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Zuri's debute album "Parallel Worls" is an Artistic Soulful event of Spoken Word / Poetry fused with Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Jazz & Dance music.


Zuri Raushannah Wilson was born June 4, 1978 in Columbia, SC. Zuri began to sing at the age of 6 and writing songs at the age of 9. At the age of 13 Zuri began to write poetry as a security blanket to lifes trials and tribulations which served as an outlet of her freedom to speak. Zuri studued art, tap dancing and martial arts as well as singing in choirs throughtout middle, high school and college. In 1997 Zuri joined a group of gifted individuals and began a weekly open-mic poetry segment at Jamaican Jacks a local club in Columbia, SC. In 1998 she co-hosted a weekly open-mic night every sunday night at The Palace in Columbia, SC. In 1999 Zuri began to MC open-mic poetry every thursday night at Mr. B's in Columbia, SC. In 2000 Zuri was nominated to participate in a National Student Exchange program for theatre. She temporarily relocated to Long Island, NY to study theatre at Stony Brook University. In 2001 Zuri graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts with the an emphasis of Performing Arts. Also in 2001 the City of Columbia invited Zuri to hold monthly open-mic shows for adults. Zuri accepted and created the monthly production called, Zuri's Parallel Worlds, an Artistic Soul Event of poetry, spoken word, theatrical skits and music. Today Zuri's Parallel Words is held at Essence Jazz Venue every last tuesday of the month.
Zuri is currently working on her upcoming debut album, "Zuri's Parallel Worlds."



Written By: Zuri

She be… the beautiful sun, shinning, so, seductively, sashaying throughout Gods green, Earth…
She be… the round belly, with back pains on rainy days, swollen ankles, an enlarged nose, morning sickness, cravings that aren’t ordinary yet she is merry, 9months of a transformation she gives Birth…
She be…skinny-thin, plum-thick, fat-round; flat chest, mini breast, full-boobs, triple “d” or Larger
She be…high school drop out, graduate of a technical college, bachelors degree, masters degree, doctorate’s degree or Smarter
She be… teenage mom, mid-twenties, mid-thirties, or even forties
She be… peace Goddess, peace Queen, peace Ma’, or even peace Shorty
She be…raised by single parent, mommy; mommy & daddy, daddy there yet daddy not there… fatherless, nevertheless…
She be… Strong, empowered, self-motivated, goal oriented or weak, nieve, unappreciated
She be… raped, mentally abused, she becomes a prostitute because she believes she is hated
She be… no-self-esteem, unattractive, sad yet she can be confident, beautiful and joyful
She be… joyous because she met God
She learns to love self
Now she knows how to love others
She be… prioritized
She has nothing to hide
She be… purified
She pacifies self…
She be…a pillar of the community
She be… unity
She be… the worlds backbone
She be… equally yoked
She be…a true Legacy


Debute Album - Parallel Worlds
Debute Single/Video - She
Produced by - Jelani (Militant Muzic Group)
Recorded at - Quantum Beats Recording Studio, Columbia, SC

Set List

1. Introductry Poem
2. Debute single "She"
3. Follow up single "Marquis Higher Heights"
4. Special selection
5. Closing remarks.
Average set time is 20 min.