Miles High

Miles High

 Auburn, Indiana, USA


Beginning in the living room of Miles Boyd in the summer of 2008, Miles High began as a band of friendship, channeling our love for alt-rock, funk rock, and reggae, all combined with a saxophone, to form own our sonic blend. The band's original music is where our ambitions lie, although we have 40-45 cover songs we know so we can play any gig that comes our way. We released our first CD, entitled 'Freaks N' Losers,' in November 2010, and are currently working on songs for a second album.
Miles High is 5 guys that absolutly love life and music, and we are very eager to get out and play as much as we can. Our current focus is becoming as solid and energetic as possible and conveying our spirit through our live shows!


Freaks N' Losers-November 2010