Miles of Bones

Miles of Bones

 Cargill, Ontario, CAN

Miles of Bones is an acoustic folk band from the Cargill, Ontario area. Combining elements of old-time, folk, and bluegrass, this group strives to create a sound not unlike what would have been played in pubs and dance halls in "the good old days."


Miles of Bones

Miles of Bones began as a collaboration between Mark Zettel and Andrew Strader, two
young devils with acoustic guitars and a passion for music. Originally performing cover
songs at local pubs, Mark eventually started adding some of his own songs to their
repertoire. This caught the attention of Mark's older brother Ted Zettel. Now three, the
group was able to fill larger venues with the addition of the upright bass and kick drum
supplied by Ted. They spent most of 2012 playing local bars and small town festivals as
they developed their unique sound and added more and more original music to their song
list, focusing less on cover songs. But it was the addition of Nico Masse on violin, which
added a whole new dimension to the songs. Nico has been playing violin since he was 5,
and spent the better part of 10 years taking classical violin lessons, so he had no problem
catching up.

Now the sound was complete, and the boys spent the first half of 2013 performing
locally. They hit the studio in August 2013 to start working on their 14-track debut
album, "Drag Me Back" which is due to be released spring 2014. Miles of Bones hopes
the launch of their album will draw new attention to their group, and they plan to spend
this summer performing at festivals and venues across the province.


Darling Oh Darling

Written By: Mark Zettel,Miles of Bones

[Verse 1]
I can't hear what you don't say
I can't sing and I can't play
I'm gonna write a sad, sad song and maybe you'll come around
And I don't know you any more
Stumbled all across the floor
I'm gonna take my lighter to the haystack and burn it down

And darling, oh darling, what do you say?
Ain't you heard a single song I know how to play?
And I thought I saw the answer when I saw you there today
With my head stuck in a bottle I can't hear you, baby, anyway

[Verse 2]
And I don't care 'bout what you say
Go on, baby, make my day
Pick up your pretty little feet and leave me lonely, I'll be alright
And I've got friends and I've got foes
Sprain my ankle, break my nose
When I get back from the shindig I'll be a terrible ugly beautiful sight


Choose Your Weapon

Written By: Mark Zettel,Miles of Bones

[Verse 1]
Well, I been hangin' around at the crossroads hopin' to sell my soul
The devil, I'll tell you, has gone downhill since he quit that rock'n'roll
But I can't see another road for me so it's down the road I go
You won't be catchin' sight of me no more

And there was a girl that I picked up somewhere along the road
She said "come on now, and settle down, lay down your heavy load"
So I left that lady cryin' in the dust out on the highway
And I carried on along my merry way

And there are some times when late at night I think upon my sins
Sometimes I wish that I'd never went to those places that I've been
I know life's too fast for lookin' back and I'm in this thing to win
Raised the stakes and I'll fire it up again

And you gotta choose your weapon
The one you choose, it doesn't really matter
Pick a direction now and ride it to the end
Could be whiskey or poison
You won't know 'til the bottom of the glass
Just knock it back and get on your feet again

[Verse 2]
And there was a time when I was well and fine with my pitchfork and my gun
It was this guitar that gave me all these scars and where this foul mouth came from
Now I will not hear of slowing down while I've still got legs to run
Out of town into that setting sun

[Chorus x 2]
You gotta knock it back and get on your feet again
Well I said knock it back and get on your feet again

Rowdy Medley

Written By: Mark Zettel,Miles of Bones


Gonna take the long way home
I'm restless deep down in my bones
This is what the winds whisper to me
Every one of them says, "child be free"
Gonna get my guitar
Sit out on the hood of my car
I've got a love song for every star
Every one of them goes, "hey you're so lovely"
I put my grudges in the ground
They can stay right where I laid them down
I'll laugh at what those people say
Every one of them says "that boy is crazy!"


[Musical interlude]

[Chorus 1]
Last night the band got loaded drunk
Last night the band got high and won't be coming down for months
Tonight we're rolling outta here
Tonight we're rolling and we won't be coming back for years
Last night the band got loaded drunk
Last night the band got loaded drunk
Last night the band got loaded drunk
Last night the band got loaded

Mamma, will you hand me my tin man
Daddy, will you lend me your pipe
Lover, I'm still a young man
I'm leaving, I'm leaving you tonight

And if I came back to my hometown someday
I'd bet my last penny that nothing would change
The fields would be full up with barley and hay
If I drove through town everybody would wave
The boys would be cursing their God and their boss
And pick up their feet like they'd pick up a cross
Some men live life like it's too much to bear
But i wanna live like my life is a prayer

And oh, roll another one Andy
And oh, roll another one Ted
And oh, last night

[Chorus 2]
Last night the band got loaded drunk
Last night the band got loaded drunk
Last night the band got loaded drunk
Last night the band got loaded DRUNK!

[Musical outro]