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Cool New Music That Brings The Whole Family Together. Wholesome, fun songs and stories for 3-8 year olds, that REALLY IS entertaining for parents as well as kids on that long summer drive.


Once upon a time in a magic land far, far away where rainbows filled the sky, a band was playing cool, fun sing-a-long songs and rocking dance songs that brought whole families together and for mile after mile, from town to town as far as you could see, they were there... Miles Of Smiles.

The Miles of Smiles Show releases "Let's Rock!"a saving grace for parents with kids in the 3 to 8 years age group."Let's Rock!" is the fun, wholesome, adventure album that can entertain the whole family. The 13 songs were recorded and produced in Northern Ireland by Michael E. Thomas.

Michael's musical work for children living with autisim, has lead to the development of many songs on "Let's Rock". His songs are used to teach motor skills and basic academics.

Michael E. Thomas, a guitarist and vocalist from New Jersey, who's best selling 1997 children's album "Summerland" earned him appearances on TV shows "The Today Show","New Jersey Live" with Lee Leonard, and others, as well as NBC,ABC and CBS following performances at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Joining Michael are Irish musicians, James Blennerhassett on bass and Peter McKinney on drums. Mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound, NYC.

Michael has toured his children's entertainment show throughout the Northeast of America from 1994 to 2001 performing over 100 shows per year. Since relocating to the land of rainbows in Northern Ireland, Michael performs his Miles of Smiles Show for children at family concerts and festivals such as The Queen's Golden Jubilee in Belfast 2002 to Mayor's Day Celebrations throughout the country.

The Miles of Smiles Show is sure to bring smiles for miles and miles everywhere they go.

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I Went To Visit My Grandma

Written By: Michael E. Thomas

I went to visit my grandma on a saturday night. She has a dog named Bo-Bo and a cat named Dwight.

She offered me a hot sandwich and put a sugar in my tea.
I gave her a bonette and she set it on her knee.

I'd really like to see her with a flower in her hair.
But she just likes to smell them while sitting in her chair.


I went into the bathroom to get my hands clean.
A noise came from the kitchen. I wondered what could it be.
I was only gone a minute, but it seemed like a minute too late.
Someone ate my sandwich right off of my plate.


Well I asked my grandma just where did it go.
She just grinned then smiled at me and said, "oh, I don't know".
Then I saw Dwight the cat with his head in my tea.
And Bo-Bo looking guilty staring at me.


But grandma had mustard hangin' from her nose.
And a good bit of cheese dribbling down the front of her clothes.
I said, "Grandma, you ate my sandwich!" What'dya do that for?",
She said, "I was feeling a little hungry, honey I'll fix you some more.

Popcorn Jam

Written By: Michael E. Thomas

My Pop made a snack last night.
He said, Mama don't you worry, don't you get a fright.
Now it made sound like the roof coming down, but kids all dig that popcorn sound.

He dropped some kernals out of his hand.
Used a little oil in a cooking pan.
You'd better stand back as far as you can.
When they start to pop. We jump to the popcorn jam.


It's easy to do the popcorn jam.
You just squat on the floor just as low as you can.
Then you pop right up just as high as you can.


Got a little butter? Carmel will do.
Munch, Crunch all over town.
Kids are having popcorn now!


hmmm, I'm doing the popcorn in my shoes!

Penguin Freeze

Written By: Michael E. Thomas

I'd like to tell you about a dance called the Penguin Freeze
When the music is playing you can shake like a breeze
But you never know when the music may stop
So listen closely and you'll stay on top.

Now some silly kids might like to tease, yes they do!
When the music stops Freddy will sneeze
When Leah's good she always says please
The trick is when you try to do all three

Do the Penguin Freeze (3x)
PPPPPenguin Freezzzze

Now you can do the Penguin Freeze
So when the music stops shake your knees
Bring your friends to the Loop-Dee-Loop
And try the freeze with a hula-hoop

wow, look at them go!!


Miles Of Smiles-"Let's Rock" 2006 (13 songs)
Miles Of Smiles-"Summerland"-1997(10 songs)

1."Popcorn" added to HYP Radio's ("Hip Young Parent")playlist, 2006
2."Popcorn" added to We LIke Kids Radio program playlist, 2006.
3."Bouncy Castle" added to Loopy Moose Radio playlist, 2006.
4."I Went To Visit My Grandma" has been selected for a children's compilation cd in the USA. 2006.

"Popcorn" and "Bouncy Castle" have over 5700 downloads and over 12000 streams, (listens) since August 2006 and has maintained a position in top 10 downloads for children's music

Set List

We play shows geared towards the audience.

We have a 5 and under show that along with our own songs, include,
Wheels On The Bus
Old MacDonald
Head Shoulders Knees Toes
Scooby Doo Theme

When shows go up to 8 or 9 year olds, we play
along with our own songs,
Twist and Shout
The Time Warp
and many others.