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The best kept secret in music


"Back to electronic composition of a simple nature, without relying on gimmicky tactics of noise and crowded song structures, we've got pastoral soundscapes that are short, succinct, yet full of feeling, emotion and technological awareness." -

"The endearing virtue of these eight meme-like moments is sincerity. There's none of the constant burrowing through genre niches, nor any trace of irony, sarcasm or quirky cults of personality. Instead, Tilmann has built a humble temple to sonic purity and a sepulchre for the tired claim that electronic music lacks human emotion. A visit to Underland has physiological effects: the heart slows and limbs relax during "Derail" as the ambient house keys wash in, sending chills up the spine. The healing potential of this sense of intimacy cannot be exaggerated. One can only hope for a full-length that features more of these reflective moments, respectful of ancestral heritage but articulating new visions and ideas."

-Christopher Dare - Pitchforkmedia

"Tilmann has certainly managed to do justice to the 3D Concepts title here. It took considerable time before listening to the whole of this EP because the opening track - "Middle Fields," is so breathtakingly beautiful that it to be repeated many, many times over before even considered moving on to the others. Easily the equal of the finest works of many of ambient music's key musicians like Brian Eno or Biosphere, "Middle Fields" is an exquisite ambient drones piece. A pity, then that unlike some of Eno's work ("Thursday Afternoon," "Neroli") this doesn't receive the epic length treatment because, at 4'53" in length, it's at least 30 minutes too short. ("Middle Fields") features an ingeniously simple and drawn-out three-note melody that stretches across almost the entire duration of the track in the form of a high-pitched whistling that sings quietly in the background. It is this melody that really lifts "Middle Fields" into classic territory, as it keeps the track shifting sedately, drawing the listener further into it's dense environment. This track works best at relatively high volume through loudspeakers as it aurally transforms your listening environment. It may not be the most overly-complex of drones, but it's certainly one of the most atmospheric; it's dynamism stemming from the wavering quality of its most prominent washes, the aforementioned melody and its ability to fill-up the listening space. Listening to "Middle Fields" is like surveying a wind-swept alien landscape from the peak of it's highest mountain."

-James Knapman -

"I'm not quite sure why Miles Tilmann isn't getting more work. His discography is too short a read, filled with several tracks on compilations and a few more EPs and vinyl records. And yet, his work just sings. The latest piece is the A-side of a heavy ring of vinyl from sub:marine Records. "Double" is a achingly expansive movement of beat-dappled ambience which is like a too-brief sun break in the winter gloom. The clouds part, light falls down in a cascade of moving color, and the grey sloughs away. Comprising of two parts, the second act of "Double" shivers and glistens across a bed of light beats. It is, tragically, over much too soon." - Merk Teppo


Underland EP (CD) sub:marine
Xmasep 2 (MP3) sub:marine
Xmasep 3 (MP3) sub:marine
3D Concepts (12") Toytronic
Over And Through (10") The Consumers Research & Development Label
3D Concepts (2xCD) Toytronic

sub:sampler (CD) Crazyeye (Linear Mix) sub:marine

Seasons (CD) Miles Tilmann Remix Merck

Sinking EP (12") Sinking (Miles Tilmann... Semisexual

Tracks Appear On:
My First Sampler (CD) Tek, Particle Song 2 Tyke Records

Six Records Breaks Your Heart Again (CD) The Quickest Way Six Records (2)

Lumptronic 6: Technotopia Vs. Technopocalypse (2xCD) Escape From Nothing Lumpen Media Group

sub:702 (7") Double sub:marine

3D Concepts (2xCD) Middle Fields, The Big... Toytronic

Ctrl-F2 (MP3) Horizontal Modsquare Volume 1 (CD) Circles Everywhere Unschooled Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born in Ann Arbor Michigan, Miles eventually found himself in Florida studying drawing in college. In 1996 his college roomate bought a keyboard and Miles
began experimenting with music, having been inspired by such diverse sources as the rave music of the early 90s, industrial, the Beatles, and Pink Floyd. It was here in Florida where he met and collaborated with the people who would later go on to form the record label sub:marine.

Miles moved to Chicago in 1999 to pursue his interests in both music and drawing. Drawing plays a part in Miles' music in both the planning stages and
presentation. He sketches out visually metaphoric representations of songs in a notebook and uses them as catylists for his compositions. He has also created
limited edition Christmas albums (XmasEPs) with hand drawn covers, and has self-published a small book of lithograph drawings, each of them individually signed and numbered.

He has toured America three times in support of the Underland EP (sub:marine), 3D Concepts 12 inch (Toytronic) and "Over and Through", a ten inch released on consumers research + development.