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Miles Outside

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An aural explosion enveloping every musical genre you've experienced glued together on hip hop construction paper using an alternative paste.


Miles Outside is a five piece live alternative hip hop band based in Bay Area by way of Japan, Taiwan, San Francisco, and San Mateo. The members of Miles Outside are from various musical backgrounds including funk, rock, jam, hip-hop, soul, and drum n bass. Vocalists Paulie Rhyme and Moto, along with drummer Young Dave, are most notably known from their membership in Finless Brown, while Justin and Bobby Jen were most recently members of Mixed Messengers. High energy funk fuels this dynamic group, but the elasticity of hip hop allows for a canvas to draw a picture using various elements of music from all walks of life.

Miles Outside plays regularly in the Bay Area and prides itself on the ability to rock any type of crowd. On the local level, Miles Outside has played with a wide range of acts from hip hop to electronic, r&b, and rock. This is a testament to the truly original, good music approach that the band takes to its' songwriting process, experimenting with every facet of sound to go beyond conventional boundaries to create something that is nothing short of inclusive. A testament to this can be felt on Miles Outside's first release, "From the Outside In", a 7 track Ep that bends the bounds of genres. From the substance influenced, "Merry Go Round" to party starting, "Body Rock" to the straight up jazz on, "Tell Me Why", Miles Outside is showing that diverse times call for diverse sounds


From the Outside In - EP 2009
Untitled LP - Fall 2010

Set List

Sets range from 30 minutes to an hour. Multiple sets always possible.

Intro Jam
5 holes
Look Into My Eyes
You Came to See Me
Body Rock
Merry Go Round
Tumbling Fast
Tell Me Why
7 of Us.

Versatile in terms of the set list and depending on the show, able to work the crowd, incorporate jams and freestyles.

Covers usually consist of B sides from popular artists from the 80's, 90's, and 00's.