San Francisco, California, USA

Singer Songwriter- Recording Artist
Soulful, Deep,Inspiring, Energetic, Original, Latin Rock/ Pop Sound that captivates all who take the time to listen and enjoy


The Puerto Rican Sensation, singer/songwriter MILITZA, is from Northern California and the daughter of Puerto Rican born parents who moved to the US before she was born. Her parents made it a priority to keep their traditions alive through music.  Influenced by the Latin Caribbean sounds as well as American Rock bands, Militza combined both of her influences in her music.

MILITZA's music contains moving rhythms underneath swirling guitar effects and a vocal performance unique to its own. Militza's powerfully deep sultry voice is recognized immediately and leaves a lasting impression on the listener. She has been singing since the age of 15, when she was 18 she joined Dalias Rising stars where she joined other teens that sang, danced and performed at many venues including County Fairs, outdoor music events and festivals.

Militza writes music based on her life experiences, thoughts and feelings. She has never taken a formal song-writing class, but she has won the respect of her piers with well written, detail story-like songs. She has written over 150 songs and has written songs and hooks for other artist’s, bandas, rappers and goneras. Militza spent years singing with different groups, styles and shows, worked with all types of musicians, venues and shows and well known and respected for her passion. Militza also sang back up for the Latin rock band The Gitanos, whom heated up concert venues in California with their blazing hot high energy shows. Their super tight musical performances made fans of the Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking fans alike. The group have continued to work together and is now Militza's exclusive band under their new name The Sinners.

MILITZA has been on national and local televisions, She has opened concerts, events, and has played in some of the most well known places like, Plaza México, The Famous WHISKEY AGOGO , Univisión, Estrella TV, Teléfutura, TV AZTECA, Mundo Fox, Telemundo, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico San Juan Hotel,  Celebrity Centre of Hollywood, House of Blues, and much more!


El Tiempo

Written By: Militza Barros

El Tiempo pasa de prisa
Y los momentos se olvidan
Y te quedaras en el olvido
Pasaran los años y se ira el tiempo

Mira que despierta que la vida se te va
Lo que haces hoy
Mañana lo reflejaras
Aprovecha hoy que estas en plenitud
Porque manana no seras
manana no estaras

Eramos ninos ayer
Y hoy somos aldultos
Pronto seremos un requerdo
Mira tu reflejo miratevien al espejo

Mira que despierta que la vida se te va
Lo que haces hoy
Mañana lo reflejaras
Aprovecha hoy que estas en plenitud
Porque manana no seras
manana no estaras

El tiempo no sera
El tiempo no regresara


. Canciones en el Disco Son;
1- Mi Corazon Written by Militza Barros 2:56
2-Dame Tu Calor- Written By Militza Barros 3:30
Justin Anderson, James Moreno
3-Secretos- Written By James Moreno 3:29
4-Mi Condena Written By Militza Barros 3:38
5- Quedo en La nada Written By Militza Barros 4:41
6- En Donde Estas Written By Militza Barros 3:42
7-Seguire- Written By Militza Barros 4:03
8-El Tiempo-Written By Militza Barros 3:11
9-Mi Camino- Written By Militza Barros 2:49
10-Adios- Written By Militza Barros, Justin Anderson 4:03
11-Rosa Perfumada- Written By Militza Barros 3:41
12-SEXY- Written By Militza Barros 3:44

Set List

All Original Compositions
Spanish LP:
Mi Condena
Rosa Perfumada
SEXY-Sweet Baby
El Tiempo
Quedo En La Nada
Mi Corazon
El Tiempo
Mi Corazon
Dame Tu Calor
En Donde Estas
Mi Camino
Run Away
Who I BE
Tell Me That You Love ME
Falling Apart
Fool in ME

Covers played at request