miles on end

miles on end


miles on end is an indie-pop band based out of omaha, nebraska. formed in late 2000, they have been playing shows since the spring of 2001.


miles on end hails from a mostly punk background. tony and dave played in popular omaha punk band. a colorado ska/punk outfit was among darby's original music endeavors. the multitalented josh played drums for a pop-punk band in the omaha area, and aaron played with an emo/rock band.

as the band continues to perform, each show brings new fans and friends. a growing email list contains the emails addresses of those who wish to remain abreast of band information and the high quality, do-it-yourself, website posts frequent updates for interested parties.

march 4th, 2003 saw the release of two cd ep's fom miles on end, titled "the life and times" and "in protest of stars." the band puts forth continuing efforts to write personal and original music and play shows with a professional attitude and a mind towards performance. these traits give the band a unique and enjoyable character and an excellent stage show.


the life and times

Written By: miles on end

replace myself with someone who sings a better song than mine. i drive these thoughts through stained glass windows into a crowd of weary eyes. i guess i've been the one to wash myself in dark colors. i guess should be thankful. take these things i wont need them and i will be strong. take from me this is all that i can give. my roots they don’t grow so deep but my tree stands tall somehow. the weight put upon these limbs is almost more than i can bear. i guess i’ve been the one to wait it out to catch the fall. i guess i should be thankful. ill find strength in the cold to fight snowstorms of my own design. when i close my eyes i guess i’ve lost sight. its gonna change sometime its gonna change tonight gonna change my life and i wont be scared no i wont burn out. don’t let it end like this, tell them i said something. now i that see that i could be walking forward looking backward. take from me these knives you keep and all ill answer is i'm broken. i’m not through.

in protest of stars

Written By: miles on end

i can't stop the rain even if i wanted to and would you want me to even if i could? i'll clench my fist and shake against the stars. i'm waiting for the sun to rise to get these doubts out of my mind. this is where the water comes ashore. i said i can't swim so i'm drowning for my existence. so don't tell me you're sorry i can't wait around alone. don't tell me you love me you can only mouth these words. waiting for the sun to rise to get this shit out of my life. tomorrow we'll wake up and act as if everything's alright but they couldn't be more wrong. do you understand what will happen if we steer this course tonight? i'm standing here alone watching this all pass me by without saying a word and i'm laying in the sun waiting for the clouds to come to send me rain and send me running indoors.


the life and times EP
in protest of stars EP
Indian Burn Records Compilation - Study and Research Manual 2001

Set List

a typical set for miles on end consists of 8 to 10 original songs totaling 30 to 45 minutes.