive groups when we were in school. Jon, our drummer came up under a father who was a drummer as well as an incessant vinyl-listener. Adam, our keys playing developed his thang [by] rocking out on every instrument he could. He's a great guitarist and drummer as well as a brilliant keyboardist. Collectively our thang has only improved.

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
Play a show on a Friday or Saturday night where the show is just the beginning of the night! So we play, THEN go out and hit the town. Hitting the town may vary from throwing back a few too many to enjoying Chinese food in a hole in the wall. But either way, a night that began with music and ended with hangage and good eats. Yea!

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
Telling ourselves that it's never just a business AND that it's never just an artistic pursuit. We have to find a medium because we are the artists. I fantasize about a day when we have a manager that isn't in the band. So we can just think artistically about what we'd like to do and what people would like to hear. Right now I have to think about all those things AND booking, promoting, merch, duplication, blah blah blah. I get a headache just thinking about it. I really just want to have an instrument in my hands, not writing emails all day. I still have to be doing both unfortunately.

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
Hmm, I'm the only one here and can't speak for the other guys on that question, but I always sort of knew I'd be performing one way or another. It's sort of in my nature to be doing this. The unknown for a long time (and still...what age dictates being "grown up"?) was in what capacity I'd be performing. It's equally as fathomable to me to be in a jazz quartet as it is rocking out in Miles. I'd also like to explore a quieter folk group one day. Or an all in-the-box studio-nerd record with lots of loops and layers. All of that stuff makes life worth living.

In what way has your community impacted your development as a musician?
Hmm. For me it's definitely been that I was always surrounded and sort of mentored by musicians with great control. Control in every realm. With an operatic voice or with blues guitar chops. That's something I always really looked up to and still strive to come close to. I think the other guys feel similar in terms of their playing. In terms of culture, I know that Adam has been heavily influenced by meditation in his music. Ben and Jon are influenced by coffee and burritos.

What other artists out there do you love?
I'll try to keep it to ones that I think all four of us would agree on. Death Cab for Cutie, The Roots, Michael Jackson, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend. Peeps like that.

What does your future hold?
I'm glad you asked, because it just so happens that I am psychic! I see lots of sandwiches, lots of microphones, hopefully lots of touring, lots of sweating, a healthy amount of Yuengling, and hopefully some managerial help! The future's so bright we're wearing shades. -

"New Summer Music Jams"

Nothing like a little heartbreak to kick start your career. Miles the band is about channeling emotions into “poly-rhythmic splendor.” The four-piece ensemble turns singer/songwriter formulaic pop rock into living room rock infused with some funk and soul. However you want to label Miles, I guarantee you’ll be singing along in the end. Catch Miles perform at Kenny’s Castaways on July 24th where you can singalong in person.
Listen: Miles “As Fast As You Can” March 2010
Summer with Miles: Q/A with Marc Plotkin – Vocals/Guitar/Saxophone
1. Favorite Song of Summer 2010: Ra Ra Riot “Each Year” remix by Absofacto
“It’s so cool cause normally remixes solely react altering the speed of the existing tracks, but this one kept most of the original stems and just replayed in a hipper drum beat that makes the song bob more. Love it. Check it here:
2. Favorite Band of Summer 2010: Band of Horses
3. Personal Summer Anthem and Why: “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” by Vampire Weekend
“I can only picture being on a beach when I hear that guitar riff.” - Planet Verge

"Miles on British Radio!"

A brief description of our band and our song "All Along" playing on the outro to "The Bugcast", a British radio show. - The Bugcast

"Interview and Multi-Song Feature"

Really cool radio interview and multi-song feature with Marc from a recent local music press conference. Thanks to Friggin Fabulous Radio! - Friggin Fabulous Radio

"Tuneage Tutelage - Miles, As Fast As You Can"

The band is called Miles and is composed of Marc Plotkin on vocals, guitar, saxophone, percussion, organ, and Benjamin Jacobs on bass, vocals, guitars, percussion, piano, organ, synthesizer, and drum programming. Then they surround themselves with talented musicians like Kenneth Flax, Ryan Andrews and Nick Svoboda on drums, Brandon Sherman on guitar, and Adam Ahyia on piano and what you come up with is a truly enjoyable set of music from this band from Brooklyn, NY.

