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The best kept secret in music



Check out our new music video created by our Lead guitarist Chaz Schillinger and his wife Liz. It is a powerful statement on our involvement in Iraq. It's called "Bring Them Home"

Just copy and paste the URL below into your web browser to view it or click the link on - MilesRoad Music

"They Sound Like A Million Bucks!"

They sound like a million bucks

Local guys seek fame and fortune in Battle of the Bands competition
By Erin Edmonds

ROCKY POINT—Sitting around a table enjoying a treat of cheese, crackers, grapes and iced tea, the boys of the band MilesRoad are hardly boys and look more like a weekly poker game group than a rock band.
But once these four friends plug into an amp, doubters are blown away by the hard rocking they perform. Naming their band after an old blues song by Eric Clapton, lead guitarist Joe Spina says it best describes their ideology of life.
"We, ourselves, are on a road to the future," said Mr. Spina. "The road we're on is made by how far we go in life."
When founder and CEO of Bodog Entertainment Calvin Ayre went on a countrywide search to find America's best unsigned indie band at any cost, 20,000 bands registered nationwide to receive the chance to compete for the grand prize of a $1 million contract with Bodog Entertainment, including international distribution, touring, promotion and marketing services.
After a long battle that resulted in thousands of New York bands being cut down to only 12, one band that made the cut was Rocky Point's own local band, MilesRoad.
Founded by Mr. Spina, who works as the Rocky Point school communications coordinator, MilesRoad recently became a finalist in the Bodog Music Battle of the Bands for NYC and will represent Rocky Point in NYC in hopes of winning. The three-year-old band is made up of Mr. Spina on lead vocals, guitar and keyboard; Spina's cousin, Charlie "Chazmo" Schillinger, on lead guitar and vocals; Arnie "The A man" Anderson on drums; and John Saric on bass and vocals.
"Joe and I have been playing together since 1978, but it was only a few years ago that we finally got a mixture together and formed a band," said Mr. Anderson. "In a band, it's important to have people that you're friends with, which is what we all are."
MilesRoad plays original songs written mostly by Mr. Spina and Mr. Schillinger, but all members have contributed to the band's sound. Being influenced by the music they grew up with, MilesRoad is a smooth-sounding rock-era band that can be described as having a sound similar to the Beatles mixed in with Eric Clapton. Considered to be a very different kind of band in the Bodog competition, the members of MilesRoad are confident in their music due to the musicianship they put into it.
"All of us write what excites us and we find that what juices us juices others," said Mr. Saric.
"In our music you can hear our influences that we've heard from years and years of listening to music," added Mr. Anderson. "We want to take things from the past and bring it to the present for people who haven't heard it before."
In order for a band to qualify for the Bodog Battle of the Bands, bands first signed up on the company's website,, and then proceeded to upload the band's bio, picture and music. Next, bands were voted on by online listeners and fans who visited the website. And each week top-voted bands were booked for the preliminary round, cleverly called "Boot Camp."
MilesRoad survived "Boot Camp" to move onto into the next phase of the competition, called "In the Trenches," which pits the best regional bands in cities across the country against each other to move on to the final round next month in Hollywood in a contest dubbed the "Battle to End All Battles."
The winner in L.A. receives a million-dollar record deal. "We're gonna win this round, we're gonna win the next round, and then we'll send you a check for putting this in the paper," joked Mr. Anderson.
MilesRoad will perform in the Battle of the Trenches on Aug. 28 at the Posh Club "Coda" on 34th Street in New York City at 7 p.m. Tickets are on sale now at $12 per person and available at
The bands will judged by music-industry personnel.
"I think this competition is full of those 'screamer bands' and we're something much different," said Mr. Schillinger. "No matter what happens, we're going to stand out and they're going to hold on to us and keep their eye on us."
While they have some large steps to take before they're on the road to Los Angeles, MilesRoad is going into the competition with confidence and a relaxed attitude, because for the boys of MilesRoad, the battle is half the fun.
"I think we can just rock out and enjoy ourselves because we don't have to prove anything to anyone," said Mr. Saric. "We're just having a great time. We're going to expand beyond our radius."
Mr. Schillinger said: "The music atmosphere is perfect right now, the gap between the tastes of the young and the old is getting smaller and smaller. We're like college professors who have been locked up in a basement studying for years and years and now we want to show what we've learned."

- The North Shore Sun

"BODOG MUSIC wants MilesRoad"

MilesRoad recently became a Finalist in the Bodog Music Battle of the Bands for NYC.

Their next step is to do battle with other finalists. The prize 1 MILLION DOLLARS in contracts and recording time!

The event of the seaon will occur at CODA, 34 E 34th, NYC on August 28, 2006.



1. Waitin'
2. She's an Angel
3. Steppin' Stone


Feeling a bit camera shy


There's something to be said for a straight-ahead Rock Band. Great songs, alittle grit, kick and some great vocals on top. What more could you want? MilesRoad has just that...the right combo of artists who play well and really enjoy hangin' with each other. Sounds like a Love Fest to me but don't be fooled, there's enough tension to blow the tubes out of a Marshall Stack!
MilesRoad started with the chance meeting of 2 singer/songwriter guitarists, Joe Spina and Chazmo with a wicked Love of Beatle Music. The addition of a great rhythm section with the A man on drums and John Saric on bass completed the band. And hear we are! But...hearing is believing so check us out on;

Maybe you'll be a believer too.