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"Militant Military Release New Single"

Militant military? introduces all da way live, the hit single that is climbing the radio charts in the southeast region and gaining national attention.
Attention! The United States Military is here. Militant Military?, the newest rap group from Tampa, FL is rapidly taking over the airwaves with their hit single All Da Way live. After achieving success from their first mixtape No Better Friend, No Worst Enemy the group continues down the road to stardom with the release of All Da Way Live from their forthcoming release also entitled No Better Friend, No Worst Enemy. Jerry Means, President of JMB Entertainment who oversees Militant Military’s career said “This is by far one of the most exciting groups to come out of Tampa, this is a movement and Militant Military? is connecting with the teens on all levels.” The single is in the top 5 on WILD 98.7, and has received air play on several major stations including 95.7 Tampa, 101.3 Magic Gainesville, FL, Power 96 Miami, WOWI Hampton, VA, KVPW Fresno, CA and WJWZ Montgomery, AL. This single has proven to be the new street anthem for everyone below the bible belt.

“If I'm playing another F****ing local record you know it has to be huge. ALL DA WAY LIVE is #1 on the phones for the last 4 weeks in a row."
~ Orlando Davis ...Program Director> WLLD/Tampa

Militant Military? is defined as a state of mind and although the name is controversial, the group is anything but that. They are a group of young soldiers, rebels and revolutionaries whose only objective is to fight a battle for God. Soljah, Ms. Williams, A-M-P, State, Militia and JO are the geniuses behind Militant Military?. Forming at a birthday party in 2004, these artists have always been determined to share their love for music and to help the community. This group serves as a well-oiled machine and an example to all young people who need to learn that hard work and discipline will reap many rewards.
- PR Log


All Da Way Live, Everyday, If Walls Could Talk, Shuga Melter, In Da Bikke



Militant Military? Although the name may sound controversial, the troop certainly is not. Militant Military? describes themselves as a group of “young soldiers, rebels and revolutionaries” for the love of music. Militant Military? is much more than that. This isn’t some prefabricated, cookie-cutter crew, assembled to fatten some exec’s wallet. As hard as they work together, they play and pray together.

Militant Military? was born out of the ordinary but is now an entertainment force to be reckoned with. This group of very talented men and women were once led by the misconceptions of life but has now emerged into an Army and whenever these soldiers take the stage displaying their daunting signature mask and hip-militant attire, you best believe that all rise to attention. The group is always on the grind performing shows throughout the Southeast; leaving their branded imprint in large and small cities alike.

Militant Military? enjoyed success with the release of their first mixtape entitled No Better Friend, No Worst Enemy. The group is currently enjoying success from their latest single "All Da Way Live" , which received local success in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. The song topped #7 on WILD 94.1 and is being played on The Beat, 95.7. "All Da Way Live" has proven to be the street anthem in the South East and has fans yearning for more. The popularity of “Shuga Melter” has increased the group’s fan base. Yet despite their growing popularity, there is still much mystery surrounding this extraordinary act. Many people are wondering -- who is Militant Military? and why do they cover their faces?

Militant Military? are comprised of Soljah who rhymes and serves as the team’s General, Ms. Williams, the star vocalist, and rhymers A-M-P, State, Militia, Reggie the guitar and J.O. who serves as the group’s producer. These extraordinary musicians were determined to come together joining their love for the art form with their love for their communities. The group serves as a well-oiled machine and an example to all those young people who need to learn that hard work and discipline will reap many rewards.

Each member of Militant Military? holds down a full time job and is not only responsible for themselves as young adults but also to the overall artist development process. Unlike most groups, Militant Military? has mandatory weekly meetings, “write” nights and mandatory rehearsals. If a member is late or absent without leave (AWOL), they face disciplinary action.

Militant Military? has a message. As Souljah reflects, “We want to elevate music. There is power in music and the message is more powerful with positive lyrics and great composition.”

Though their first love is music, Militant Military? has ventured into the world of fashion launching a men’s clothing line called Mili Mill Mfg., and its sister women’s line, Espionage.

You may not be able to see their faces, but Militant Military? envisions a bright future. Their mission is to put God first and through their experiences project positive message for today's youth. This is a group who defines family.

Come to attention! The United Streets Military is here!!!