The album is called AS FAST AS YOU CAN and from the opening riff of acoustic guitar that morphs into a rocking backbeat, you know something is different here.

I have to say it took me two songs to find a comfort zone in Marc Plotkin's vocals. At first his tone kept pulling me away from the music, but then you begin to feel more embraced by it.

As I have said before, I would rather hear the true voice of a singer and not some auto-tune creation of a voice.

Since the creation of this album, the band has solidified themselves as a quartet with Adam Ahuja on keyboards and Jon Smith on drums.

The opening number "Where You Were" puts the band out there with a jaunting riff and a rock back-beat.

"A Little Crazy" might be my favorite track on the album. Opening with a short accapella it then becomes very 60-ish rocker. I kept flashing to Manhattan Transfer during this one.

The band lists its influences as Death Cab for Cutie, D'Angelo, Vampire Weekend, Justin King and Counting Crows.

Throughout the album they bring you into their world. On "Just In Case" they explore that break up, where you want to stand strong, no matter what...
And just in case you wanna leave
The words she chose to use
Slipped right through the armor protecting you
The pain distorts your face
Love never had such a bitter taste

The album took over two years to record and was recorded in a dozen different locations. It show the perseverance these two young men had to get their music out there. All the songs are credited to both Jacobs and Plotkin and they even mixed 4 of the tracks themselves.

I like these guys and look forward to their next step. I will be reaching out to see if they will appear on MUSIC ON THE COUCH as I think their back-story is interesting.

Two from the band Miles..."A Little Crazy" and a more bluesy number entitled "Nothing Wrong At All". - Tuneage Tutelage


- Expose (2011)
- As Fast As You Can (2010)
- Wow & Flutter (2006)



Miles’ music is all about forward motion. This winningly restless quartet is led by guitarist/vocalist Marc Plotkin, and also includes Ben Jacobs at the bass, and Jon Smith on drums. Although Miles is still a fairly new creative outfit, their members already have a lot of music experience under their belts. Individually, they’ve opened for A-list musicians, studied at esteemed music colleges, and participated in Grammy-nominated recording projects. And while their current sound is best described as melodic alternative music, the bands’ very name stands as an obvious and undeniable reminder of a treasured jazz past. However, there is more meaning to this moniker than just its obvious connection with an iconic trumpeter. “When we were in college, Ben and I played with other musicians at different colleges,” recalls Plotkin. “We were traveling a lot, so people said the name had more to do with distance.”

While the group may create magically delicious pop music, they’re by no means relying upon any sort of ‘magic’ to promote their latest studio recording. Instead, this is one act with an overflowing storehouse of initiative. Plotkin, who once interned at Epic Records, knows well how the music business machine works, and came away from this experience a far wiser man. “What I took from working with the label was that I was seeing what the label actually provides for artists,” Plotkin recalls. “And I thought, ‘What if we just spend all our energy on trying to check off those things one at a time?’

This act is self-sufficient, equipped with a strong DIY ethic. And in this day and age, where almost anybody with a home computer and a few pieces of studio equipment can call him or herself a recording artist, only those with the will and the skills to succeed rise to the top. Miles has ability and drive to spare, and shows this on their new, completely self-created, EP "Expose".

Artistic restlessness, is addressed incisively with “Rust Belt”, whereas interpersonal support is referenced during the final track and EP's namesake, "Expose".

With an evocative sound and earnest emotional content, here stands one band that easily measures growth in miles, rather than inches. With a good head on their shoulders, they are destined to breakthrough to the mainstream – and soon.