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"Interview with Aaron McGill of Militis Rue"

March 12, 2007

Interview with Aaron McGill of Militis Rue, concerning the "Thunder and Wine" EP.
Written by Brett Holmes
Are you ready for something fantastic and new? Militis Rue have just recorded their first EP and have already begun to receive acclaim. They've even been invited to London Ontario`s 106.9 FM to tape a half hour long interview!

This is one of my favorite newcomers to the music scene. They seem to have it all: brilliant lyrics and amazing sound. The shared responsibility within the band will guide this group throughout the years, with a longevity that will propel their music into the spotlight of many hungry listeners! How very unique and how very Arcade Fire of you. I had the privelege of speaking with guitarist Aaron McGill of Militis Rue.
Aaron, I am happily amazed with the band's sound. How long have you been together and could you give me a little background on the other members?

Officially? Since last summer. That's when the inspiration kicked in. Background on all of the other members. They are all villains and bankrobbers! And I am totally serious! (Laughing). Dan Shantz, Kelly Boyes, Sean Morgan and myself, Aaron McGill.

What is your motivation for making the music you do?

To motivate, for one. We need perpetual motivation to remove any boundaries that one may have in life.
(Militis Rue's "Thunder and Wine" EP is the first recording which was released on January 25, 2007, and produced independently.)

I have to say the first time I heard the it was like eating a bag of potato chips and I couldn't put it down!! Could you comment on the development of Militis Rue's sound?

What kind of potato chips? Wow. O.K. It's kind of caught up in the name of the EP. Each song is very unique and has its own element, and yet represents something of the whole idea. The quintessential romp through the sonic realm, one may say. We wanted to produce an environment where people feel that they are allowed to dream again.

I first heard about you guys at a gig you did a few months back called Autumn Thunder, which showcased your talent and the amazing vocal stylings of Kelly Boyes. . .

Kelly is a force of nature...You see her singing is hauntingly's like going for a picnic on a soft day, and then a tornado shows up and tosses you into oz; into strange colours and emotions.

Who are your musical inspirations, if any?

D. All of the above.

What are your plans in the upcoming months for shows, CDs, promo etc?

Right now we are sending things off to different festivals, and waiting for the Brazilian drummer to get back to Canada. If the rumours are true he should be back here sometime in March wearing his leather jacket and scarf! We will be spending some time travelling and writing and finding some things that we haven't yet been able to grasp...just beyond the veil, so to speak.

Noticeably and impressively between the band members the responsibilities have been shouldered by all. How did the delegation of responsiblity become balanced between all band members?

Poker. We play poker and whoever wins the game gets to be the leader and make decisions. It's actually a mystery how things get done.

Militis Rue's seven track EP "Thunder & Wine" plays majestically, and by bringing a new and innovative originality that the music business will be glad to lend a hand to publicize. Militis Rue have to be one of my favorite finds so far in 2007! The tracks are as follows:



More than Mine

The Endless

20 Twenty

Winter Sun

The beautiful vocal stylings by Kelly Boyes on “Eveleigh” produce an atmosphere of echoes, offering a penchant for storytelling and a dreamy vocal portrait. Dan Shantz creates excitment with his vocal stylings uncontemptuously displaying power that propels the project forward also leading me to ask the question what else can this group produce if their EP is this good?

- Brett Holmes of lucid forge


Thunder & Wine EP



Future minded. Presently here.

For you. For us. For that mad ineffable thing we share in the darkness and the lights when our worlds run next to each other; where we peer strangely into each other for two hours of beautiful invisible sonic communication.