Miles Beltran

Miles Beltran

BandPopAdult Contemporary

He is upbeat..Miles music has very strong music hooks...Drives a crowd happy..They start to dance and relax...His voice is crystal clear..Better than most singers.


He has been influenced by major stars..Like Luther Van Dross, Olivia Newton John, Whitney Houston, Mariah, Pet Shop Boys, Kenny Logins and more..His music is different because it appeals to all..He has a latin quality yet he is a US Citizen without any accents...Reach his management at If you need to listen to some of his ballad's..Log on his site below...Listen to " Don't Take Me Half Way ".


His music has been released in the past in compilations like " Freestyle Fun House " in Japan, Australia and the US by Hot Productions/East Coast Records..Most of his Music was produced by Edwin Ramos..Who has worked with Jelly Bean Benitez, Chico De Barge, Angie Stone, Mary J. Blige and other heavy hitters...Now he is about to release worldwide..Radio, tv and possible tour coming up..

Set List

He usually starts with a immediate beat and hook like' " I'm The One " to get people going...Fast..Than he goes on to a cover like,
" Fame " to drive people into a music frenzy..Than he might bring it home with a ballad like, " Don't Take Me Half Way ".