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There's something to be said for a straight-ahead Rock Band. Great songs, alittle grit, kick and some great vocals on top. What more could you want? MilesRoad has just that...the right combo of artists who play well and really enjoy hangin' with each other. Sounds like a Love Fest to me but don't be fooled, there's enough tension to blow the tubes out of a Marshall Stack!
MilesRoad started with the chance meeting of 2 singer/songwriter guitarists, Joe Spina and Chazmo with a wicked Love of Beatle Music. The addition of a great rhythm section with the A man on drums and John Saric on bass completed the band. And hear we are! But...hearing is believing so check us out on;

Maybe you'll be a believer too.



Written By: Joe Spina

1. WAIT, I can't wait a minute baby.
STOP, I'm walking out the door.
LOOK, I'm searchin'or a new direction.
I can't wait a minute more...

CHORUS: Waitin' anticipatin' flowers.
Waitin' for your knock upon my Door.
I'm waitin' too many hours.
I can't wait a minute more.

2. HELP, I'm losing all my self control.
STOP, don't break this heart of mine.
GO, if you can't give yourself to me.
Life goes on just let me bleed.

She's an Angel

Written By: Joe Spina

1. You say that you Love me.
Can it be true?
You say that you need me.
Like I need you?
It's a long hard journey, I'm a man on the run.
Life is a window, you're a rising sun!

CHORUS: Take the road less traveled.
Be a spoke on a wheel.
Ride a Super Highway, pure Sex appeal.
She's an Angel, she's Love...
She's an Angel...she's Love...

2. Got a mission that's critical.
I'm a man on a line.
It's a walk in the park baby.
It's a Love on Fire.
You got one chance to live, one time to Love.
Been One thousand miles, been to heaven above.


1. Waitin'
2. She's an Angel
3. Steppin' Stone

Set List

We mix originals with covers that have our own spin. Besides our own originals, we like to show our support for Neil Young, Van Morrison and the Beatles. We don't copy them or sound like anyone else. We just play some of the greatest music ever written!