miles benjamin anthony robinson

miles benjamin anthony robinson


Twenty-three year-old Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is Brooklyn’s best-kept secret.  Since recording an album with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor and Chris Bear in 2006 (with appearances by Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio and Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen)Sounds like: , Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young


Up until now, twenty-three year-old Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson was Brooklyn’s best-kept secret, but with the help of Kyp Malone (TVOTR), Chris Taylor & Christopher Bear (Grizzly Bear) and Say Hey Records, we are proud to introduce this stunning debut artist. In a recent interview with Another magazine Kyp Malone professed, "Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is my favorite songwriter right now." Miles’ brief yet inspirational life story is truly awe-inspiring and one for the rock and roll ages, already.

The eponymous long player to be issued by Say Hey Records is the first recorded document after years of false starts, dangerous living, and amiable persistence in the face of near tragedy. Born in Oregon and raised in Portland and Eugene, Miles spent much of his youth on the road traveling with his comedian/playwright father as he played venues across the U.S.

After completing high school as a rather distinguished, if troubled student, Miles gravitated eastward and was in New York by 2000. Immediately he immersed himself in the burgeoning music scene, going to shows and eventually forming a few bands. Miles recorded no less than 5 albums in various early projects like Jackson Plastic, Mud Cub, and Jesus Jackson, but they sadly never glimpsed the light of day.

Each incarnation met its demise from a combination of erratic behavior, venue banishment, and drug use. Out of frustration, Miles descended further into addiction, leading to a stint in which he made his bed on the benches of Coney Island. But, throughout it all, Miles continued writing and to distill from his shabby surroundings the inspiration and imagery that make up his debut record.

Recorded with the aid of Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear of Grizzly Bear “Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson” (MBAR) began in 2006 in Miles’ apartment. Chris Bear did the drums in a single day and the basics were mixed at the famed Yellow House; later overdubs were added by Kyp Malone and Daniel Rosen (Grizzly Bear), and the record neared completion.

The album begins with the demented campfire sing-a-long, “Buriedfed”, a dirge disguised as a rave up, and it sets the pace for an album filled with unrepentant confessions played with abandon. MBAR takes the listener through a flawless sardonic narrative, detailing loss, excess, and blurred memories, all the while with an irresistible humor.

Look out for the MBAR sophomore LP in 2009, produced by Kyp Malone.



Written By: miles benjamin anthony robinson


this is my last song about myself / about my friends

find something else to sing

try and patch it up with tape and twine/ babe i just beak

everything that’s mine

they wheeled out my casket they said “boy lay down your head .“

i said:“shit man i ain’t even dead…i won’t be buried ‘fore I’m fed.”

well you know your friend who’s a real yo-yo / she’s always crying,

and no one knows why? / she’s gonna be alright

lost her best in a fuzzy fight

she wasn’t even drunk /just a little tight last night.

they took her to a doctor to fix her heart and heal her head she said:

“goddamn, i’m tired of being bled…go save somebody else instead.”

a friend of mine drank something fine/ choked to death

before his time / last night

he said: “find that thing you really need / cough it on down /

‘til you can’t breathe.”

everyone will be there at the burial in your head / and a tear or two they’ll shed

then they’ll go / leave you in your hole/ and find someone else instead

make someone else feel dead instead

he didn’t like people much at all / they tasted better with alcohol

you know / how that one goes

realized he’d missed his whole life / kissed his dog and he shot his wife

last night

pulled him to a priest police sadi pray your final prayers he said :

“aw shit man i don’t even care…i’m not fit and nothing’s fair.”

well they read a clue in his killin’ eyes / went and found his victim

who was still alive

as she shook the dirt from her rotting hair :

“you boys are late but I don’t care…better late than never dear.”

they took her to the prison she sat across from him and said :

“fuck you i wanted just to die…and how come you / you baby boy you /

you can’t do a damn thing right ? you can’t do anydamnthing right.”

this is my last song about inside / i’m going out / find somewhere else to hide

late at night on an empty street / everyone i know walking beside me

well i ain’t done a damn thing right / but i want one try before I die


they wheeled out my casket they said: “boy lay down your head.”

i said : “believe me i wish that i was dead!”

but as long as I’ve been running / well this one thing stunning / is this big hole in my

as long as i’ve been running well i might just be becoming some one else

“how come you, you baby boy you.,

you can’t do a damn thing right

you can’t do any damn thing right


miles benjamin anthony robinson - full length 2008 - say hey records.

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Set List

the debtor
hard row
the sound
who's laughing
my good luck
the lie